Get The Best Service Hosting With CARNET Huso

It’s not unknown that the internet plays a significant role in today’s world. We can get nearly everything within a few clicks. However, getting reliable and high-speed internet is also essential in this case. As the digital world started growing, several education institutes, private schools, and similar places started using the internet to provide a better education.

If you are from Croatia, you are familiar with CARNET, one of the leading service hosting providers in this country. Well, there are so many things that most people don’t know about this company. 

If you are one of them, you must learn some basic info, especially when ready to use this service. After doing our research, we found some crucial information regarding CARNET Huso. Keep reading this review to learn more about this Croatian internet service hosting provider.

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About CARNET Huso

CARNET stands for Croatian Academic and Research Network, is a public institution operated by the Ministry of Science and Education. The journey started in 1991 as a project of the Ministry of Science and Education. At first, CARNET was an internet service provider in Croatia.

Four years later, the government adopted Decree and established the institution to improve the education system and individuals. In simple words, CARNET is a private network of scientific, academic, and research communities in Croatia.  

According to the official portal, CARNET is available in 4130 locations across the country. The users of this service provider are teachers, students, professors, and staff members of CARNET. Besides providing the best internet service in Croatia, this company is also involved in different international activities.

Best Services Provided by CARNET

Since it launched, CARNET has provided some excellent services to customers. And it’s growing day by day. If you haven’t worked with this company, you need to know the top services beforehand. Keep reading the following section to know more:

Computer Security: In today’s world, computer security is one of the key aspects that every institute has to consider. It’s more important for the educational sector. In this case, CARNET Huso is perfect for providing multiple services to ensure computer security including vulnerability scanning, abuse service, content filtering, and more.

Internet Services: CARNET is one of the popular companies in Croatia because of its advanced internet services. You can have everything while working with this company. Some of the top services provided by the Croatian Academic and Research Network are mobile device management, public server, e-Citizens mToken, MSDC, sys.monitor, sys.backup, and more.

Communication: Besides the internet services, this company is also well known for providing different communication and collaboration services. In this case, we have to mention distance learning, news, Google Workspace for education, CARNET Medusa, Office 365, video conferences, and more.

Training & Consulting: As this project was mainly designed for the educational sector, you can also get different services for training and consulting. Moreover, these services are for CARNET users. You can check e-learning and CUC user conferences from this website.

Digital Education Enablers: Last but not least, the digital education enablers section is getting popular day by day. Whether you are a user or want to check the services, you can select one. Here, some of the popular services are CARNET Aero, an educational management application, e-Class register for schools, e-Class register for parents, Loomen, CARNET Sigma, Edutorji, e-Laboratory, portal Nikola Tesla, e-lektire, and more.

Advantages of Using CARNET

Now, you know the basics of CARNET Huso. But why should you choose this internet service hosting company over others? If you have doubts, let’s discover the top advantages of using CARNET:

  • The best part of this company is you can get all internet-related services in one place. From computer security to digital education, this company provides everything.
  • The officials of CARNET are very clear with everything. If you face an issue, visit your nearby office to seek help.
  • Besides the nearby office, you can also reach out to the support team via email or phone call.
  • Besides other services, CARNET provides various news related to e-Schools, events, services, and projects.
  • This company provides a separate platform for users such as administrators, system engineers, coordinators, and individuals.

How to Become a CARNET User

As CARNET is one of the best service hosting providers, it has so many users. As we noted before, there are different individuals such as professors, teachers, students, system engineers, and more. The resource of a school or an educational institute can only be accessed by a user. You can find the list of administrators on the official website.

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CARNET Mobile App

The best part is there is an excellent mobile app for CARNET. When you download the app on your smartphone, it will be easier to access everything. And the app will keep you updated as well. What we loved about the mobile app is it has different web applications. You can use them as per requirement.

CARNET Support Team

Even though CARNET huso is quite a popular internet service provider, you can find some issues while using it. In this case, the support team can help you out. The headquarters of CARNET is located in Zagreb. You can visit there from 8:30 to 16:30. On the other hand, you can also visit their regional offices. 

If you are a CARNET user, you can reach out to the team via email. The official support email is [email protected]. Plus, the official helpline number is +385 1 6661 555 which is available 24×7. On the other hand, if you want to reach out to the support team, send an email to [email protected] or call the team by using +385 1 6661 500. 


You can understand, CARNET is the industry leader when it comes to internet service providers in Croatia. We have shared everything in this article. If you are ready to work with them, make sure you do some research beforehand. In this case, visiting the official website can be the best idea. Or, you can also contact the expert team for more details.


Q: Is CARNET a government website?

Yes, CARNET was started as a project by the Ministry of Science and Education. Later, the company started providing different internet services across the country.

Q: How to contact the CARNET support team?

If you have an issue or want to contact the support team of CARNET, you can write a mail at [email protected] or make a call by using +385 1 6661 500. On the other hand, you can also visit a nearby office or the headquarters in Zagreb.

Q: How to download the CARNET mobile app?

If you want to download the CARNET mobile app, you can either get it from the app store or the official website.

Q: What are the best services provided by CARNET Huso?

As CARNET is one of the most popular internet service hosting providers, some of the best services provided by this company are computer security, internet services, CARNET connection, training & consulting, and more.

Q: Can I get news and the latest updates from CARNET Huso?

CARNET provides a dedicated section for news and the latest updates. You can get updates about e-schools, services, and projects.

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