All About Maya Brady’s Parents: Meet Brian Timmons and Maureen Brady

Maya Brady is getting popular in the softball world because of her outstanding performance. Even though she’s still in college, Maya is talented enough to achieve everything in the sports world.

From naming the Ventura County Star 2019 All-County Softball Player of the Year to playing Marmonte League, Maya is achieving every goal with grace. Since she is making her name in the sports world, a lot of people want to learn about Maya Brady’s parents. Let’s find out about the rising softball star’s family background.

Maya Brady Biography

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Maya Brady is an American softball player who rose to fame after winning the title of the Softball America Freshman of the Year. Besides being a well-known college softball player, she’s popular for her family background.

Brady was born on 1st June 2001 in San Mateo, California. She has a younger sister named Hannah who is playing for Sunshine VBC as a junior volleyball player. Both Maya and Hannah are living with their Mother Maureen in Bakersfield.

Maya started showing her excellence in sports since childhood. The best thing is she won some reputed titles because of her excellent performance including Pac-12 Player of the Year, WCWS All-Tournament Team, First Team All-Pac 12, etc.

Maya Brady Education & Career

Maya Brady attended Oaks Christian School in Westlake Village where she joined the softball team as a middle infielder. Our outstanding performance helped her high school team win three Marmonte League titles. Plus, Maya also won two league MVPs.

It was her senior year when Maya was named Marmonte League Most Valuable Player. In the same year, she also won the title of the Los Angeles Daily News Player of the Year and the Ventura County Star 2019 All-County Softball Player of the Year. 

Even though Maya had an outstanding time during her high school days, she got attention from the softball world after joining college. In fact, she won some prestigious titles in her college. As Brady’s professional career has just started, we will witness more and more achievements soon.

Interesting Facts About Maya Brady

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Since Maya Brady is a rising star, you can explore so many things about her. From her family background to her relationship status, we will share some interesting facts about the talented softball player:

  • Even though Maya is making her name in the softball world with her outstanding performance, she has two famous uncles; Tom Brady and Kevin Youkilis.
  • Besides her two uncles, many of her family members are professional players. For example, her aunt Nancy used to play softball in college. Plus, Maya’s younger sister Hannah is also a volleyball player.
  • Despite having a sports family background, Brian Timmons, Maya Brady’s father, is a lawyer and working as the global head for Complex Litigation for Quinn Emanuel. Plus.
  • Maya’s parents aren’t together anymore. They parted ways back in 2010.
  • Maya’s mother Maureen used to be a pitcher in college but she’s now working as a nurse.

Meet Maya Brady’s Parents: Brain Timmons & Maureen Brady

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Despite being a popular face in the softball world, only a few people know Maya Brady’s father Brian Timmons. Brady’s father is a well-known lawyer and has been working as the global head of Complex Litigation for Quinn Emanuel. 

Plus, Timmons also worked in a mechanical goods shop in the 1990s. After parting ways with Maureen, Brain started dating Jennifer Litz Prado in 2014. The couple was together for around seven years but it’s not clear if they are still together.

On the other hand, Maya’s mother Maureen Brady was an active player and used to be a pitcher for Fresno State University. Maureen also played for the United States on the Junior Olympics squad. 

Maureen’s brother Tom Brady is a well-known American football quarterback. Besides Tom, Maureen has two more siblings; Nancy and Julie. Nancy, Maya’s aunt was a softball player in college. Plus, Kevin Youkilis, the former MLB player, is also Maya’s uncle as he tied the knot with Julie in 2012.

Despite there’s no current information about Maya Brady’s dad, the two sisters are living with their mother. Right now, Maya’s mother is working as a nurse and softball instructor in California. Maureen and Brain have two kids together but they got divorced in 2010. 


Since Maya Brady’s parents got divorced in 2010 when she was only nine, they had to struggle a lot. In short, Maya and her younger sister Hannah were raised by a single mother. However, her amazing talent helped her gain attention in the sports world. And we are expecting more from this rising star.


Q: Who is Maya Brady’s biological father?

Maya Brady’s biological father’s name is Brian Timmons. Her father is a reputed lawyer and the global head of Complex Litigation for Quinn Emanuel.

Q: Where is Maya Brady’s father Brian Timmons now?

Since Maya Brady’s parents aren’t together, it’s hard to get any updates about her father. However, Brian is a well-known lawyer and working in a reputed company right now. He dated a woman named Jennifer Litz Prado in 2014 after parting ways with Maureen Brady. 

Q: Are Tom Brady and Maya Brady related?

Yes, Tom Brady is Maya Brady’s uncle. Besides Tom, Maya is also related to Kevin Youkilis, the former World Series Champion. Kevin got married to her aunt Julie in 2012.

Q: What is Maya Brady’s net worth?

Since Maya Brady is a newbie softball player, her net worth is quite low at the moment. It was reported that Brady’s estimated net worth is around $1 million in 2024. The young player has multiple sources of income.

Q: Is Maya Brady available on social media?

Yes, Maya Brady is available on various social media platforms including Instagram and Twitter. Her official Instagram handle is @mayabrady_ and her Twitter handle is @BradyMaya.

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