Darryl ‘Hommo’ Baum: Shocking Information About Mike Tyson’s Bodyguard

Darryl Baum was known as the bodyguard and dear friend of the legendary boxer Mike Tyson. However, that’s not the only reason he became a part of the media spotlight. Yes, he became a hot topic after shooting 50 Cent. This incident shocked everyone in America. 

You see, most people don’t have a clear idea when it comes to Darryl ‘Hommo’ Baum. Even though he was involved in that incident, Baum had a tragic ending which most people have no idea about. And that is why there are so many misconceptions.

How did Darryl Baum Hommo die? Who shot 50 Cent? Many people are still wondering about these questions. If you are one of them, we will clear everything out in this article. In fact, we will share the backstory of Tyson’s childhood friend. Keep reading to explore more about this controversial personality. 

About Darryl Baum: An Overview

According to sources, Darryl Baum was born on 20th August 1965 in Brooklyn, New York City. As he was a native of Brooklyn, he spent most of his years there. There are not many details about his early life but he attended a high school there.

Baum had a dream of becoming a successful businessman. However, the circumstances didn’t work in his favor as he took a different turn by entering into the world of crime. We don’t have enough information about his family background. Still, he had two siblings named Zakia and Tyrone.

As we noted before, Darryl shared a strong bond with Mike Tyson. Their bond got stronger during the prison years in the 1990s. When they got released from prison, Mike kept his promise a provided a job to him as a bodyguard. 

It was 2000 when Baum shot rapper 50 Cent nine times in front of his grandmother’s house. However, the rapper survived even after that intense incident. Well, Baum’s faith decided something else. 

As per sources, he became a part of a drug war with another gang. And that’s why he was shot to death after the 50 Cent incident. In short, his life showcases the consequences of being a part of illegal activities.

Darryl ‘Homicide’ Baum’s Involvement in 50 Cent Shooting

As we noted before, Darryl’s life one of the biggest highlights is his involvement in the 50 Cent shooting. Yes, everyone was shocked after that incident. However, only a few people are aware of the back story. Hence, most citizens have no idea why did Baum take that step.

It was 24th May, 2000 when Darryl shot Curtis James Jackson III aka 50 Cent. The incident happened in South Jamaica, Queens, New York, in front of 50 Cent’s grandmother’s house. Baum fired nine shots at Jackson which hit him multiple times. 

As per official reports, he had severe injuries to his face, legs, hands, arms, and chest. And it took over five months to recover. The motive behind this attack is still unclear. However, there were some rumors as well.

As per some sources, a rival gang was involved in this. On the other hand, further investigation revealed that Baum was associated with a drug dealer named Damion Hardy. And it was the key reason why Baum was brutally murdered. So, you can see that the shooting incident made a huge impact on both 50 Cent’s and Darrly’s life.

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Who Shot 50 Cent Darryl Baum?

50 Cent or Curtis James Jackson III was shot in front of his grandmother’s house by Darryl. You see, Curtis was adopted by his grandmother after the death of his mother. According to reports, he dealt with drugs and gangs while growing up. In fact, he had to go to juvenile detention once.

As gang and street orientation were common for 50 Cent, it was not surprising that he was involved in illegal activities. And that was the prime reason for his shooting incident. According to some sources, he built a rivalry with gang members who wanted to kill him. 

Another report stated that Jackson recorded an unreleased song to expose Kenneth McGriff who was a top gang leader back then. On the other hand, some gang members of Murder Inc. also had bad blood with him. 

So, why did Darryl shoot 50 Cent? Some people claimed that it was Kenneth McGriff who ordered Baum to kill Jackson. On 20th May 2000, Curtis Darryl pulled out a 99mm shotgun and fired nine times. As a result, Jackson got several injuries and it took almost five months to fully recover.

How Did Darryl Baum Hommo Die?

Even though Darryl was the main man behind 50 Cent’s attack, he also had a tragic ending. Three weeks after the attack, Baum was murdered. It was 10th June 2000, when Tyson’s childhood friend was killed in a lonely street when he was heading back home. 

According to reports, he was shot in the head. The Police arrested the suspects and they were serving their terms. After further investigation, it was revealed that Baum was involved with a rival gang. And as a result, he was brutally murdered. 

As per reports, he was shot by a serial killer named Damion Hardy who previously killed 6 other people. Hardy was the ex-boyfriend of well-known American rapper Lil Kim. Besides Hardy, two other people named Zareh Sarkissian and Eric Moore were involved in that encounter. 

However, there isn’t much information about what exactly happened between them. But we can say it was the consequence of his lifestyle. Darryl’s younger brother Tyrone Baum wanted to avenge his death but ended up getting killed.


Darryl’s life wasn’t a smooth one at all and it happened cause he chose the path of crime. Even though he was the best friend of legendary boxer Mike Tyson, he got the media attention because of shooting American rapper 50 Cent. However, he was unfortunate enough to get the consequence and was killed three weeks after his failed attempt.


Q: What was Darryl Baum’s cause of death?

According to Police investigation and reports, Baum was shot to death in a lonely street. The cause of his death was gang involvement and living a dangerous lifestyle in the crime world.

Q: How did Darryl Baum’s brother die?

After the death of Darryl Baum, his little brother Tyrone Baum decided to avenge the death. However, he ended up finding more enemies. As a result, he was brutally killed at a construction site.

Q: Why did Darryl Baum shoot 50 Cent?

As 50 Cent had bad blood with Kenneth McGriff, one of the top gang leaders back then, he ordered Darryl to kill 50 Cent. However, he failed to kill the rapper even after firing nine bullets.

Q: Where was Darryl Baum born?

According to most sources, Baum was born on 20 August 1965 in Brooklyn, New York City. He spent most of his life there with his family, especially his siblings.

Q: How Did Mike Tyson react after 50 Cent’s shooting?

Even though Mike Tyson and Darryl Baum have been very close since childhood, there was not much source regarding Tyson’s reaction to Baum’s death. In fact, he didn’t react much after the Darryl Baum 50 Cent incident.

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