How to Clean a Mechanical Keyboard

How to Clean a Mechanical Keyboard: So you bought a mechanical keyboard, and it served you well look like any piece of tech it’s gotten dirty over time dust has made its way through the gaps of the keys and the keycaps are now shiny because of the oil from your hands.

You figure it’s time for some TLC for your hardware cleaning a mechanical keyboard is easy, but it takes up a lot of your time.

How to Clean a Mechanical Keyboard

So I just thought I could clean my keyboard and Jos keyboard too let’s do this before starting the cleaning process it’s always a good idea to take a picture of the layout of your keyboard.

So you have a reference to where all the keys should be.

STEP 1: Removing and Cleaning the Keycaps

To get all the dust and grime making your keyboard disgusting, we first have to remove the keycaps.

If your keyboard is like the Black Widow X chroma or the strafe RGB called the basic floating design where there are no recesses where the keys are you can do it by hand just gently tug on the keycap to remove it.

If it’s a standard keyboard design, you can’t do this instead you have to use a keycap removal tool.

Take extra care when removing the large keycaps because of their stabilizers.

Some come with a co-star also called wire stabilizer like the Black Widow X chroma to remove these ski caps tug on them and gently slide out one side first then the other side to remove the keycap.

Some come with a cherry stabilizer which you can just pull out, remove all the keycaps and put them in a bowler dipper.

Add water in a little bit of dishwashing soap stir a little bit to have the solvent dissipate and let us sit there for a while.

STEP 2: Cleaning the Keyboard Plate  

The keyboard plate is where most of the stays, the clean this part.

I suggest using a wide soft paintbrush. I use this red number 12 paintbrush from Best Buy.

Which you can get from the national bookstore for just seventy-three pesos. Just sweep through in between the switches to get all the dust and dirt.

Out you can also use a pair of tweezers to pull out significant bits of dust and hair that might have gotten caught on the switches.

After that, if there are still persistent marks on the plate. You can use a q-tip or cotton buds with a bit of alcohol for the sides use a microfiber cloth with a bit of alcohol.

STEP 3: Drying the Keycaps

Rinse the keycaps to get all the soap out I usually do three to four rinses before going through everything with a plastic strainer.

After this layout, all the keycaps on a small towel with direct airflow to it.

Do not use a hairdryer because the heat might cause the plastic to warp or bend.

Once the keys are all dried out using a dry microfiber cloth to give the keycaps one last wipe before putting it on the keyboard.

STEP 4: Reinstalling the Keycaps

remember the photo I asked you to take before whip that out and start putting the keys back in their correct positions, and this is the longest part of cleaning.

So be sure to pull up some entertainment while you’re doing it.

After all the steps head on over to keyboard tester calm the check if your keyboard still works fine.

You’ve cleaned your mechanical keyboard it’s always such a beautiful sight this hand feels good.

When you get that good as a new look to take photos and videos up.

So that’s how you clean your mechanical keyboard do you have any questions comment down below.

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