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Ever since Guinness World Records started publishing their book, people around the world have started doing things they can think of to create a record out of it. In 2004, an adult movie star named Lisa Sparks decided to break the world record of sleeping with the most men in 24 hours, and yes, she was able to do it and hold the record to date.

It was 2004 when Lisa Sparks initiated the Eroticon event in Warsaw, Poland. The main goal of the event was to break the world record of another adult film actress who had a record of sleeping with 616 men in one day. Read this post till the end to know everything about Lisa Sparxx and more about the Erotican event when Lisa Sparks set this record.

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Who Is Lisa Sparks?

Lisa Sparks, better recognized by her alias- Lisa Sparxxx, is an American actor, model, and director known for her work in the pornographic industry. She comes from Kentucky in the USA and extends her profession as a YouTuber, social media influencer, and entrepreneur from Bowling Green. She currently runs a YouTube channel called “Sparxxx TV,” which has more than 5,000 subscribers.

As a content creator, she creates funny prank videos and connects with her subscribers by interacting with them via comments and Q&As, among other things. She is currently 46 years old and is married to Jeff Sparks, who also happens to work in the same industry. In her career spanning over decades, she has established her presence in multiple adult movies, more than 188 to be precise, spanning countless adult websites. 

Lisa Sparks made her mark in the industry when she rose to fame by creating a world record for sleeping with 919 men in 24 hours. She achieved this feat on October 16 2004, in Warsaw, Poland. This was done as a part of the World Gang Bang Competition during the adult convention, Eroticon 2004.

What Is Lisa Sparks World Record?

Lisa Sparxxx rose to fame in the pornographic world in the year 2004, when she broke the previous world record of the highest number of men a person slept with in the shortest time. By having physical connections with 919 men in 24 hours, Lisa broke the previous record of 759 men in a day. To be precise, Lisa had made this record in 7.5 hours. 

She beat the earlier world record by a margin of 21 men. This world record has not been beaten to date, and that’s another reason why she got a lot of popularity around the world. The videography of this event is available on many websites. Technically, she spent 45 seconds with each man to finish the deed, hence creating a new world record.

Before this, the world record was held by a Polish woman named Marianna Rokita. She held a record of sleeping with 759 men in one day. Even before this, Klaudia Figura had held the record of having intercourse with 646 men in 24 hours.

Lisa Sparks 919 World Record | Sexual World Records

When asked about her feat of holding the world record of having slept with the most number of men in the world, Lisa Sparks expressed regret for submitting her participation in the event. She claimed that in her career of more than two decades, this particular event was the only resentment she had ever had. Despite this, Lisa Sparks 919 is a record to be remembered for ages. 

Lisa explained how she had to participate in the event only for the money. She also expressed her wish to allow her to move on from that memory and not constantly associate her with this world record. Even though this may sound like one of the interesting sexuall world records, Lisa never shied away from showing her dissatisfaction about the same. 

Her resentment also stems from the fact that the participants were on the verge of getting arrested. Lisa also showed her dissatisfaction with the organizers holding the event in a shady location due to the fear of on-site arrests as threatened by Polish Police. She exclaimed that her boredom on the day led her to order McDonalds and have a hearty meal.

Lisa Sparks Early Life, Age, Wiki & Personal Life

  • Lisa Sparks was born on October 6, 1977, in Bowling Green, Kentucky, USA. 
  • She belongs to a white Caucasian ethnicity and Christianity as a religion. 
  • As per reports, her mom is a homemaker, and her dad is a businessman. Not much is known about her family beyond this. 
  • She and her siblings went on to complete her schooling at a local private school. 
  • She is a graduate from Western Kentucky University with a Bachelors in Fine Arts. While growing up, she had always expressed an interest in acting and modelling. 
  • It was actually during her high school days that she made a choice to work in the adult film industry and is the most renowned actress in the industry today. It was the big money that attracted her to this. 
  • As per her physical appearance, she has a healthy frame of body. She is known to follow a planned nutritional diet for her body. 
  • Her height is 5 feet 8 inches, and she weighs around 65 kg. She is a  brunette with blue eyes. She also has multiple tattoos on her body. 
  • As far as her relationship status is concerned, she is currently married to Jeff Sparks. She got married in the year 1995, on August 12. Her husband is also known to work in the adult film industry.
  • Lisa Sparks has shared no information about her kids.

Lisa Sparxxx Career and Net Worth In 2023

Lisa Sparks entered into the porn industry during her high school days. She worked in many standalone videos and later went on to do many movies. She is also known to have worked briefly as a stripper in the clubs in her early days. Lisa Sparxxx world record is an event that continues to keep her relevant and popular all these years.

Some of her works include Babes in Pornland, Chunky School Girls, Fitness Sluts, The gangbang of Lisa Sparxxx, Ass Good Ass It Gets, Screw My Wife Please 32, Deepthroat Virgins, MILFS in Heat, among others. She has also endorsed many adult products to capitalize on her fame and popularity. As of 2020, her net worth is known to be around USD 800,000.

Final Words

Lisa Sparks is a huge name in the adult film industry. The highlight of her decades-long career has been the Guinness World Record that she made by sleeping with 919 men in 7.5 hours. She is happily married as of today with her husband, Jeff Sparks. She keeps her personal and family life private, and therefore, not much is known about her parents or kids. 

Lisa Sparks’ world record is a famous feat achieved in the adult film industry, which will be remembered for a long time. We have tried to bring in all the information available related to her, and we hope you now know a lot more about her. We might have missed mentioning something, and if you want, then do share your views on her with us via the comments below.

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