Grow Your Business With Deliveroo Restaurant Hub: The Essential Guide 2023

It’s hard to find someone who doesn’t love to visit a restaurant. Running a restaurant is amazing. But if you want to expand your business by providing home delivery, there are so many options available nowadays. 

In this case, a restaurant delivery can help you out. There was a time when getting food at home from a restaurant was quite challenging. However, things have changed with time, thanks to some advanced delivery service companies.

Deliveroo is one of the leading restaurant delivery providers in Europe. If you are ready to grow your restaurant business, this is the best option. In this review, we will share some crucial information regarding Deliveroo. Keep reading to learn more.

An Overview: Deliveroo Restaurant

deliveroo restaurant hub

Will Shu and Greg Orlowski came together in 2013 to establish Deliveroo, an advanced food delivery company based in London. Since then, the company started partnering with local restaurants, grocery stores, and riders.

Even though this company was popular in the UK at first, the owners are expanding the business worldwide. Now, the company is available in various countries including Belgium, France, Italy, Singapore, Hong Kong, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Kuwait, and more.

Top Features of Deliveroo Restaurant Hub

As you can see, Deliveroo is one of the best online food delivery companies in the UK. And the features of this company make it more amazing. Before you check out the official website, you have to explore the top features in the following:

Restaurant Partner

One of the best things about Deliveroo is the ‘Restaurant Partner’ feature. If you are opening a restaurant or want to grow your business, you can become a partner of this company for marketing, delivery, and other things.

Become a Rider

Besides growing your food store, you have an excellent chance to start your career as a rider. Yes, it’s a good option if you are looking for a part-time or full-time income source. According to the official site, this company has over 180,000 riders worldwide.

Grocery & Pharmacy

Even if the main focus is food delivery, you can become a partner in growing your grocery store. On the other hand, Deliveroo is getting popular because of the pharmacy delivery. Visit the site or app to get more details.

Blogs & Updates

Whether you are a foodie or restaurant owner, there are some exciting updates you can explore in the food market. In this case, we loved the ‘Blog’ section of Deliveroo. From the latest food news to how-to guide, you can get all updates here.

Gift Cards

Another great feature we loved about this company is you can use various gift cards. Yes, it’s an amazing way to surprise your loved ones. Hence, you can buy gift cards in bulk for your business.

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Advantages of Using Deliveroo

Why should you choose Deliveroo over other companies? If this question is bugging you, let’s explore the top adventure of partnering with Deliveroo. After doing some research, we found some excellent benefits of this company. Let’s find out:

  • Deliveroo provides 24×7 tablet support to all partners. So, you can reach out to the support team at any time.
  • Whether you have a restaurant or grocery store, you can use this company’s rider network. That means you don’t have to hire riders separately.
  • If you are a newbie, this online food delivery company will help you with marketing. You don’t have to spend on photography and websites.
  • There are so many tools available with Deliveroo. If you become a partner, you can utilize these tools to attract customers.
  • Instead of creating a separate website, you can become a partner to promote your brand via Hub.

How to Become a Deliveroo Partner Hub

deliveroo partner hub

So, are you ready to become a partner of Deliveroo? Whether you have a restaurant or a grocery store, you can expand your business with this company. According to the official website, Deliveroo has 170,000+ partners globally. If you want to become a partner, you have to follow some simple steps:

Step 1: Open your web browser and search for the official website. Click on the first link to open the home page.

Step 2: Once the homepage is opened, you have to click on the ‘Partner with us’ option. From there, you can select a subcategory like ‘Restaurant’

Step 3: Next, a new page will be opened. Here, you have to click on the ‘Become a partner’ button to start the registration procedure.

Step 4: Now, you have to provide the required details including your restaurant or shop name, business email, and password.

Step 5: After providing the details, double-check and click on the ‘Next’ button. The system will send an email to your email ID for verification. You have to follow each step to complete the registration. Once done, you can access your dashboard by logging into your account.

Step-by-Step Deliveroo Restaurant Hub Login Guide

deliveroo restaurant hub login

When you are done with the registration process, you have to log in to the portal each time you want to access your dashboard. Well, in this case, there’s a separate portal called Deliveroo Restaurant Hub. In the following section, we will share a step-by-step guide. Let’s find out:

Step 1: First, open a reliable web browser and search for the official site. Click on the first link to open the homepage.

Step 2: As the homepage is opened, scroll until you find the ‘Partner with us’ option. 

Step 3: Once you click on the option, a new page will be opened. Now, go to the top right corner of the page and select the ‘Login’ button to start the process.

Step 4: Next, you have to enter your registered email ID and password in the required fields. Double-check all details and click on the ‘Log in’ button to complete the procedure. 

After that, you can access your dashboard. Remember, the login procedure is only possible if you have a registered account. You have to follow the same steps while using the mobile app.

Now, you have an idea about the login process. If you have forgotten your password, there are some simple steps you have to follow. Let’s have a look:

Step 1: Open the Deliveroo Restaurant Hub and select the ‘Forgot your password?’ option to start the process.

Step 2: Next, a new page will be opened. Here, you have to enter your registered email ID and click on the ‘Send’ button.

Step 3: Once you click on that option, the system will send an email to your email ID. You have to follow the instructions to change your password.

Deliveroo Contact Details 

Using an online portal is quite amazing. However, you can face some issues as well. If there’s an issue using the web portal or mobile app, you can reach out to the support team. In this case, you have to go to the ‘Contact’ section and select the ‘Contact Us’ button.

After doing this, you will see a pop-up. Here, you have to submit your email address before selecting how the support team can help you. Next, write your message and click on the ‘Send’ button to complete the process. As we mentioned before, the Deliveroo support team is available 24×7.

Deliveroo Mobile App

From food delivery to accessing your restaurant orders, you have to do a few simple clicks. The best part is that Deliveroo provides an advanced mobile app for both business partners and customers. You can track every order by using this app. 

Moreover, there are some features you can use to have an amazing experience. Well, this smartphone app is available for both Apple and Android devices. You can either visit the app store or get the app from the official website. Plus, you can contact the support team by using this app.


Working with Deliveroo can be an excellent experience, especially when you are a newbie restaurant owner. From providing delivery riders to promoting your business, this company will help you out. We have shared some crucial information in this article. If you want to know more, visit the official site or app.

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Q: Who owns Deliveroo?

William Shu founded Deliveroo in 2013. During that time there was no good option for restaurant delivery throughout the UK. So, it became his personal mission to provide the best service to everyone. 

Q: What type of company is Deliveroo?

Launched in 2013, Deliveroo is a British online food delivery company. Besides food delivery, this website is also popular for grocery and medical delivery.

Q: Is there a mobile app available for Deliveroo?

The Deliveroo app is available for both Android and Apple devices. Either you can download the app from the app store or visit the official website.

Q: Is Deliveroo a reliable company?

Absolutely, this is the best company to start or expand your business. For more information, you can either visit the website or contact an expert.

Q: Is Deliveroo worldwide available?

Besides the UK, Deliveroo is expanding business in various European and Asian countries including Italy, France, Belgium, Singapore, Hong Kong, Qatar, and more.

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