Let’s Find The Truth: Did Chris From Mr. Beast Divorce His Wife?

The internet is an outstanding platform for showing talent, sharing content, and even making a career. You don’t need rocket science that any digital platform can help someone earn both money and fame. Whether it’s a popular social networking site like Facebook or the world’s largest video-sharing platform like YouTube, many people are getting famous because of the internet.

Christopher Tyson is one of the budding YouTubers who got the limelight because of his involvement in a popular channel called Mr.Beast. If you have watched the channel, you might know that it became popular because of various pranks and challenge videos. 

However, that’s not the only thing about Tyson. He became a part of the discussion because of his love life. There are so many rumors about his personal life; ‘Is Chris Tyson divorced?’, ‘Is Chris from Mr.Beast gay?’, ‘Who is Chris Tyson’s wife?’ and many more.

At this moment, the netizens are quite curious about Chris’s marriage. If you are as curious as them, this is the right article to get the answer. Keep reading this article as we explore some unknown truths about Chris’s personal life. Let’s get started.

Who is Chris Tyson?

is chris from mrbeast divorced

If you have been watching Mr.Beast’s YouTube videos, Chris isn’t unknown to you. Simply put, Chris is the key player in this entertainment channel. Besides being a well-known YouTuber, Tyson is quite popular as a social media influencer and content creator.

He was featured in various prank videos. Because of that, many people started liking him. And this was the main reason why they became curious about Tyson’s personal life. However, Chris is quite a private person. It’s challenging to find information about his personal life.

Chris Tyson From Mr. Beast: Early Life & Career

When someone becomes famous online, their followers start searching for information According to some sources, Chris from Mr. Beast was born on 1st July, 1996 in California. However, there’s not much information about his early life and education.

As he’s only a YouTube star, it’s pretty impossible to know more about his early life. In fact, we don’t have any idea about his education details. Well, Tyson started his career at an early age. As per sources, he started his YouTube channel alongside his childhood friend Jimmy Donaldson. 

The channel started getting popular because of its unique and catchy content. Even though they started the journey in 2012, the channel is still getting more and more popular. And it helped Chris build a loyal audience on various social networking platforms.

About Chris From Mr. Beast’s Wife

Before we explore more about Chris’s marriage, you have to know about his wife. As per some resources, Chris and Katie Farquhar started dating during their high school days. In fact, they continued their relationship after the graduation.

After dating for several years, Katie and Chris finally tied the knot in 2018. As Chris was already quite popular on social media platforms, many followers started loving this beautiful couple despite Katie’s absence on those platforms. 

Yes, Katie isn’t that open about her personal life on internet platforms. That’s the reason why she appeared in only one Mr. Beast video. However, Chris had been always active about his marriage on social sites as he shared various things.

The loving couple welcomed a baby boy named Tucker Stephen Tyson in 2020. The best part was they took parenting right away and Tyson shared a lot of photos and videos of their son. In fact, he also featured his son in various Mr. Beast videos. Since then, the fans started connecting with this adorable family. 

Is Chris From Mr.Beast Divorced?

chris from mr beast wife

Now, this is the big question, ‘Is Chris Tyson still married to Katie Tyson?’ This question caused a lot of confusion on the internet. The sudden change in their relationship left Chris’s fans surprised. 

Those people who have been following both of them on social media noticed a lot of things. As per their observation, things had changed between then from 2022. The couple stopped posting about each other since then. 

However, they often left cute comments on posts about their son. Some of his followers noticed that the last photo Katie uploaded for Chris was back in 2021’s Christmas. After facing various rumors and questions, Chris admitted that he and Katie split up and were going though a process of divorce. 

He made a post on Twitter saying that they didn’t want to make it a public affair. However, he received a mixed response as there were so many doubts. Nobody knows the exact reason why the loving couple got divorced. Well, in this case, we have to respect their privacy.

Is Chris Tyson Gay?

Since the divorce news came out, we have seen so many talks about Chris Tyson. For example, some netizens also spread the rumors about Tyson being gay. There are some valid reasons as well. Hence, they also highlight the fact as the reason for their broken marriage.

In reality, there’s no news about him being gay. However, there were some rumors after his split with Katie. As per some resources, Chris had some social media posts that indicated that he identify himself as both straight and gay.  

However, since he never came out publicly, we have to keep respecting him. If Tyson is sure about this thing, there’s a chance that he will share everything in public. 

Chris Tyson’s Net Worth

Whether it’s a movie star or a sports celebrity, the audience want to know about how rich they are. Things are quite the same for social media influencers and YouTubers. Since Tyson has an online audience, everyone wants to know about his net worth and source of income.

There’s no clear update about Chris Tyson’s net worth. However, according to some sources, Chris’s estimated net worth is around $4 to $5 million. Besides having a YouTube channel, Tyson is quite popular on other social media platforms. And this is how he got famous.

Most of his income comes from the YouTube channel. As the channel became quite popular, he won some paid collaborations, promotions, and more. On the other hand, he is quite active on various social networking platforms that helped him earn more. However, we have no idea if there’s any other source of income for him.

Chris Tyson Social Media

When it’s your favorite YouTuber, you would love to connect with them on social sites. Besides following Chris on social media, you can get different updates about his lifestyle, work, and personal life.

Tyson is available on Instagram at @kristyson. His account has over 2.4 million followers. As we noted before, he is very active on Instagram, always sharing various updates. Besides Instagram, you can also follow him on Twitter at @kristyson_. 

At this moment, Tyson has over 387k followers on Twitter. Plus, he is very active on that platform as well. Their YouTube channel Mr.Beast has over 200 million subscribers now. And you can see Tyson in many videos.

Even though Tyson is quite active on these platforms, there’s not much information about his personal life, especially after his broken marriage. In this case, it’s better if we respect his privacy. If there’s something new or exciting, he will publish the update himself.


Even though Chris and Katie had been high school sweethearts, their relationship broke up because of some unknown reason. As most of his fans were pretty confused about this thing, he cleared everything out on social media. Since they split up, it’s better if we respect their decision and privacy. For more details regarding Chris’s personal life, you can follow him on social sites.


Q: How did Chris Tyson get famous?

Chris Tyson became famous by creating a YouTube channel named Mr. Beast with his childhood friend. However, their prank and challenge videos made the channel more popular which helped Chris build a loyal audience on social media.

Q: Is Chris Tyson available on social media?

Yes, Chris Tyson is available on various social media platforms. His Instagram handle is @kristyson where he has over 2.4 million followers. On the other hand, he is quite popular on Twitter where you can follow him at @kristyson_.

Q: Is Chris Tyson still married?

No, as per his social media post, Chris and Katie ended the marriage last year and were going through a divorce process. However, they are co-parenting their only son Tucker. There’s no clear reason for their divorce. 

Q: What is the net worth of Chris Tyson?

According to some reliable sources, Chris Tyson’s estimated net worth is around $4 to $5 million. Most of his earnings come from YouTube, social media, paid promotions, collaboration, and events.

Q: Is Chris from Mr.Beast bisexual?

Since Katie and Chris split up, there were some rumors about Chris being gay. However, he never confirmed anything in public as he’s quite a private person when it comes to sharing sexual orientation.

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