Ashley Barkis Car Accident: Is She Arrested Now?

A lot of things are happening on the internet. You see, social media is known for making videos trendy and viral. Well, it’s not a bad thing all the time. Sometimes, social media plays a crucial role in exposing people or real events.

In this case, Ashley Barkis’ video became a remarkable one after it went viral. The social media influencer became a part of hot topics after that. In fact, some people were wondering if she was arrested or not.

There are too many questions regarding Ashley. What had she done? Is she arrested? If you are curious about her, we are here to clear all doubts. After doing research, we found some shocking updates about this social media personality. 

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Keep reading the article as we explore more about Ashley Barkis’ accident, what exactly happened with her, what she’s doing now, and more. So, let’s get started.

About Ashley Barkis

Ashley Barkis is a well-known content creator and social media influencer. As per sources, she’s a resident of Oceanside, California. Her key niches are lifestyle, dance, and fitness. In fact, she built a good audience on various social media platforms with her catchy content.

Well, social media isn’t only her source of income. Apart from being a popular face on social networking sites, Ashley is working as a sales manager at 24 Hour Fitness. This shows that she’s quite passionate about fitness.

Even though she’s quite popular among netizens, there’s not much information about her personal life. In fact, we were unable to find out about her early life, education, and family details. However, she got the spotlight because of an unfavorable reason. 

Ashley Barkis Car Accident

So, what exactly happened with Ashley? Most people know that she was involved in a car accident, but there are so many confusions. Since the accident happened, there was a lot of talking about Ashley. In fact, people started making theories and posting various comments on social networking sites.

As per sources, it was 18th May 2023 when Barkis was involved in a car accident in California. It was a normal accident until Ashley took action. So, there were two vehicles involved in that accident, one was Ashley’s and another one was someone else’s named Christian Barrientos.

The details of the car accident weren’t disclosed in front of the media. In fact, the Police department didn’t get much information regarding this incident. And this is why the accident got attention from social media users. 

In short, an aftermath video of the incident went viral. However, what shocked the audience was Ashley using racist remarks about the other driver who was Asian. The video became a big topic on online platforms.

What Happened to Ashley Barkis?

By reading this article, you can understand that Ashley got social media attention because of a certain accident. The netizens didn’t take it easily and showed their anger after the video went viral. 

As we noted before, Barkis aggressively approached the other driver after the accident happened. We are not sure who was responsible for the accident as there wasn’t much information regarding the event. However, the aftermath video said a lot of things causing online buzz. 

According to reports, this incident happened in San Diego. However, we are not sure what Ashley was doing there. Since the accident happened on 18th May, the aftermath video was posted on the same day on TikTok by @sam.anthabong. However, the user was unaware that Ashley was a social media influencer. 

The user requested everyone to identify the woman after posting the video. Later, a Twitter account named @rx0rcist reposted the video on that platform and some users identified Ashley there. After that, Barkis made her social media accounts private and restricted random comments.

How Did The Internet React?

You see, the netizens didn’t react well. After the video went viral on Twitter, everyone started showing their anger. There were so many talks regarding her behavior. For example, some people demanded her arrest while some users tagged 24 Hours Fitness asking them to fire her.

On the other hand, some people also claimed that they had personal experience with Ashley and she had always been rude to them. In fact, they also shared some screenshots of her various social media accounts. 

As she named her Instagram account ‘SAVAGE’, it showed her true nature. Since the video went viral, she changed her account to private. When the controversy was out of control, she posted an apology video on her Instagram. 

However, Ashley also deleted that video within two hours before deactivating her account. As per netizens, she wasn’t even sorry for what she had done. Filipino people started claiming that they didn’t consider her as one of them.

Is Ashley Barkis Arrested?

Now, this is the big question. Is Ashley Barkis arrested because of her behavior? As most people demanded her arrest, it’s a common question among internet users. In reality, there’s no update on her arrest.

As we noted before, the video went viral when someone recorded the aftermath and posted it on social sites. Sure, it created buzz for a certain period, but the officials didn’t take any steps. As for now, she’s not arrested at all.

However, she may face an arrest or charges as the people of the internet are constantly demanding it. Twitter users started sharing various similar incidents to make it more strong. 

For example, one Twitter user shared a video of a citizen named Tracy Blackwell who faced four charges because of a road rage accident aftermath. In this case, the police department hasn’t shared any official statement. Maybe because there’s limited evidence against Ashley.

Ashley Barkis Racist Controversy

As we noted above, it was just another accident until Ashley started showing her true colors. Even though she’s a popular internet personality, she started being rude after her car collided with another car. 

Even though she has Filipino roots, she started making racist remarks to the other driver who was also an Asian. Besides making rude comments, she started questioning that man’s driving license and legal status in the US. 

The video claimed that that man received both racial comments and physical assaults due to the accident. According to the video, she was literally pushing the other driver into oncoming traffic. 

As a result, the viral video sparked outrage on the internet. Most of them were demanding her arrest. In short, it created a huge controversy which led her to create an apology video. However, she deleted it within two hours before deactivating her Instagram account. 

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Ashley Barkis Social Media

Since the accident happened, Ashley deactivated her popular accounts on various social sites. You see, she used to be very active on social sites as a social media influencer. In fact, she built a loyal fanbase after creating content on fitness and lifestyle.

However, the incident went out of hand because of her behavior. After the video went viral, everyone started demanding her arrest and asking her employer to fire her. With the pressure of the netizens, she posted an apology video on Instagram before deleting her account. However, most of them think she wasn’t sorry at all.

There’s an account on LinkedIn named Ashley Barkis where the location is showing Oceanside, California. However, we are not sure if it’s her account. Maybe she’s available on social sites with private accounts but doesn’t want to make them public after that unfavorable incident. 


Social media can be a big help for some incidents. In Ashley’s case, everyone finds out about the real incident because of the viral video. The netizens were furious about her behavior which led her to post an apology video. However, she wasn’t arrested as the police department didn’t take action against this case.


Q: Who is Ashley Barkis?

Ashley Barkis is a well-known social media influencer who mostly creates content about fitness, lifestyle, and dance. Besides being a content creator, she’s also a sales manager at 24 Hour Fitness.

Q: What Ashley Barkis had done?

On 18 May 2023, Ashley was involved in a car accident with another car. After the accident happened, she started being rude and making racist remarks about the other driver which went viral on social media. 

Q: Is Ashley Barkis available on social media?

Being a social media influencer, Ashley Barkis was available on various social media platforms including Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and more. However, she’d probably deleted her accounts after the accident happened and she posted the apology video.

Q: Is Ashley Barkis arrested?

No, Ashley Barkis isn’t arrested because of her racist behavior. Even though the netizens demanded her arrest, the police department had neither taken a step nor shared a statement regarding this case.

Q: How did Ashley Barkis’ video go viral?

According to resources, someone with the username @sam.anthabong recorded and shared the accident aftermath video on TikTok asking people to identify the woman. Later, another account on Twitter reposted the video and it went viral.

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