Best Bluetooth Adapter For PC Gaming In 2024

Bluetooth is a fast and convenient way of transferring data wirelessly to a nearby device. Now, all of the major devices have the support for Bluetooth to communicate with others. Bluetooth is a must for computers and laptops as you would normally connect many wireless devices like headsets, mouse, and more to it.

If your PC doesn’t have support for Bluetooth, and you have a Bluetooth headset or wireless mouse, you can still connect these devices to your PC with the help of a Bluetooth adapter. You should get a good Bluetooth adapter, so you won’t get any delay in communication. There are many Bluetooth adapters present in the market, so you might be confused to pick the best from the rest. In this post, let us see the best PC gaming Bluetooth adapters that you can buy.

Best Bluetooth Adapter for PC Gaming


Asus is a major player when it comes to electronic manufacturing. They make a wide range of electronic components and the Bluetooth USB adapter is one among them. The BT400 is an excellent Bluetooth adapter from Asus that will seamlessly connect your wireless device with your gaming PC.  It is a USB 2.0 adapter with Bluetooth 4.0 functionality that will give you up to 3Mbps of data transfer. It also can connect with the Bluetooth device up to 10 meters of free space. With this adapter, you can connect your wireless headset or mice to have great gaming experience.

The BT 400 works over the 2.4~2.4835GHz unlicensed ISM band and it has support for all versions of Windows starting from XP. The physical dimension and the size of this adapter are also small and lightweight, so you can easily store to carry it anywhere you go. The BT 400 is one of the best Bluetooth adapters you can buy for the money.


  • It gives you a reliable connection.
  • It has a good range.


  • It doesn’t support the current Bluetooth 5.0 standard.


The TP-Link Bluetooth adapter is a budget device that gives you reliable connectivity. It has the Bluetooth 4.0 standard and is supported by all the major operating systems including consoles. This plug and play Bluetooth adapter has a sleek look with a slim design, so it will not protrude much when it is connected to your gaming PC. It also has high reliability and can transmit data up to 65 feet without any issues.

The transfer speed with this adapter is also decent coming at 3 Mbps. With a one-year manufacturing warranty and 24/7 technical support, you cannot go wrong with the purchase of this good Bluetooth adapter.


  • It is cheap in price.
  • It comes with a good warranty period.


  • The reliability is a bit issue with this model.


The Mpow Bluetooth adapter is the first model with 5.0 standard support on our list. With this 5.0 standard support, you can connect multiple devices with it. You can connect a set of 4 wireless devices with this adapter such as a mouse, keyboard, printer, and gaming headset. It also has a wide range of compatibility with different wireless devices and operating systems. This easy to use Bluetooth adapter has anti-interference technology, so the Bluetooth signals coexist with the WiFi signal without any disturbances.

You will get a smooth and steady transmission of data with this Bluetooth adapter. You get up to 2 Mbps of data transfer and up to 66 feet of coverage with this adapter, so you can conveniently use it to have a good experience. There is a light indicator present in this adapter that will turn on when it is connected. With all these features, the Mpow Bluetooth adapter is one of the best you can get for the money.


  • It has anti-interference technology.
  • It has a good range of coverage.


  • The transfer speed could have been better.


The EVEO Bluetooth adapter gives your PC instant Bluetooth functionality, so you can start pairing your wireless devices without any problems. With a 3 Mbps of data speed, you will get quick and reliable data connectivity and transfer speed with this adapter. You can connect this adapter with a range of devices and operating systems without any worry about the support problem.

This adapter operates on the frequency band of 2.402 – 2.480Ghz and it has the coverage range of up to 10 meters. You can connect your Bluetooth headset and roam around your room listening to music without any connection problem. The simple and sleek design of this adapter makes it suitable for using with a laptop as it doesn’t protrude much. The Eveo Bluetooth adapter is one of the best devices you can get for your gaming PC to get Bluetooth connectivity feature.


  • It has good data transfer speed.
  • It has a simple and sleek look.


  • For Windows 7, you need to download the driver separately from the manufacturer’s website for the device to work. It may not be convenient for some people.


The Creative BT-W2 Portable Bluetooth adapter will give your pc an instant Bluetooth connectivity feature, so you can connect all your wireless devices without any trouble. It has real-time audio sync with aptx low latency codec. This feature eliminates lag and ensures you get smooth data transmission. You will not get any delay or interruption with this adapter.

This adapter also has support for Bluetooth voice back, so it can transfer audio back to the device if your headset supports the aptx-LL and FastStream codecs. This Bluetooth adapter has support for all Windows operating systems and consoles too, so you don’t have to worry about any connectivity problems with this one. With all these features, the Creative Bluetooth adapter is one of the best to get the Bluetooth connectivity adapter for your gaming PC.


  • It has a low latency codec for reducing delay over the transmission.
  • It has a simple plug and play functionality, so the adapter works instantly as soon as you insert it.


  • It is a bit costly.

Buying Guide For Bluetooth Adapter

Some things to consider when buying a Bluetooth Adapter are,


Different adapters have a different range that they can cover without any reliability issue. Some will offer only up to 30 feet while some can reach up to 60 feet. Depending on your use of Bluetooth device, get a Bluetooth adapter that gives you optimum range.

Bluetooth Standard

The latest Bluetooth standard is version 5.0, but it is not yet prevalent in adapters. If you want to connect multiple devices with a single Bluetooth adapter, then go for the adapter that has Bluetooth version 5.0. If you don’t have such use-case, then you can get a one with version 4.0 as it will work fine for most use-cases.

Connectivity Feature

Some adapters have the support for an automatic pairing that connects automatically with your device without any manual work. This feature offers great convenience but comes at a cost. If you want to reduce your cost of purchase, then you don’t necessarily need to get this feature on your adapter.


Getting a good Bluetooth adapter is necessary if you have a gaming pc and wireless devices. It will give you delay-free data transmission, so you will be competitive at your game. In this post, we have listed some of the best Bluetooth adapters that you can choose for your gaming PC to get Bluetooth functionality.

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