Best Drone for Under $100 In 2024 – Top 3 Picks

Welcome here to have the best drone for under $100. The drones in our list have the best features with longer flying time. You can enjoy these drones better than others with less flying time. Also, our team has mentioned the pros and cons of additional features. With all the details given below, you can quickly figure out which drone is best for you.

The camera drones come in a wide price range, but we have the affordable drones here that won’t take a lot of budgets. Also, if your kid is obsessed with drones, you can gift it. Best of all, the drones in our list are safe and convenient to fly for kids and adults.

Without any further ado, let’s take a look at the top picks and their specs.

Top 3 Picks of the Best Drone for Under $100

1) DJI Tello Quadcopter Drone With HD Camera

Our top pick is the Tello drone camera. It is one of the best drones for kids at an affordable price. Also, this drone has a portable size that your kid can carry it anywhere easily. The Tello drone is under 100 dollars, and you will have the best features in this drone. So you don’t need to buy a costly drone.

Moreover, the Tello drone has some simple features, and you can fly it quickly. Also, this drone is safe for kids. Best of all, this drone has some incredible bells that you will enjoy even more. Also, the DJI Tello drone has a camera that can capture the best moments.

Besides, this Tello DJI drone is famous all over the worldwide for its simplicity and best performance.

However, this drone is having some of the incredible specifications, including a flight time of 13 minutes. Also, you will be expecting a flight time of three to five minutes, but this one offers excellent long timing.

Other Features

Further, the range of this drone is 100 meter, and the battery of Tello drone has 1100mAh capacity. Plus, this drone has 80 grams of weight only. Also, this drone has a 5-megapixel camera that will take crystal clear photos. Furthermore, the drone is having a FOV of 82.6 degrees. And you can have video footage of 30 FPS – frames per second.

More than that, the Tello is offering an EIS technology to capture the clear footage. It is the best drone under $100 with the longest flight time.

Lastly, this drone will give you the best experience. Also, the Tello drone can be connected to any smartphone or tablet.


  • Lightest drone for kids and adults
  • VR headset compatibility
  • Intel processor
  • High-quality image processor
  • 8D cool stunts
  • Five-megapixel camera
  • Easy to fly
  • Great specifications
  • Flying time is long of 13 minutes
  • You can assemble this drone in 10 minutes only
  • The range is just 100 meter

2) AltairAerial Camera Drone for Kids and Beginners

Next up, we have the Altair aerial drone that is best for kids and beginners. It is one of the best drones that have a real-time video camera. Also, this camera has a 120-degree broad view and an HD camera of 720 pixels. It is the best drone for the money. It is the best drone for under $100.

Moreover, with best drone for under $100, you need to buy a Micro SD card of class 10. Plus, this drone has a maximum capacity of 32 GB. Also, this drone will capture everything clearly, and you can take bright photos with this camera.

Further, the Altair drone is straightforward to fly, and you can quickly operate this drone. The Altair Aerial drone has one button that you can use to take off/on. And that one button can be used for the landing of the drone as well.

Besides, this drone is easy to fly, and you can customize the modes for flying this drone. Also, you can use the mobile phone to make the instructions that this drone will follow. Plus, you can have a 10-minutes flight time with this Altair drone. And it can fly up to $100 meters only.

Other Features

More than that, this drone is best for beginners. Also, this drone comes with a remote controller. Best of all, you don’t need to connect this drone with a smartphone every time for flying.

Consequently, this drone is offering a landing in an emergency as well. Plus, you will know when the battery gets low through the indicator. With the alarming function, you can charge the drone before taking it outside with you. It is an ideal drone camera under $100.

Additionally, this drone is best for beginners and kids. Also, the Altair drone offers three flight levels. Plus, you will get an extra battery that you can keep it on stand-by.

Lastly, this drone is USA based, and you will get the best features at affordable prices. The Altair is one of the best drones for under $100 dollars.


  • Premium camera drone
  • Easy to fly
  • Stable and durable flight
  • Long-range and flight time
  • Great for gifting it to someone
  • Great for beginners
  • Stable and easy to fly
  • Long-range
  • Custom settings
  • No cons as such

3) Quadcopter Drone With Live Camera

Lastly, we have a Quadcopter drone that has a camera. Also, you can take crystal clear pictures with this camera drone. Best of all, this drone will give you the best flying experience.

Moreover, this drone is having a wide-angle view of 120 degrees, Plus the HD Camera of 720 pixels. With this camera drone, you can cover any event. Also, kids can fly this drone quickly with simple instructions.

However, the Quadcopter drone has a live camera for capturing everything in a crystal clear manner. Plus, this drone has a replaceable arm that has the best performance. Also, you carry this drone easily from one place to another.

Besides that, if your kid breaks the drone arms, you can replace it easily. With this drone, you can capture photos from any angle. Also, the best drone for under $100 is very comfortable to fly. Even if you haven’t any experience of flying a drone, you can master this drone in just a few minutes.

Other Features

Additionally, this drone has a stable hover mode that will not click blurry pictures. And with just one click on the button, you can take on/off the drone. Also, this drone has a 3D flipping mode that you can use to do the stunts.

Consequently, the headless mode has a 3D rolling feature that you won’t get at such a low price from any other brand. Also, pressing one button, this drone will come back home.

Besides that, you can fly this drone with a remote controller or smartphone device. Also, it has a headless mode that you can use for flying this drone.

Lastly, the best drone for under $100 has excellent construction and durable material. And it has an app control feature that will show in which direction the drone is flying.


  • One critical take-off and on
  • 25mins flight time
  • 2 batteries
  • Can be carried around easily
  • Replaceable drone arm
  • App has great functions
  • 3D flip and headless mode
  • App controls
  • HD picture quality
  • Easy to fly and excellent construction
  • 3D rolling feature
  • No cons


Can All Drones Fly Outdoor And Indoor?

Some of the companies have drones that can fly indoor and outdoor. So the flying capability varies from brand to brand. We will mention in our list which drones are good for indoor and outdoor. But the mini drones that are built for kids usually are for an indoor environment.

Are The Quadcopter And Mini Drones Safe For Children To Fly?

The drones in our list are safe for the children because they meet the safety standards. Also, these drones are lightweight so that kids can fly them comfortably. Plus, the drones for kids have extra propellers, so if one breaks, you can replace it. Children drones have plastic framing, but we don’t recommend a drone for under six age.

Are Drones Legal, Or Do They Need Registration?

US residents need to register an aircraft that weighs more than 250g. Even for recreational purposes, you have to register the drone. But several states don’t require any process of registration.

The Conclusion

Here we have the lightweight drones for kids and adults that are easy to fly. After reviewing our top 3 picks, you’ll surely find one for yourself. These lightweight drones under $100 dollars are delicate, so you need to take care of them. Also, these drones don’t fly as fast as the high-quality costly drones.

However, the drones under $100 are best for beginners and kids. Best of all, the drones in our list have longer flight time, so your kids can quickly fly and have more fun time. Also, these drones will make you the pro within no time.

Thank you for visiting. Happy flying!

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