Learn The Story of Nicolás Balmaceda Pascal: Pedro Pascal’s Brother

If you love watching Hollywood movies, you might know about Pedro Pascal, a well-known actor with an amazing story. Sure, he has been doing so well for over two decades. However, his siblings are also doing well nowadays.

In this case, we have to mention Nicolás Balmaceda Pascal, the little brother of Pedro who prefers staying away from the media. Still, a lot of people want to know about Nicolás. Some people want to talk about his profession while some want to explore his relationship status.

If you are one of them, we are here to give you all the details. In this article, we will share everything about Nicolás Balmaceda Pascal. In fact, we will also share some basics about Pedro Pascal and his other siblings. So, let’s get started.

About Pedro Pascal

nicolás balmaceda pascal

Every Game of Thrones fan knows who Pedro Pascal is. Besides this famous series, Pascal worked on various projects. Pedro was born on 2nd April 1975. His father is José Balmaceda Riera while his mother was Verónica Pascal Ureta. Pedro has three siblings, one older sister, one younger brother, and one younger sister.

He attended the Orange County School of the Arts and graduated in 1993. Later, he graduated from Tisch School of the Arts in 1997. After struggling for two decades with small roles, Pascal finally rose to success with Game of Thrones and Narcos. 

Besides these two iconic series, Pedro’s notable movies are The Equalizer 2, Kingsman: The Golden Circle, The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent, Wonder Woman 1984, The Great Wall, and more.

Because of his excellent performance, he was nominated for Critics’ Choice Super Awards, MTV Movie & TV Awards, Teen Choice Awards, Screen Actors Guild Awards, and many more. Keep reading the following sections as we discover more about Pedro Pascal’s siblings, especially Nicolás Balmaceda Pascal.

Pedro Pascal Siblings

As we noted before, Pedro Pascal has three siblings and they are quite successful in their respective fields. The best part is all of them are pretty close as they faced ups and downs together. In the following section, let’s learn more about Pedro Pascal’s siblings:

Javiera Balmaceda:

Javiera is Pedro’s elder sister who was also born in Chile. She also chose a career in entertainment. Unlike her brother, Javiera mostly works off-screen. According to a report by Variety, she’s currently working for Amazon Studios as the Head of Local Originals For Spanish-speaking countries in Latin America. The brother-sister duo was spotted attending the Oscars together where Pedro presented the Best Animated Film and Best Documentary Short awards.

Nicolas Balmaceda:

Unlike Pedro’s other siblings, Nicolas is quite a private person. In fact, he is the only one who didn’t choose entertainment as a career. Pedro posted a sweet message on his birthday in 2019 revealing that Nicolas is a doctor and was getting a PhD in pediatric neurology. Nicolas doesn’t post a lot of personal things on social media. As per his Instagram account, he has an interest in astronomy.

Lux Pascal:

Lux is the most famous sibling of Pedro as she’s a well-known actress. She was born in 1992 and is the youngest one. In 2021, Lux revealed that she is transgender in a Ya Magazine interview. She also mentioned that her family has been extremely supportive throughout her transition. Lux had done many projects in Spanish. But, she also worked in the US including the popular Netflix series Narcos.

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About Pedro Pascal’s Brother – Nicolás Balmaceda Pascal

It’s not unknown now that Nicolás Balmaceda Pascal is Pedro Pascal’s little brother. Unlike his brother and sisters, he doesn’t enjoy the public spotlight. In fact, he doesn’t share personal updates on social sites. That’s why many people haven’t noticed him that much. 

As per Pedro’s Instagram post, Nicolás’s birthday is on 9th April 1987. So, he is 11 years younger than Pedro. You see, Nicolás is very close to his brother as they are often seen together at various events. Pedro described that his brother cares for the family a lot despite being the younger one. 

Besides his big brother, Nicolás is also close to Lux Pascal, their younger sister. They also revealed that the love calls each other on FaceTime. Both Pedro and Nicolás were very supportive when Lux came out as a transgender. The four siblings are always seen hanging out together during holidays.

