Does YouTube TV have ESPN Plus?

One well-known streaming service that provides a wide range of on-demand video and live TV channels is YouTube TV. However, the market and the terms of the license agreements determine whether ESPN+—a particular streaming service—is available on YouTube TV. ESPN+ on YouTube is an add-on package on YouTube TV in some locations but not in others. 

For exact details about ESPN+’s local availability, you are advised to visit the official YouTube TV website or app. Let’s explore does YouTube TV has ESPN Plus. If yes, then let’s explore which locations.

YouTube TV’s Inclusion of ESPN Plus Experience

The addition of ESPN Plus to YouTube TV has significantly improved the streaming experience for sports fans like myself. ESPN Plus’ seamless integration adds an added layer of excitement to the platform, providing a wide choice of live sports content and unique programs. Whether catching up on exciting live events or going into in-depth analysis shows, ESPN Plus expands the overall range and quality of sports entertainment. The user-friendly UI and seamless navigation make it easy to get all my favourite sports materials in one spot. The ESPN Plus connection highlights YouTube TV’s dedication to providing varied, high-quality content.

Accessing ESPN Plus on YouTube 

Catching your daily sports dose has never been easier, thanks to ESPN Plus on YouTube. Dive into the world of spectacular game highlights, unique interviews, and in-depth videos featuring your favourite teams and athletes. With a seamless connection on YouTube, accessing ESPN Plus is as simple as a click. Whether you’re a basketball, soccer, or football fan, the site provides customised content to suit your preferences. Stay current on live events, catch up on missed games, and enjoy the additional thrill that ESPN Plus adds to your YouTube experience. It’s game on!

Learn about ESPN Plus Prices and Subscriptions 

does youtube tv have espn plus

ESPN Plus provides sports fans with an unrivalled streaming experience, bringing the thrills of live events to their fingertips. As you explore the world of ESPN Plus rates and memberships, you’ll find a variety of alternatives customised to each fan’s interests. ESPN Plus provides flexibility in accessing premium sports programming, with options ranging from monthly to annual subscriptions. 

Discover the fascinating world of sports with ESPN+ and enjoy spectacular content at reasonable prices. ESPN+ provides live access to various athletic events, exclusive programs, and original programming on YouTube. You may begin your sports journey with a monthly subscription of $10.99 or an annual membership of $109.99, saving you more than $22 over monthly instalments. Dive into the world of ESPN+ for thrilling sports and engaging entertainment tailored to your interests. It truly is the premier place for quality sports programming.

How do I access ESPN Plus on YouTube TV?

Sadly, if you love sports and hope to watch ESPN Plus on YouTube TV, you won’t be able to do so. But don’t be alarmed! You still have a few more alternatives to obtain ESPN Plus on your preferred device.

ESPN Plus app Subscription 

What’s the simplest method to subscribe to ESPN Plus? Download the ESPN app on your computer, tablet, phone, or smart TV to subscribe. ESPN Plus gives you access to live sports, exclusive shows, and original content for $9.99 per month or $99.99 per year. It sounds fantastic.

To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Click “Sign Up” after accessing the ESPN app or website.
  2. Enter your payment details, and select a monthly or annual plan.
  3. Register for an account or sign in using an already-existing ESPN account.
  4. Navigate to settings and connect your ESPN account to your YouTube TV account.
  5. Utilise any device to enjoy ESPN Plus content.


In conclusion, YouTube TV’s inclusion of ESPN Plus has considerably improved the streaming expertise, particularly for sports fans. The seamless integration of ESPN Plus into the platform provides an added layer of excitement by providing a varied choice of live sports content and distinctive programs. The user-friendly UI and simple navigation make accessing your favourite sports content easy. 

Whether catching up on live events or digging into in-depth analysis shows, ESPN Plus expands the scope and quality of sports entertainment on YouTube TV. The ease of one-click access to ESPN Plus offers an unrivalled sports viewing experience. Furthermore, with multiple membership options and fair prices, ESPN Plus enables sports fans to adapt their expertise to their unique interests, making it the go-to platform.


Can I add ESPN+ to YouTube TV?

Sports Plus networks are not available as standalone add-ons. You must purchase the package to subscribe to a particular network.

Is the ESPN app free with YouTube TV?

Unlike many competitors, YouTube TV only supplies one basic package, which costs $73/month. This plan includes sports channels like ESPN, FS1, and CBS Sports Network.

How many people can watch ESPN on YouTube TV?

With your subscription, you can watch up to three simultaneous streams. If you’re willing to pay a little extra each month, our 4K Plus add-on allows you to watch limitless streaming at home. You can spread the YouTube TV love to as many compatible displays as possible.

Does Amazon Prime include ESPN+?

No, ESPN+ is not currently accessible as Amazon Prime. You must utilise YouTube and get an ESPN+ subscription to watch videos on ESPN.

Can I add ESPN+ to YouTube TV?

Sports Plus networks are not available as standalone add-ons. You must purchase the package to subscribe to a specific network.

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