Get Your Laundry Done Anytime: Find ‘24hr Laundromat Near Me’

Laundromat isn’t a new concept at all. According to multiple resources, self-service laundromats have been here since the 20th century. However, things have changed with time. Nowadays, you can find advanced 24hr laundromats in your area. 

Well, it’s not that easy for everyone to find a coin laundry that is open 24×7. There can be so many reasons. Sure, there are so many laundromats available in every area, especially when you are from the US.

That’s why we are here to help you out. Many coin laundry owners are adopting a 24×7 concept to expand their business. On the other hand, it’s a good move to provide a service for 24hrs as everyone is getting busier day by day.

So, if finding a ‘24hr laundromat near me’ is your problem, let’s resolve it in this guide. Yes, we are sharing some excellent ways to find a 24×7 coin laundry in your area. Let’s find out:

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About Laundromat

24hr Laundromat Near Me

Coin wash or coin laundry is getting popular day by day. As we noted before, a laundromat is a facility where you can wash and dry clothes without professional help. According to some sources, this concept became popular in the mid-20th century. 

At first, laundromats became popular in both UK and US. However, it started getting popular in other countries. In today’s world, many people are adopting this concept to save more time. That’s why you can find many 24hr coin laundries nowadays. 

Benefits of a Laundromat

Now, you have a clear view of laundromats. If you still have some doubts, you need to know about the top advantages. After doing some research, we will share the top benefits of using a coin laundry:

  • The best part of these laundries it can save a lot of time, especially if it’s available 24×7.
  • As our daily life is getting busier, it’s hard to handle big appliances at home. In this case, you can visit your nearby coin laundry that has large machines.
  • These laundromats have professional-grade appliances that are good for washing a lot of clothes together.
  • Besides washing, a coin laundry provides dryers as well. So, you can do both things together. 
  • When you visit a local laundromat, you don’t have to buy a machine for your home. It’s perfect if you have a small apartment.

Laundromat Service in Different Countries

24hr Laundromat Near Me

Even though the concept isn’t worldwide popular, it’s a big thing in some countries. In fact, this concept also influenced their cultures in many ways. For example, there were some movies and series featuring laundromats. Keep reading the following section to know more:

United States: The word ‘Laundromat’ became popular in the United States. And you can find a laundromat in every locality in this country. In fact, an American named Harry Greenwald was the main man of this innovation in the mid-20th century. 

United Kingdom: Even though laundromats are quite popular in the US, the concept was first started in the UK. It was around 1949 when the first coin laundry was established in Queensway, London. Most UK laundromats are fully coin-operated. However, the number of laundromats had decreased over the years with around 3000 remaining right now. 

Israel: Israel is another country where the use of laundromats is getting popular day by day. These coin laundries are available in Tel Aviv where you can find a huge network of laundromats.

New Zealand: There are some coin laundries available in New Zealand. However, the concept isn’t widely popular in this country. Most people of New Zealand prefer their own laundry room at home. However, things are changing as people started living in small apartments.

Australia: Unlike New Zealand, laundromats are quite popular in Australia. Plus, a wide percentage of the population uses this service in this country. As the use of dryer owners is quite low here, most people prefer using coin laundries where everything is available.

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Laundromat Service in The US

Since the laundromat was invented in the 20th century, it became popular across the country. Westinghouse Electric Corporation got the trademark of this name at first. Most laundromats in America are fully automated and coin generated. Plus, many places are providing 24-hour service. 

How to Find ‘24hr Laundromat Near Me’ in The US

24hr Laundromat Near Me

Now, you know the basics of laundromats. If you are ready to find a ‘24hr laundromat near me’, there are some amazing ways. Keep reading the following section as we will share some easy steps:

Search Engine: One of the easiest yet best ways to find a coin laundry in your locality is a search engine. Yes, all you have to do is type ‘24hr laundromat near me’ on the Google search bar. Make sure you have turned on your location. You can also find the official website and social media handle from there.

Google Maps: Just like a search engine, Google map is another excellent option. And you can find a 24hr laundromat by using your phone. Open the ‘Google Maps’ app and search for it. In fact, you can also get directions to the place by using this tool.

Local Directories: Another good option is checking local directories. It’s a traditional method but you still can get effective results. In fact, you can check out some online local directories to find your nearest coin laundry. These directories have a list of laundromats, their opening hours, prices, and more.

Social Media: Besides Google Maps and a search engine, social media can be a big help to find the nearest 24hr coin laundry near you. Open any social media platform and search for it by using your place’s name. 

Reference: Besides all these methods, word of mouth is still a valid one. Yes, it’s easy to find the nearest coin laundry by doing Google Search. However, if you are looking for a good one with top reviews, just ask your friends or colleagues. In fact, you can also post something on social media regarding reference. 


You can understand there are so many benefits of coin laundry. Plus, if it’s available 24×7, it will be helpful for emergencies. On the other hand, you can visit a laundromat anytime. However, finding a 24hr laundromat can be a bit tricky. Make sure you follow our steps to get the best result.


Q: How do laundromats work in the US?

If you visit a laundromat, you can pay in cash with coins. On the other hand, some coin laundries also provide a loyalty card and you can use it while washing clothes.

Q: Is it safe to leave clothes at a laundromat?

It’s better to not leave your clothes at a laundromat. If you don’t have enough time, choose a 24hr coin laundry and visit when you have time.

Q: How much do laundromats cost?

If you are from the US, the cost of laundromats ranges between $1.00 to $4.00. Well, the cost of drying and washing is quite similar.

Q: How to find 24hr laundromat near me?

If you are finding a 24hr laundromat in your locality, do Google search or find it on social media platforms. Moreover, you can also get references from your friends.

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