Best Gaming Keyboard for Mac In 2024

If you own a Mac that costs thousands of dollars, then it is futile to use a budget keyboard. You need to have a premium gaming keyboard as it will give you a good typing experience that goes well with the smoothness of your Mac. Mac is not made for gaming and gaming keyboard too is not made just for gaming.

Many people use a Mac for their typing work but the in-built keyboard present with Macbooks and Mac Desktops are not good. You can use an external gaming keyboard instead of the inbuilt keyboard to get the utmost experience from your Mac. There are a lot of gaming Keyboards present in the market and some may not be compatible with the Mac OS, so you should choose your keyboard carefully.

In this post, we list the top gaming keyboards present in the market that you can choose for your Macbooks and Mac Desktops.

Top Gaming Keyboards for Mac


Auckey is one of the leading gaming accessory manufacturers and this keyboard is one of the best devices from the brand. It has blue switches to give you good tactile feedback and key travel for every click with an audible sound. With anti-ghosting and 108-key rollover, you will never miss a single keypress or confuse your key when typing on this keyboard.

Aesthetically designed, the Auckey mechanical keyboard will go beautifully with your Mac laptops and desktops. There is also RGB Backlight with this keyboard that will give you good lighting effects in the dark. You will get a complete keyboard with the purchase of this gadget for your Mac.


  • It comes with 8 color options and 18 preset lighting effects, so you can customize this keyboard to your liking.
  • It has a water-resistant design.


The Azio keyboard has a sleek design with an aluminum faceplate that gives you a clean look like the Mac. Compatible with Mac OS, this mechanical keyboard from Azio has a Mac key layout with function keys, so Mac users can easily get used to it. The tactile and non-clicky mechanical keys will give you good typing experience when clicked on.

The fast access volume control with different control features of this keyboard gives you great convenience when using this keyboard. With all these features, this is one of the best mechanical keyboards you can get for the Mac.


  • It comes with a CNC aluminum edge and diamond-cut logo to match the design of your Mac system.
  • There is a palm rest that is present with this keyboard to give you good comfort.


Logitech makes some of the best devices for your computer in the market and this gaming keyboard model from them will be a great fit for your Mac. Th K750 wireless Keyboard from Logitech is solar-powered, so you will have no hassle of powering this keyboard as any light source will be enough. The K750 has an ultra-thin design with a Mac keyboard layout, so Mac users will have no problem using it. The concave keycap present in this keyboard will give you a faster and more comfortable typing experience. This wireless keyboard from Logitech is one of the best to get for your Mac to get a good typing experience.


  • This keyboard has a power monitoring app, which tells you the remaining battery power left on the keyboard.
  • It only needs light as its energy source. It has solar cells present at the top to charge its battery.


The Das Mechanical Keyboard has German-engineered mechanical key switches with a laser-etched keycap inscription. With a 5-key rollover, this keyboard will be convenient for fast typists and gamers. It comes with different media keys for controlling volume, brightness, play/pause songs, etc. There is also a sleep function present with this keyboard to save power when not in use. The high-speed-USB port present in this keyboard allows for syncing and charging your devices. With all these features, the Das Keyboard is one of the best gadgets to get for your Mac.


  • It comes with different buttons to control volume, brightness, song play/pause, etc.
  • It is compatible with USB KVM switches.


The Keychron K2 is an RGB backlight compatible, tenkeyless keyboard with a compact form factor. With support for Bluetooth 5.1, this keyboard connects with up to 3 devices easily. The Broadcom Bluetooth chipset gives it a reliable connection with broad compatibility. The Keychron K2 Keyboard has a Mac layout with all the necessary Mac keys. The 4000 mAh in-built battery is capable of providing up to 7 days of battery life at normal use. With all these functionalities, you won’t go wrong with your purchase of the Keychron K2 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard for your Mac system.


  • This wireless keyboard also has a wired mode with the Type-C port for using it when the battery is low.
  • It has a durable Gateron mechanical switch with a 50 million keystroke lifespan.


The M97 Mechanical Keyboard from Velocifire comes with an exquisite design that will go nicely with your Mac system. The ergonomically designed keycap will give you a good typing experience with no pain. The individual keys have optimized key travel with tactile feedback, so you will feel every click on this keyboard. It is a tenkeyless keyboard, so it has a compact factor that will save you a good amount of space on your desk. The M87 from Velocifire is one of the best mechanical keyboards on the market that is compatible with Mac OS.


  • It is crafted from top-grade aluminum in space gray color, which will give you a long life.
  • The Mac keyboard layout will give a convenient typing experience for Mac users.


The full-sized keycap of the Macally keyboard will give you a comfortable and responsive typing experience on your Mac system. With 16 Mac-specific function keys, you will have a convenient experience of controlling your Mac from this keyboard. The 104 individual keycaps will last for a long time as it tested for 10,000,000 keystrokes with no failure. The Macally mechanical keyboard is one of the best devices to get for your Mac to have a good typing experience.


  • It has an anti-slip rubber pad at its bottom to have a good grip while you type.
  • The 5 feet long USB cable allows you to easily connect this keyboard to your Mac system.

Buying Guide of Gaming Keyboard for MAC

Some important things to look for when buying a mechanical keyboard are,

Keyboard Size

Keyboard size is important depending upon the space you have left in your desk. If you have a compact space, then you should go with a tenkeyless keyboard as it is compact and portable. The tenkeyless keyboard will also go perfectly with your Mac laptop. If you have a Mac desktop with big enough space on your desk, then a full-sized keyboard with the number keyboard should be your choice.

Wired vs Wireless

Wireless offers many conveniences and you will get hassle-free working experience with it on your Mac system. If you want to buy a Wireless keyboard, then go with a good brand as it will give you good connection reliability for a long time. A wired keyboard has its advantages too like low cost, high reliability, etc. But with faster wireless technology adaptation, you should buy a wireless keyboard for your Mac system to have a good experience.

Backlit illumination

Backlit illumination is a must as it will give you a good typing experience in the dark and low-light conditions. Whether having an RGB backlight illumination totally depends on your preference. Mac is not used for gaming much but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t buy a gaming keyboard with cool RGB light effects. If you love having cool effects on your system, then definitely go with the RGB backlit keyboard.


Getting a good gaming keyboard for your Mac system is a difficult task as there are not many keyboards made for Mac available in the market. We have listed some of the best keyboards for Mac that you can choose to get a good typing experience on your Mac system.

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