Anthony McClelland: Explore About LeBron’s Dad

Anthony McClelland is LeBron’s biological father who was never consistent in his life. Despite being away from his father, LeBron wanted to build a strong bond with him. Unfortunately, it never happened as Anthony left LeBron’s mother Gloria on her own. 

Even though there’s limited information regarding McClelland, some people want to learn more about LeBron’s dad. Keep reading the article as we are sharing some interesting facts about James’ biological father.

About LeBron James

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LeBron Raymone James Sr. aka LeBron James is a reputed basketball player for the Los Angeles Lakers. Popularly known as ‘King James’, he was recognized as one of the greatest sports personalities in the US.

LeBron competed in 10 NBA finals and won four NBA championships. On the other hand, James won some prestigious titles including four Most Valuable Player Awards, four Finals MVP Awards, and three All-Star Game MVP Awards.

Who is Anthony McClelland?

McClelland was born in Akron, a small town in Ohio where he spent almost his childhood and teenage years. As per sources, Anthony is an American citizen with an American-African ethnicity. 

Despite being the father of a famous basketball player, nobody knows McClelland’s actual age. LeBron’s mother Gloria Marie James and Anthony went to the same school in Ohio. Anthony used to play basketball in high school.

Gloria and Anthony were in a casual relationship during their high school days. It was reported that Gloria was only 16 years old when she gave birth to LeBron James. However, their relationship didn’t work out as Anthony wasn’t happy with LeBron’s birth. 

Anthony McClelland’s Career

McClelland used to play basketball during high school days when he met LeBron’s mother. Even though he was good at sports in high school, Anthony took the wrong path. As a result, he spent most of his life in jail. So, McClelland never had a stable job for living.

Anthony McClelland and LeBron’s Relationship

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Since most people have no idea about LeBron and Anthony’s relationship, it’s easy to say that the father-son duo never had a healthy relationship. LeBron’s mother was only 16 and in high school when she gave birth to him.

After knowing about the pregnancy, McClelland left Gloria on her own. That’s the reason why James never opened up about his father. In fact, he avoids talking about his father and doesn’t share the same surname with him.

As per some sources, Anthony tried to reconcile with his son in 2002 but nothing happened after that. In short, James had a bitter relationship with his biological father.

Aaron McClelland: Anthony McClelland’s Another Son

According to reports, Anthony McClelland has another son named Aaron McClelland from another woman. Aaron was born in 1987 in Akron, McClelland’s hometown. Just like LeBron’s mother, Anthony also left Aaron’s mother as he didn’t want to take responsibility.

Even though Aaron McClelland tried to contact LeBron, the basketball player never showed interest in this topic. It is reported that Aaron McClelland is a well-known personality in the gambling world.

Where is Anthony McClelland Now?

Even though Anthony McClelland is known as the biological father of legendary basketball player LeBron James, most people have no idea where McClelland is now. So, we have no idea where Anthony McClelland is living right now. 

According to some sources, LeBron’s dad is living a quiet life in Ohio. Moreover, he’s also maintaining a low-key profile by staying away from the media.

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LeBron James is a big name in the basketball world. However, he doesn’t share anything related to his father Anthony McClelland. Besides Aaron McClelland, we have no idea about Anthony as he left James’ mother at a very young age. In short, LeBron grew up without his father.


Q: Who is LeBron’s real father?

LeBron James’ real father is Anthony McClelland. However, their relationship isn’t consistent as James’ parents ended their relationship early.

Q: Does Anthony McClelland have kids?

Yes, Anthony McClelland has two kids, LeBron James and Aaron McClelland Gamble. LeBron is a well-known basketball player while Anthony McClelland is a popular personality in the gambling sector.

Q: How is Anthony McClelland and LeBron’s relationship?

The relationship between LeBron James and Anthony McClelland was never healthy as McClelland left his mother on her own. That’s why LeBron never opened up about his father in front of the media.

Q: Who raised LeBron?

LeBron James was raised by his mother Gloria Marie James after Anthony McClelland left Gloria on her own.

Q: Where is Anthony McClelland now?

Since Anthony McClelland and LeBron James don’t have a healthy relationship, we have no idea where McClelland is now or what he is doing for a living. As per some reports, Anthony prefers staying out of the media.

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