Real Cause Of Moonbin’s Death Cause. The Real Truth Behind Suicide!

It is very shocking to know that such a well-known singer of not only korea but also the world commit suicide. It was very shocking for Moonbin fans to digest this fact. He was a very talented singler, actor and model and what is more shocking is that he was only 25 years old. 

Moon Bin was the leading star in the music industry in his country with a large fan following. 

This blog covers all the information regarding the Moonbin cause of death. This blog is very important for Moonbin’s fans who are still in the dark about his real cause of death. 

Moon Bin Thoughts and Feelings

Moon Bin Thoughts and Feelings

Moon Bin, a very well-known Moon Bin, K-pop star gave an interview in which he expresses his thoughts and opinions about suicide very clearly in September 2022 to the American magazine Cosmopolitan. 

Moon Bin was asked about his opinions and thoughts if he was an angel and what he would do. He clearly said to “give another chance to the people who have committed suicide”. 

This question also expressed his intention and the internal tension he was facing. He also said that life is all about finding small happiness, like what to eat today, what to wear tomorrow. This kind of happiness always cheers up the person. He also claimed that it was sad that they end their life before enjoying these small emotions. 

Other Information About Moon Bin Death Cause

Moon Bin’s agent found the lifeless body of a 25 year old young artist, Moon Bin, in the evening on  Wednesday, April 19.

Moon Bin’s sister, Moon Sua, was also a member of the very well-known K-pop group, Billie. It is claimed that Moonbin was found dead in his home in the famous city of Korea Gangnam district of southern Seoul. 

However, police claimed that Moon Bin died due to suicide. The police tried to find the cause of suicide but there was no evidence and information. His fans were unable to digest the fact of his death and there was a lot of emotional breakout throughout the country. 

His friends also claimed that they had met him a few times before. He was shinny and happy. They can’t believe that he can do something like this. These words are said by Jang Sung-kyu, a very well-known television personality.

Moon Bin’s agency, Fantagio, also pays tribute to him and also said that Moon Bin has left us but he will always be shining like a star. Astro fans also paid tribute to him by marching in streets of Korea and also in America, Indonesia and Chile. 

What was the Cause of Moonbin’s Death?

Moon Bin Death Cause

The cause of Moonbin’s death is still unknown. It is also that maybe the actual cause is also not public in the media. 

It has also been made clear that Moonbin was found by his manager in his house at around 8:10 p.m. local time dead in Gangnam-gu. His official agency, Fantagio Entertainment, also verified the news. According to police, Astro member, Moonbin died due to suicide. However authorities are still arguing to do an autopsy to find the right cause of Moonbin’s death.

Moonbin’s sister, Moon Sua, is a member of K-pop group and still performs and does rap. Moonbin’s family have decided to do a small and private funeral among his family and close friends per their media statements.

What happened to moonbin?

What happened to moonbin

It is very shocking and strange to find the K-pop group member, Astro, and importantly one-half of the musical combo that is very popular in the country passed away at the same same and the cause of death is suicide. 

Moonbin & Sanha passed away in the same home on 19th April, 2023. His manager came to check on him and he found Moonbin lifeless and non responding in his flat in Seoul.  

However the easy claim of his death is suicide but there is no official statement of real cause of Moonbin’s death. The autopsy is also not conducted and the real cause of death is difficult to find. 

Moonbin’s fans have great love and admiration for him as they have left flowers and messages for him in the streets of Korea and also other countries. It was such a big shock for people and his fans as such a lovely personality left them at just a very young age. 

Moonbin’s Career 

Moonbin was born in Cheongju, in the North Chungcheong Province in 1998. It is also amazing to know that Moonbin entered the industry at a very young age as a child model in 2004. 

Then he also appeared in the music video, Balloon, sung by K-pop group TVXQ after two years of his debut as a child model. 

He also appeared in the most famous drama Boys Over Flowers in 2009. He trained and work hard for many years and then became the member of Astro in 2016.

His hard work and luck favored him and he has worked in various Tv shows such as the cooking show, “Food Avengers” in 2020, Candy in My Ears with his sister which became hit with ver 12 million times on YouTube.  Later on he was also starred in Mermaid Prince in 2020.

World Tour of Moonbin

World Tour of Moonbin

Moonbin has traveled to various countries and his performance is appreciated by many people all around the world. Moonbin and Sanha scheduled their trip in March in which they first performed in Taipei and Jakarta.

However in April, Moonbin was facing health issues. His health was not good in Bangkok and he also performed there. 

He also claimed that it was very difficult for him and he also tried to hide it but his health condition really deteriorated that can be easily seen during his concert.

Moon Bin was a very popular member of Astro group who has millions of fan following. Fantagio has suffered a big loss after the death of Moonbin. His unexpected death shattered his fans and music industry. This unexpected death also urged what is the main reason behind his death.

​​Personal Life of Moonbin

Moon bin had a very private life. In his family he has only his mother, father and his younger sister Moon Sua. Moon Sua was also a YG trainer and became the finalist of 2nd season of Unpretty Rapstar, the ray competition. 

She became a member of Billlie on November 10, 2021. The main reason why Moonbin entered this industry is all due to his mother, who used to work as a child model and actress. She was the motivation behind his acting and singing career. 

The Complete Followup of Moonbin’s Journey

The Complete Followup of Moonbin’s Journey

Moonbin is a talented K-pop idol who started his career as a child model in 2004. He had an amazing and promising role in the most famous K-Drama Boys Over flower which was about the a beautiful love story of a middle class girl and a rich bad boy. 

Astro was the turning point in Moonbin Life as he later on came to be known as world-famous K-pop idol and actor through it. Other members of the Astro group were Cha Eun-woo, MJ, Rocky, Jinjin, and Yoon San-ha. 

Moonbin’s tracks “Breathless,” “Blue Flame,” “All Night,” and “Candy Sugar Pop” were super hits.

These were performed all over the world, most surprising in the US and Australia. He also appeared in the drama “Soul Plate” in 2019. He also appeared in another hit Tv drama “Moment of Eighteen.”


The unexpected death of Moonbin, has left many fans, music industry and members of Astro shattered. There are chances that the death of Moonbin is murder as the chances of suicide are very strange as the dead bodies of Moonbion and Sunha were found in his home. 

Many fans of Astro expressed their sorrow on the death of such a talented and hard working person who was an inspiration for all. 

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