Dad and Buried The Anti Parent Parenting Blog Review [2023]

Dad and Buried, the anti-parenting blog, is a website that gives a sarcastic notion on the hurdles of raising children. The author of the blog is a father who uses the means of sarcasm and humour to discuss the facts and realities of parenthood in the modern era. If you haven’t visited this blog before, you are missing out on something really interesting.

Through this blog, the writer is trying to uplift and encourage modern parents to be true to the difficulties of parenthood and is encouraging them to seek support and help whenever and wherever it is required. He is encouraging young parents to adopt the flawed nature of family. This article is quite relatable and a vital catch on parenthood.

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What Is Dad and Buried: The Anti-Parent Parenting Blog

This blog is a perfect source for parents who require some pinch of laughter or a reminder of the fact that they aren’t the only ones struggling to figure out the right way of parenting. The blog is a production by the blogger and father, Mike Julianelle. He lives in Brooklyn, and he is in deep love with his son, but at the same time, he stays true to the fact that being a parent is not a cakewalk at all.

It sometimes feels like a drag, which is what his statements are that can be found in his blogs often. He admits that being a parent takes a lot from you. You need to prioritize things to pursue great parenthood. He says that he cannot drink whenever he feels like. He has to focus more on the activities that are related to his son. Having said that, these are the challenges that Julianelle faces; he stays true to himself.

Meet Mike – Man Behind Dad and Buried The Anti Parent Parenting Blog

Mike Julianelle, the author of Dad and Buried, the anti-parenting blog, is a 45-year-old dad of a son. As stated above, he is trying to take a stand on parenthood and sharing his experiences with the world about parenting in today’s modern world. He shares all of this with a hint of sarcasm and humour throughout his entire blog.

While taking the help of sarcasm, Mike is receiving a lot of negative comments on his blog for calling his blog “anti-parenting” (sarcastically). People are also reacting negatively to him for grumbling about the means of his son’s existence. Not everybody can relate to his humour in presenting the fact of his social freedom being snatched away due to his parenting responsibilities. 

Mike presented this Dad and Buried anti-parenting blog in the year 2016, intending to present his take on parenting in a more fun and sarcastic way. He parallelly tried to emphasize the joy of being a parent along with the hardships of the same. While decoding the title presented by Mike, his idea is to let people know that after becoming a parent, you die in your previous life, and your hobbies, passion, and interests are “buried”.

Your priorities are replaced by the ones that include the best interests of your children’s lives. Mike has tried his best to present his experiences in the form of personal anecdotes, sarcastic commentaries, and memes. This fun content mainly showcases the daily struggles, responsibilities, and thoughts parents have while raising their children.

Dad and Buried, the anti-parenting blog, also share a presence on social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter(X), and Facebook(Meta). These platforms have collectively gained over 250,000 followers all over and have made this blog quite a popular and well-known source for modern-day parents to relate to the sarcastic take on the ups and downs of being a parent.

Dad and Buried The Anti Parent Parenting Blog Review [2023]

Dad and Buried, the anti-parenting blog, is not only a blog source for the people but is also open to use public forum where today’s parents can share their thoughts as well. These daily updates can be their experiences of joy, frustrations, anger, etc., while dealing with their children. In addition to the educational value of the blog, the blog is also a source to relax your brain with humorous memes on parenting.

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Dad and Buried The Anti Parent Parenting Blog Review

By reading the articles posted on this blog, we can surely say that the father, Mike Julianelle, loves his kids. But having said that, he truly admits that he is just like any other father around the globe. He, too, loses it sometimes, and no matter how much you can appreciate anyone’s life when it comes to parenting, it is a challenge.

The unique thing about this blog is that it tries to tell what almost every parent thinks about raising their kids. It is important to admit and understand that when it comes to parenting, you aren’t alone in dealing with “that parenting” stuff. If you are a parent and can relate to the humor, then this blog is for you. This will teach you a lot about parenting while keeping your fun side active.

This blog works as an everyday diary of a father who is learning and working every day to become an expert in parenting and being a great father. Many of the readers who happen to be parents also claim and admit that this is one of the finest articles/blogs on parenting that they have ever read in their lives.

So, if you are in doubt as to whether or not you should read this blog, you can rest assured that this will not have a negative impact on you and your parenting. He might seem bitching about his wife or his children, but he loves them a lot, and you can tell that once you are done reading the articles with personal details in them.

What Kind of Topics Will You Find On Dad and Buried?

There is a section called “Buried Secrets” on this blog, where you, as a parent, can share your thoughts or any of your “secrets” anonymously. This is one of the most liked features on the blog site because many parents anonymously share their secrets, which works as a great source of humour for the readers.

It gives tons of ideas to the other parents to get inspired from and have workarounds with their children. Being a parent, there is a sense of resonance with other parents, and hardly anyone judges you for your posts. Here are some of the most interesting reads that we’ve found on this website, and you must give them a read, too.

  • Top 10 Reasons Why I Hate My Son
  • The Real Reason Parents Are Always So Tired
  • Homeschooling Tips

Dig deeper into each one, and you’re sure to find something that resonates with your life. This is not a secret anymore that there comes a guilt in admitting that you don’t want to parent your kids anymore. Which, in fact, is completely normal and is just fine. But the sad part is that not everyone admits to this and shies away from accepting this.

However, if you are a reader of Dad and buried the anti-parent parenting blog, you will resonate with such statements as they deal with hard and real kinds of stuff about parenting. You can explore such topics to resonate more with the author and try to learn the ways to deal with the challenges that come with “Modern Parenting”.

Reasons Why This Website Is Tagged As An Anti-parenting Blog 

So, there are mainly two reasons why this blog is tagged as an “anti-parenting” blog.

1. Parenting Is Pain (Sometimes)

Parenthood is a pain regardless of your love for your children. It is sometimes worse than the gloom of not having a kid at all. If you have a kid that you don’t love at all, it is much easier because, in short. But raising a kid that you love the most brings in a lot of challenges, like raising him, educating him, and giving the kid a good life to cherish.

2. You Always Get Judged

The author says that the other parents are THE WORST. They are the entities that are just not satisfied with all the judgments that they have already made. They keep on judging your family, your wife, your children. Admitting this, Mike judges these kinds of parents in his blog, with a fair amount of discrimination and swearing.

Final Words

To conclude, Mike says that nobody in the world knows the actual way of parenting; neither does he nor do any judgemental parents. And that’s what makes this website different from every other blog related to parenting. Every parent must seek this blog to understand parenting in a new way and be a part of the great parenting community.

We have tried to bring in all the available information regarding Dad and Buried The Anti-Parent Parenting Blog, and we hope you now know a lot about it. If you’ve never visited this blog before, then go ahead and give it a read. We are pretty sure you will love it, and don’t forget to share your views on this website with us via the comments below.

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