How To Choose Or Make A Quiet Mechanical Keyboard

Here we’ll tell you how to choose or make a quiet mechanical keyboard through the useful tips. As you know, mechanical keyboards are flattering all the gamers and typewriters. But the flaw of the mechanical keyboard is that they are too loud.

However, some people have a weird typing style that makes the sound even louder. Plus, you might feel uncomfortable using the keyboard at the office. Also, you will disturb other roommates with their noise. Besides, there are a few people that like the typing sound, but it becomes annoying after some time.

How To Choose Or Make A Quiet Mechanical Keyboard

So if you are tired of the noise of your keyboard, we’ll help out here. There is no need to buy a new keyboard; just try some of the tips given below.

Do You Know What Is The Reason For A Mechanical Keyboard To Be Loud?

They are loud because of the plastic switches. And that plastic is deep down under the spring of the buttons. Plus, you will know that the mechanical keyboards have pop-up buttons. So the noise that is producing is due to more low switching inside the buttons.

There is a rubber sheet to reduce the typing noise. But the sheet isn’t close enough to diminish the sound, turns out the keyboard to be highly noisy. And the sound of the keyboard is not only annoying for the games or typist but the other people around them.

7 Useful Tips On How To Choose Or Make A Quiet Mechanical Keyboard

1.      Try The New Silent Switches – Best For Reducing The Sound Of Keyboard

One of the preeminent ways to make the mechanical keyboard safe is by trying the new switches. And modern manufacturers recommend this option for reducing the noise. Also, you need to know that the new switches will not fully eradicate the noise but lessen it up to 50 percent.

So it’s better to have less sound than before? Of course, yes, you can try using the new kind of keyboard switches. Best of all, the new kind of keyboard switches is much more silent then the MX mechanical keyboard switches.

2.    Try Using The O-Rings

The next tip we have is o-ring usage. You can reduce the sound of the mechanical keyboard with the help of the o-ring. Also, it is the essential tip that almost several people try to make the keyboard less noisy. You will be impressed by the results.

Other than that, the job of o-ring is to minimize the distance. And reducing the distance of the keys will reduce the sound automatically as we told above, that the main reason for the noise is the travel distance of the keys and rubber board. So the o-ring tip is confidently helpful. The rubber sheet will be closer to the buttons due to the o-ring. In this way, your mechanical keyboard will be less noisy.

3.    Try Using The Pads Of Keyboard

Other than using the o-rings, it would help if you tried the keyboard pads. The o-ring has to be fitted under every key. So it would help if you fit the keyboard with a rubber pad that has foam inside it to make the keyboard smoother. Also, the foam will not let the keyboard to cause much noise. It is the simplest way to make a mechanical keyboard cause less noise then before.

Besides, the reason for rubber foam will not let the keyboard to cause noise is due to less distance between the keys. And you will notice than the keyboard will almost diminish the noise if you add a thicker foam inside the keypad.

But before adding the foam cloth beneath the keyboard, you must know the type of switches that you have on the keyboard. The foam padding is not compatible with all keyboard switches. And the compatibility of foam padding is with the MX switches. Also, you can add foam padding under those keys that are similar to the MX cherry switches.

4.    Switch Clips Of GMK

We have another type of switches that will reduce the noise of the keyboard. Also, you will be having a noise free-keyboard with the help of GMK switches. The clips of the keyboard of GMK has special padding inside them. Also, you will be able to prevent the dirt from going inside the keys with GMK switches.

5.    Try To Replace Other Outsider Factors

However, if you are working on the wooden or glass table, the keyboard will cause the most noise because these are the external factors that enhance the noise of the keyboard. So you can add the pad under the keyboard or under the laptop to reduce the noise. You can use the pad for the keyboard can be a mouse pad as well. Besides, the mouse pad will absorb the noise of the keyboard. Rubber and foam mats will prevent the noise of the mechanical keyboard.

6.    Construct Your Keyboard With Sound-Optimization

You can make your mechanical keyboard to reduce the noise. So if you are obsessed with typing or gaming, construct your type of keyboard to diminish the key noises. After picking the noise, you can choose the type of keys, rings, and foam. Also, you will be using the metal plate that helps to reduce the noise as well.

Consequently, you can add the cherry switches to reduce the noise of the keyboard. And these switches will not cause much noise, and they have an affordable price as well.

To Sum Up

No doubt, the mechanical keyboards have frustrating sound. And you have to do something to reduce the noise of keyboards. So we have mentioned the useful tips to make the keyboards quiet. Also, you won’t be disturbing other people around anymore. Choose any of the handy tips that are most convenient for you to make the mechanical keyboard quiet.

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