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With the latest technologies, we have witnessed a lot of wonders. Besides small shops, department stores became quite famous in America. And when it comes to department store retailers, we have to mention Kohl’s, the largest department store chain in the US. 

It wasn’t an overnight success for the founders. This company won customers’ trust by providing the best services along with the products. Plus, there are some amazing benefits of being a Kohl’s customer.

Kohl’s is getting more popular because of My Kohl’s Card, an excellent addition to providing more benefits to customers. If you are ready to apply for this card, there are some crucial details you have to learn beforehand.

In this review, we will share everything related to login, registration, benefits, and more. In fact, we will share the basics of Kohl’s. Keep reading the article to more about the US’s leading department store chain.

Kohl’s: An Overview login

Kohl’s is one of the leading department store chains in America operated by Kohl’s Corporation. Founded in 1962, this amazing company is available in over 1,165 locations throughout the country. Besides having so many stores across the country, this company is also providing an e-store.

From big appliances to beauty products, you can get everything on this website. On the other hand, you can also download the smartphone app for better access. If you register for the My Kohl’s Card, you can win extra rewards.

Top Features of Mykohlscard’s Platform

As you can see, Kohl’s is getting popular day by day. On the other hand, many people prefer using the official site to access various things. Well, there are some cool features that attract customers. Let’s find out about these features:

Different Categories: As we noted before, you can find different products including home appliances, clothes, makeup products, accessories, and more. In short, you can order anything online instead of visiting your nearby store.

Store Selection: If you prefer to visit your nearby Kohl’s store, you can get the address on the website. In this case, you have to enter your ZIP code to find the nearest store.

Kohl’s Card: Ready to get extra rewards? You have to apply for the My Kohl’s Card. You can use this card for both online and offline purchases.

Mobile App: Access everything by using your smartphone app. Yes, you can download the mobile app for free. This smartphone app is available for both iPhone and Android devices. Visit the website to download the app.

Easy to Access: One of the top reasons to use this app is it’s quite easy to access. Plus, you can purchase your favorite products from any device. Most newbies can access everything easily because of the clean interface. 

About My Kohl’s Card

One of the best things about this department store company is it provides My Kohl’s Card. If you have this card, you can win reward points, exciting deals, and more. According to the website, if you are applying for the card, you have a chance to get a discount of 35% on your first order.

On the other hand, you can win up to 50% rewards with this card. To get all these exciting offers, you have to go through an application process. Once approved, you can use it while purchasing products both online and offline.

How to Apply For My Kohl’s Card

Now, you have a clear idea about My Kohl’s Card. If you are ready to get this card, you have to go through a process. Let’s find out about how to apply for My Kohl’s Card in the following section:

Step 1: If you are ready to apply for this card, open your web browser and search for the official website.

Step 2: As you get different results, click on the first link to open the homepage to start the process.

Step 3: Once the homepage is opened, keep scrolling until you are on the footer section. Here, locate the ‘Kohl’s Card’ option and click on it.

Step 4: Now, a new page will be opened. Here, you can find all the details regarding the card. Click on the ‘Apply Now’ button to open the registration page.

Step 5: After opening the page, enter all required information including your name, email ID, phone number, address, annual income, and more.

Step 6: Once you have entered the required details, double-check everything before clicking on the ‘Review’ button to complete the process. The system will send a verification email and you have to follow all instructions.

Step-by-Step Login Guide

Once you get the card, you can access everything by visiting In this case, you have to follow some easy steps for login. Let’s find out:

Step 1: First, open a reliable web browser from your device and search for website to start the procedure. Or, you can also enter the URL directly.

Step 2: Once the homepage is opened, you have to enter your user ID and password in the required fields.

Step 3: After entering all the details, you have to click on the ‘Log in’ button to complete the process. And you can access your dashboard. 

Besides the web portal, you can also use your mobile device to access your account. Plus, you also have to register for the card.

How to Reset Kohl’s credit card payment login Password

Forgetting passwords is a common thing when you have multiple accounts on the internet. So, if you don’t use this platform often, there’s a chance of forgetting the password. Keep reading the following section to learn how to reset the login password:

Step 1: Just like the login process, you have to open a web browser by using the website. Here, you can use any device to complete the procedure.

Step 2: Once the login homepage is opened after clicking on the right link, go to the login section and click on the ‘Forgot Password?’ option.

Step 3: Now, a new page is open. You have to enter your username and click on the ‘Continue’ button.

Step 4: Next, you have to enter more details including the cardholder’s last name, Zip code, date of birth, and last four digits of security number.

Step 5: After entering all details, double-check everything and click on the ‘Continue’ button. Then, you have to go through a verification process. Follow all the instructions to change the password.

How to Reset Login Username

Besides the password, it’s easy to forget the username too. If you have forgotten the password, there’s a simple method you have to follow. In the following section, let’s find out what you have to do:

Step 1: After opening a reliable web browser, search for the login platform. Or, you can also enter the URL directly.

Step 2: Once you find the results, click on the first link to start the procedure. Here, you have to locate the ‘Forgot Username?’ option under the login section.

Step 3: As the new page is opened, you have to enter your account or card number. Then, click on the ‘Continue’ button. 

Step 4: Next, you have to input more details including the cardholder’s last name, date of birth, postal code, and last four digits of security number. Once done, click on the ‘Continue’ button.

Step 5: Now, you have to go through a veficiation process to get your username back. Make sure you are following all instructions after entering details.

Mykohlscard com Contact Details

Be it shopping online or checking My Kohl’s Card, you can have some issues while using this portal. In this case, you can contact the support team. The best part is there’s a chatbot available 24×7. If you have urgent quires, contact the team via this chatbot.

On the other hand, Kohl’s provides some short articles regarding customer issues. You can check the customer service page for more details. Plus, reach out to the support team via phone. For order queries, use 855-564-5705 and for card issues, you can use 855-564-5748. Make sure you are making a call between 7 AM to 9 PM.


You see, My Kohl’s Card is a fantastic way to earn rewards and extra deals, especially when you visit this department store often. We have shared everything related to this card. Still, if you want more information, visit the official site or contact the support team.


Q: Is a reliable website?

Of course, is an exclusive portal by Kohl’s for accessing My Kohl’s Card. So, you can use this website without having any doubt.

Q: How to change My Kohl’s card password?

If you want to change or reset My Kohl’s card’s password, click on the ‘Forgot password?’ option and enter all required details for verification. After doing that, follow all instructions to complete the procedure.

Q: Is there any smartphone app available for

No, there’s no dedicated smartphone app for However, you can access your account by using Kohl’s app.

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