Affiliate Disclosure

FTC Disclosure Compliance Rules have been introduced away in the year 2015. It was carried out under the supervision of the Federal Trade Commission. All the rules that have been made are being put together into the setting of the manageable place. This is all done for the sake to know that whether the readers related with web media are aware of the fact in the condition if the or publisher is sponsored. It is also associated in the terminology as if the partner has been all partner into a wide range of the companies. The readers have to know the fact that if the content publisher is making money by sharing a link or product.

As in setting of the compliance with the FTC guidelines, all the links or few of the links that are part of Big Red Pro. are affiliate links for which I receive on with some small amount of the compensation from sales of certain items.

What to know about Affiliate Links?

Straight away in the affiliate links, the purchases are being all made into the timeline of the external affiliate company websites. As being the reader, you will be making the click on an affiliate link that is to be located on Big Red Pro to purchase an item, the reader will be buying the item from the seller on top as directly and not from the Big Red Pro.

There have been so many companies including with the name of Amazon that is paying the Big Red Pro a small commission or wide range of other compensations as in view with the purpose for helping away the customers to bring upon the website. In view with all the readers, the prices have been kept as same no matter whether they are making the purchase as through an affiliate link or a non-affiliate link.  No such kind of change will be made even though if you will make the click on an affiliate link and so as clicking a non-affiliate link.