Meet Biggie Baddies West: Everything You Need to Know About The New Girl

Entertainment plays a huge role in our lives. And there are different types of entertainment available both online and offline. For example, there are some unique TV shows that can keep the audience hooked. In this case, we have to mention Baddies West. 

Yes, the third season of Baddies became quite popular because of various reasons. Hence, many people want to know more about this season, especially about Biggie Baddies West. Well, there are so many questions about Damerlin Baez. If you are someone who wants to explore more about Baez, you are at the right place.

After doing research on various social networking sites and websites, we found the best information regarding Biggie Baddies West. You already know this. It’s time to discover some excellent facts about this baddie. Keep reading the article to learn more:

Baddies West: An Overview

As you can see, Baddies West is the third season of Baddies which was aired on Zeus Network from January 2023 to May 2023. The series focused on the relationships and personal lives of some baddest individuals. This season featured Natalie Nunn, Chrisean Malone, Gia Mayham, Damerlin “Biggie” Baez, Stunna Girl, and more.

Baddies West has a total of 19 episodes and was hosted by Stevie J and Janeisha John. There were three-part audition episodes and the cast was announced after the third audition episode’s airing. This season featured some regular cast from the previous season including Natalie Nunn, Gia “Rollie” Mayham, and Chrisean “Rock” Malone. 

Baddies West shows how the cast traveled from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. Oakland, Phoenix, and Portland. They traveled in a decked bus while camera-capturing their luxurious vacations and club performances throughout various locations. 

Meet Biggie From Baddies West

biggie from baddies west

As you can see, Biggie is a popular name on Baddies West. Besides being a TV show personality, she is also a social media influencer and model. Since joining the reality show, her fan following started increasing overnight.

In fact, she became a part of controversies in the show. That’s the reason why most people are curious about her life. According to some internet sources, Baez was born on the 12th of September, 1996 in Rhode Island.

She attended Hope High School and Community College of Rhode Island. However, we don’t have an idea if she completed the graduation. She is from the Dominican Republic where she spent most of her childhood. 

After completing her graduation from Hope High School, she moved to Rhode Island to attend the Community College of Rhode Island. Another report says that she also earns money from her OnlyFan account besides modeling.

Interesting Facts About Biggie Baddies West

Now, you have a clear idea about Biggie. However, there are more interesting things you can explore about Damerlin “Biggie” Baez. After doing some research, we found some excellent facts about her. Keep reading the following list to learn more:

  • Damerlin Baez is popularly known as ‘Biggie’ among the cast and fans. 
  • Most people have no idea about who she is dating right now or what is her current job.
  • According to an interview, she traveled for six hours on a plane for her Baddies West audition.
  • The first beef of Baddies West happened between Biggie and Cat on the bus. It was shown in the first episode.
  • Biggie is only available on Facebook and Instagram. She doesn’t use other social networking sites.
  • As per some reports, Baez’s current net worth is under $200k. The income sources are still unknown and don’t have an official claim.

Is Biggie From Baddies West a Man?

biggie baddies west real name

As someone starts getting popular, they have to face some weird questions as well. In fact, there are a lot of questions on social media platforms. In this case, we found some questions about Biggie being a man.

Yes, some people are confused if Damerlin was a man. This question arose because of her deep voice and masculine figure. In fact, some people also asked on social media if she is transgender.

In reality, these rumored questions are completely baseless. Neither Biggie is a man nor a transgender. As we noted before, most people have mistaken her for a man because of her masculine demeanor and deep voice. So, if you find someone saying these things next time, correct them.

Biggie Baddies West’s Real Name

You can see Baddies is one of the most popular TV shows right now. And the cast was the key reason why everyone started watching this show. There were some baddies who stole the attention of the audience. Here, we have to name ‘Biggie’. 

Even though she is popular as ‘Biggie’ among the cast, crew, and fans, there are a large portion of the audience who have no idea about her real name. That’s the reason why we found some questions regarding her real name. 

If you are one of them, let’s clear this first. Biggie Baddie West’s real name is Damerlin Baez. And you can find her on social media platforms with this particular name. 

Is Biggie From Baddies West a Trans?

Just like other questions, we found some weird questions regarding Biggie from Baddies West. You see, Baddies West was quite an entertaining yet controversial show. So, the audience has guessed a lot of things. 

In this case, there were some questions regarding Biggie from Baddies West being transgender. Here, we can’t blame the audience completely. The power of assumption is quite strong in today’s world. That’s why you can find these questions on various social media platforms. 

Plus, Baez also has a deep voice and masculine figure. So, it’s quite easy to assume that she’s a man or transgender. In reality, she is not transgender at all. We hope this misunderstanding will clear as soon as possible and people will remember her for her performance. 

Biggie From Baddies West Social Media 

is biggie from baddies west a trans

It’s hard to find a celebrity who doesn’t have a social media account. Even though it’s a cast from Baddies West, the audience wants to get connected to them. These things are the same for Baddies West’s cast, especially for ‘Biggie’.

Some people want to know about what she is doing right now while some want to know if she’s currently dating someone. If you are one of them, we will give you the details. Yes, Damerlin Baez is available on social media. You can find her on Instagram by using @pvd_biggie. 

By following this account, you can get a glimpse of her current life. However, she doesn’t share a lot of things about her personal life on social sites. In fact, she also has a Facebook account under her full name. However, we don’t have an idea if it’s real or fake. On the other hand, you can find her on other social media sites like X or TikTok.

Biggie Baddies West Net Worth & Lifestyle

When people want to know about someone’s personal life, they also search for their net worth. As Biggie just participated in Baddies West, she doesn’t have a huge net worth. As per some unofficial sources, her current net worth is around $200k. However, we are not sure about her proper income sources.

Some reports say that she’s been doing modeling while some stated that she has an account on the OnlyFans platform. In fact, some people also said that she got a job as a security guard. We are not sure about her lifestyle too as she doesn’t share much about her personal life.


Now, you know almost everything about Biggie Baddies West. We have shared something interesting in this article. However, it’s quite hard to know more about her. Still, if you want to stay connected with this iconic baddie, check her social media accounts where you can get her daily life updates.


Q: What is Biggie’s real name from Baddies?

The real name of Biggie Baddies West is Damerlin Baez. Even though this name wasn’t that popular on the show, you can find her on social media with this name.

Q: Is Damerlin Baez transgender?

No, Damerlin Baez isn’t transgender at all. There are some people who have mistaken her as a transgender or a man because of her deep voice and masculine appearance. 

Q: Is Biggie from Baddies on social media?

Yes, of course, you can find Bigge from Baddies or Damerlin Baez on social media sites. If you want to connect with her and check her daily life updates, follow her on Instagram.

Q: Does Biggie from Baddies West have a boyfriend?

Officially, we don’t have news regarding Biggie’s boyfriend. In fact, we don’t have an idea if she’s dating someone at this moment as she doesn’t post anything on social sites regarding this topic. 

Q: What is the net worth of Damerlin Baez?

According to some sources, Damerlin Baez’s current net worth is estimated at $200k. We are not clear about her income sources. However, some websites claim that she got a job as a security guard. 

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