How to Use a Long Range Scope – Simple Steps To Follow

You can follow the easy setup to know how to use a long range scope effectively. Also, you will know how to improve the accuracy while shooting with a long range scope. Most importantly, the accuracy of shots can be made by having a fantastic long range scope.

However, there are various long range scopes with a built-in sight that helps to shoot accurately. Also, you will be shooting correctly with a scope. While shooting with long range scope, you will rarely miss any of the shots. And nobody regrets buying a scope.

Other than that, you must know how to use a long range scope for accurate shots. We’ll help you to have better shooting skills.

7 Steps On How To Use A Long Range Scope

How to Use a Long Range Scope

1.   Setting Of The Scope

To use the scope accurately, you need to know how to set the device properly. There are two main things of the rifle scope that are eye relief and the reticle.

Reticle Of The Scope

A reticle of the scope is the main thing that allows you to aim accurately. But if the reticle is not fitted correctly, you will miss the shot. Plus, the rings of the reticle must be at the center or the right corner. So after you place the rings of the scope at the right place, it will make your fire in the standard way. Also, you will need to have the tight rings to keep the settings of the reticle correctly.

Eye Relief Of The Scope

The eye relief adjustment is very crucial for making accurate shots. Also, the eye relief of the long-range scope is far from the eye. Besides, the distance of the eye relief is usually 3 -6inches. There are some of the scopes that have an option to adjust the eye relief at the end. And after setting up the scopes, you need to tighten the rings that we’ll discuss further.

2.   Tight The Mounting Rings

Furthermore, you have to tighten the mounting rings. It is necessary because if the scope falls, you don’t need to set the scope again. Other than that, if you remove the parts of scope often than pointing out the positions with a maker and you can easily set them up again. Also, by removing the parts and forgetting the setup will be frustrating all the time.

3.   Adjusting The Scope Knobs

There are two or three knobs in every long-range scope. And you have to adjust all the knobs of the scope for comfortable shooting.

Types Of Knobs

Generally, three types of knobs are windage, elevation, and parallax knob.

Windage Knob

The windage knob will be showing on the right side of the long-range scope. And when you move the scope, the knob will move as well. But if there is no force of wind than the knob stays at zero.

Elevation Knob

Next, we have an adjustable elevation knob. And you can quickly move the elevation knob downwards or upwards. Also, you have to elevate the long range scope for shooting with a rifle. Later on, you can bring the target at a reasonable point while the bullet is out of the rifle.

Parallax Knob

This type is not commonly present in all the long range scopes. But having the parallax knob will make you aim in a better way. Also, you have to aim appropriately due to the higher magnification range. Moreover, the parallax knob is present in the scopes that have 100 yards’ magnification range. And this knob will make shooting less challenging for the human eye.

4.   Perfect Sight Picture

The sight picture of the rifle should be perfect before you shoot at your target. Also, here you need to check if the reticle is at the center position. Plus, you need to have a clear view of the target. And after checking everything and making it symmetrical, you can shoot.

5.   Primary Sighting

Now the most awaited moment is an initial sighting that allows you to make the target. And you are very close to shooting now. Do not worry if you miss some shots as a beginner.

6.   Position Of The Rifle Must Be At Zero

Also, don’t forget to make the position of the long range scope at static. The zero levels of the scope are known as the static scope as well. Plus, the hunter will not miss the shot if they know how to zero in the position of a rifle.

Best of all, if you make the scope at the static position will save time for later. Also, you will have a more accurate shot. Make sure you adjust everything before to avoid the frustration.

7.   Care Of Scope

Taking care of scope is necessary for having a clear view. Also, it would be best if you protected the lens of the scope from the dust particle. And there shouldn’t be any scratches on the scope. Once you start having scratches on the lenses, it will make the aim incorrect. Plus, you have to be very gentle while cleaning the scope. Rubbing the scope with more force will take off the covering of the lens. Lastly, it would help if you covered the lens when it is not in use.

Improvements By Using A Scope

Following are some of the improvements that you can make with a rifle scope

  • Using any scope correctly will make you shoot accurately.
  • You will be shooting accurately with long distances as well.
  • For enhancing your shooting skills, take care of the scope, and set it correctly.

No doubt, the improvements in the shooting can occur only if you know how to use the long-range scope correctly.

Finally, these are some essential tips that will help you to master the rifle shooting and aim correctly.

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