Who is Overtime Megan?: Discover Exclusive Facts About Your Favorite Influencer

It’s not a secret that the internet is getting advanced day by day, especially social media platforms. If you have been using these social networking portals for long, you are aware of influencers. Be it Instagram or YouTube, many people are making money by creating unique content.

Besides creating content for the audience, some influencers also become a part of headings. Since most social media influencers have a loyal audience, many people want to know about their personal lives. In this case, we have seen many people are curious about Overtime Megan.

Who is Overtime Megan? Why did she become so famous? What is Overtime Megan’s age? There are so many questions about this social media influencer. If you are as curious as them, we are here to clear everything out. From the background to her relationship, we will cover some significant facts about Megan. Keep reading this article to learn more about this popular internet face. 

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About Overtime Megan

Before we dig deeper, let’s find out who Overtime Megan is. As we noted above, Megan Eugenio is a popular social media influencer. She is popularly known as Overtime Megan after joining Overtime.

Besides being an influencer, Megan is quite popular as a sports fan. As per her social media, she’s a huge fan of the NHL, NBA, and NFL. That’s the reason she’s been linked with several sports personalities. 

That’s not the only thing that made Overtime Megan famous. There were some controversial events about her. In fact, she became a victim of online abuse which led her to delete her account. Since that incident, her fans have become curious about her. 

Background of Overtime Megan

As we noted before, Overtime Megan’s birth name is Megan Eugenio. She was born on 17th October, 1999. Her father is Mark Eugenio and her mother is Michelle Eugenio. According to some sources, Eugenio has three siblings named Mark, Amanda, and Joshua. 

However, her brother Mark died due to a mysterious illness in 2006. Eugenio was born in Massachusetts where she spent most of her childhood and teenage years. Another report stated that she attended Bishop Fenwick High School.

After graduating from high school, she attended Pace University. Once she completed her education, she joined a sports network called Overtime. Hence, this is the reason she changed her name to Overtime Megan. 

Besides joining Overtime, Megan became a social media influencer in 2019. As per sources, she has been quite popular on Instagram and TikTok. Most of her followers are sports fans and follow several top sports events including NBA, NFL, and NHL.  

Overtime Megan herself is a huge sports fan. That’s the reason she has been a part of news and social media talks. In fact, there were some rumors about her linking with some sports personalities. And these things have created controversies as well.

What Happened With Overtime Megan?

Now, the question is; what happened with Overtime Megan? You might know that there were some rumors about Megan deleting her TikTok account. However, there are some other controversies as well.

In short, she has been a part of many discussions on social media. As she’s been a sports fan, there was a rumor that she was linked with Antonio Brown. The former NFL wide receiver posted a picture of him with a woman in bed. Many followers guessed that it was Overtime Megan.

On the other hand, some also speculated that it was Tom Brady’s ex-wife Giselle Bundchen. However, Megan clarified that she wasn’t the woman with Antonio Brown. Besides this incident, fans were surprised after she posted a photo praising Jose Giddey. 

Most people thought that she was dating Giddey. However, she denied that rumor. Well, these weren’t the only incidents. There was some buzz about Overtime Megan’s account hacking. In April 2023, Eugenio’s TikTok account got hacked and the hacker leaked all private photos and videos.

This news was shared by another TikTok account @noahglenncarter. According to that TikTok user, Megan’s private photos and videos were shared on all social media platforms. This incident created a heated discussion on social media. As a result, Megan deactivated her account and stayed offline for several months.

Interesting Facts About Megan Eugenio

Besides the basic information, there are some interesting facts about Megan Eugenio that can blow your mind. In the following section, let’s find out about these interesting facts:

  • Besides joining Overtime, she was also invited to a well-known social media content house OT House.
  • As per some sources, Megan revealed that Kobe Bryant is her role model. Plus, she also admires LeBron James a lot.
  • Megan became famous on TikTok by sharing multiple funny videos, POVs, storytimes, and more.
  • Besides social media platforms, Overtime Megan is available on YouTube. Right now, she has 8.11k subscribers on YouTube.
  • According to some sources, Megan Eugenio’s estimated net worth is around $150,000 – $350,000. Most of her earnings come from brand collaboration, content creations, and sports events.
  • Megan Eugenio has a dog named Nike. She often shares photos of her dog on various social media platforms.

How Old is Overtime Megan?

Yes, Megan Eugenio is a popular face on social media. However, only a few people have an idea about her background. Unlike movie stars, there’s limited information about social media influencers unless they share everything themselves. 

On the other hand, most influencers don’t do interviews. In this case, we have seen many Overtime Megan’s fans wondering about her real age and birthdate. Well, there are some doubts. After doing research, we found the correct information regarding her age.

According to most online sources, Megan was born on 17th October, 1999. At this moment, she’s only 24 years old. Even though Megan never confirmed it in front of the media, most sources and fans claimed that it was her real birthday.

Overtime Megan’s Social Media

Even though Megan deactivated her TikTok account earlier this year, she’s still connected to her fans on social media. She’s quite popular on Instagram with over 600k followers. You can follow her at @overtimemegan.

From sports to lifestyle, you can get all updates by following Megan on Instagram. Besides Instagram, Overtime Megan has a Twitter account with over 159k followers. Here, you have to follow @overtimemegan to get more updates. 

She’s been quite active on this platform. On the other hand, you can also follow her on Facebook as she’s available under the name Megan Eugenio. However, most of her social media posts are related to sports and work. 

If you are someone who’s looking for personal life updates, it’s quite hard to find on social networking sites. In this case, it would be better if we respect her privacy. 

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Overtime Megan Relationship

After reading this article, you can understand that there have been a lot of discussions about Overtime Megan’s relationship. As we mentioned before, there were some rumors about her link with Antonio Brown and Jose Giddey. 

Well, there was news about Antonio Brown where he shared a picture of a woman. Many people misunderstood her as Megan. Later, Megan denied that rumor and clarified that she wasn’t that woman.

However, the rumors about Jose Giddey and Megan weren’t baseless at all. Both of them kind of confirmed their relationship via social media. Megan praised Jose with a Twitter post earlier this year. 

In simple words, Jose and Megan are probably dating at this moment. There’s not much update as both of them don’t share a lot of things regarding personal life. When they feel like confirming their relationship in front of the media, they will do it themselves.


Now, you have a clear idea about who is Overtime Megan. Just like other social media influencers, she became quite famous because of her charm and unique content. However, there were some rumors and controversies that gave her the spotlight. If you want to know more about her, check out her social media accounts.


Q: What happened to Overtime Megan?

In April 2023, Overtime Megan’s TikTok account was hacked. The hackers shared all of her private photos and videos on various social media platforms. This incident led Megan to delete her TikTok account.

Q: Why did Overtime Megan delete her TikTok account?

Megan’s TikTok account was hacked and all of her private content was shared on social networking sites. After that, Megan took a step and deleted her TikTok account. However, she became active earlier.

Q: How old is Overtime Megan?

As Overtime Megan was born on 17th October, 1999, and she’s currently 24 years old.

Q: Is Overtime Megan in a relationship?

According to some reliable sources, Overtime Megan is currently dating Australian basketball player Jose Giddey. Even though the couple shared posts on social media, neither of them haven’t confirmed it directly. 

Q: Is Overtime Megan still available on social media? 

Yes, Overtime Megan is available on various social media platforms including Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Both of her Twitter and Instagram handles are @overtimemegan. 

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