Murray Hone: Discovering About Evangeline Lilly’s Husband

From The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug to Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, Evangeline Lilly has done some outstanding projects to grab the attention of fans. Besides her project, many people want to learn about her husband, Murray Hone.

Who is Hone Murray? Are Hone and Lilly still together? If you have these questions about Lilly’s husband, we are here to answer everything. Keep reading to learn more:

About Evangeline Lilly

Nicole Evangeline Lilly is one of the most popular Canadian actresses who became popular after playing the role of Kate Austen in Lost. The outstanding performance of Lilly helped her win the nomination of Golden Globe Award for Best Actress in a Drama Series.

Besides her popular role in Lost, she also got appreciation from many people for various projects including The Hurt Locker, The Hobbit, Real Steel, The Battle of the Five Armies, Ant-Man, and more.

Since becoming a popular actress, her fans have also been interested in discovering her personal life. Keep reading this article to learn about Evangeline Lilly’s husband

Evangeline Lilly’s Early Life & Career

Evangeline Lilly was born on 3rd August 1979 in Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta. However, she was raised by her parents in British Columbia. Her father was a home economics teacher while her mother was a produce manager. 

Lilly also has two sisters. Evangeline attended W. J. Mouat Secondary School and completed her graduation from there. As per reports, Lilly used to be the vice president of the student council. Later, she attended the University of British Columbia and took a major in International Relations. 

It was during 2002-2003 when an agent of the Ford Modelling Agency discovered her when she was passing time in Kelowna. She contacted the agent and got several roles in commercials. On the other hand, she also got some non-speaking roles in some TV shows. 

With the encouragement of a friend, Lilly auditioned for ABC’s Lost where 75 more actors also auditioned for Kate Austen’s role. However, Lilly got selected and became popular among the audience for playing this iconic role.

Is Evangeline Lilly Married?

Evangeline Lilly’s Husband

Evangeline Lilly got married to Murray Hone in 2003. As per some sources, Murray was a professional hockey player during that time. He got media attention after marrying Lilly. However, their marriage didn’t last for long and the couple got divorced in 2004.

Later, Evangeline started dating her Lost co-star Dominic Monaghan in 2004. The couple welcomed two children together before ending their relationship in 2007. It was 2010 when Lilly started dating Norman Kali. The couple are still together and happily living their life.

Who is Evangeline Lilly’s Husband?

Evangeline Lilly tied the knot with Murray Hone in 2003. Nobody has any idea about when they first met and started dating. However, their marriage didn’t last for so long. After being married for one year, the couple got divorced. 

Hone and Lilly don’t have any children together. After getting divorced, Evangeline got into a relationship with her co-star Dominic Monaghan. Even though they have two children together, they never married and their relationship ended in 2007.

About Hone Murray

As per some sources, he is an American citizen and follows Christianity. Even though Hone Murray and Lilly got married back in 2003, their marriage didn’t last for a long period. After that, there’s no clear information about Hone. 

Some sources claimed that Murray is a former hockey player. We have no idea what he is doing right now or where he lives. In fact, there’s no update regarding his current relationship. Despite being the ex-husband of a popular actress, Hone prefers living a private life.

Murray Hone Career

Evangeline Lilly’s husband Murray Hone used to play hockey at the time they got married. Since Hone doesn’t prefer the limelight, he started living a private life after getting divorced from Lilly. We have no idea if he still plays hockey.

Besides living a private life, Hone isn’t available on social media. Since we have no idea what his profession is right now, it’s tough to calculate his net worth.


Despite being the ex-husband of popular actress Evangeline Lily, Murray doesn’t like media attention. So, it’s more than hard to find anything about him. For more details about Lilly and her current relations, check out her social media accounts.


Q: What is Murray Hone’s profession?

Murray Hone is a former hockey player. He used to play hockey at the time he got married to Evangeline Lilly.

Q: Is Evangeline Lilly still married?

No, Evangeline Lilly isn’t married at the moment. She only got married once with Hone Murray but their marriage didn’t last for a long time.

Q: Is Murray Hone available on social media?

No, Murray Hone isn’t available on social networking sites.

Q: Does Evangeline Lilly have kids?

Yes, Evangeline Lilly has two kids with her former boyfriend Dominic Monaghan. They welcomed two babies together before parting ways in 2007.

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