Even though Nicolas doesn’t love to share his personal life on social media, he has accounts on both Facebook and Instagram. His Instagram account is @bubilibubilibu where he has 9.5k followers. Nicolas shares his pet dog’s photos there. He also has a Facebook account @nicolasbp87. To know more about him, these social media platforms are the best solution. 

Nicolás Balmaceda Pascal’s Profession

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Nicolás chose a different path, unlike his siblings who are working in the entertainment industry at this moment. He attended the University of Chile from 2008 to 2015 where he earned a medical degree and doctorate. 

After graduation, he worked in Columbia University’s Department of Biobehavioral Sciences as a researcher. There, he received a Ph.D. degree in pediatric neurology. As per some sources, Nicolas is working as a doctor at Salud a la Calle. Here, he is working with this organization to create health awareness and develop community health. 

In short, he is an expert in behavioral neuroscience, neurobiology, and neurophysiology. It’s quite hard to know more about his professional life as he doesn’t share a lot of things on social media or other places. Still, we can say he’s doing really well in his career. In fact, Pedro once said that he’s quite excellent in whatever he does. 

Is Nicolás Balmaceda Pascal Married?

When people search for someone’s biography on the internet, there are so many questions that arise. There’s no exception for Nicolás Balmaceda Pascal. Being the little brother of Pedro Pascal, he had to face some questions as well.

Yes, there are so many people who want to know about Nicolás’s personal life, especially his love life. However, it’s not that easy as he enjoys privacy and stays away from the public spotlight. His profession also helps him to stay away from the media.

In this case, we are not sure if he is dating someone right now. He never shared anything about his girlfriend or fiance on social media platforms. However, he’s not married yet. If he marries someone, we will get the news through his siblings, especially Pedro and Lux. In this case, we have to respect his privacy.  

Nicolás Balmaceda Pascal Net Worth

Now, this is a big question. You see, there are many fans who want to know about their net worth. However, it’s quite hard as Nicolas isn’t an actor or a famous personality. However, some online sources calculated an amount by researching his profession.

According to some sources, Nicolas’s estimated net worth is around $300k. However, there’s no official confirmation. Most of his earnings come from his job. But, we are not sure if he has any other sources of income. As Nicolas is extremely talented and earning certificates, we can say he has a very bright future ahead. We hope he achieves his dreams in his respective field.


Finally, you know some interesting facts about Nicolás Balmaceda Pascal. We have shared everything in this article. As Nicolás is a private person and doesn’t prefer media attention, it’s quite hard to know everything about his personal life. Still, if you want to explore more about him, visit his or other family members’ social media.


Q: Is Nicolás Balmaceda Pascal an actor?

No, Nicolás Balmaceda Pascal didn’t choose entertainment as a career. He got a medical degree from the University of Chile and is working as a doctor at Salud a la Calle. He also completed his Ph.D. in pediatric neurology.

Q: What is Nicolás Balmaceda Pascal’s net worth?

As Nicolas isn’t a celebrity, it’s quite hard to know about his actual net worth. However, as per some resources, his estimated net worth is around $300k. Most of his earnings come from his job as a doctor.

Q: How many siblings do Pedro Pascal have?

Pedro Pascal is a well-known actor and he has three siblings. His elder sister Javiera is working in the entertainment industry while his little sister Lux is an actress. However, his younger brother Pedro is a doctor and researcher.

Q: Is Nicolás Balmaceda Pascal dating someone?

There’s no correct information about Nicolas’s girlfriend or wife as he doesn’t share anything on social media. So, we can’t say if he’s dating someone or not at this moment.

Q: Is Nicolás Balmaceda Pascal close to his siblings?

Yes, Nicolás Balmaceda Pascal is very close to his siblings. Nicolas and Pedro often attend various events together. In fact, they were very supportive when their little sister Lux came out as a transgender. All four siblings hang out a lot to enjoy family time.

Q: Is Nicolas available on social media?

Yes, he is available on Instagram and Facebook.

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