How to Buy a Sophisticated Plus Size Dress: Things to Consider Before Buying Ladies Plus Size Dresses

An ideal dress represents your personality, whether for a formal office event or someone’s wedding. However, choosing a dress is not always a cup of tea, especially when looking for a plus size. Yes, there are so many options available for chubby women. However, you have to consider some facts beforehand. 

There are so many misconceptions about plus size dresses. You can find many people judging your curvy body. That doesn’t mean there’s no dress available. As we noted before, you have to understand some factors before buying a dress. 

In simple words, you don’t have to sacrifice your style because of anything. Well, there are different body shapes for curvy people. In this article, we will cover these body shapes first. Plus, you will also learn how to buy a perfect dress and which outfit goes with your body shape. So, let’s get started.

Plus Size Body Types

As we noted before, the first thing you have to consider is your body type. Once you understand your plus size body type, it will be easier to select a dress. Keep reading to learn about different plus size body types:

Hourglass Body Shape

best dress style for plus size

According to experts, the hourglass is one of the most desirable body types in the fashion world. When you have a narrow waist with the same width as a fuller bust, it’s the hourglass body type. In this case, high neckline or bodycon dresses go well with this body type.

Apple Body Shape

most flattering cocktail dresses for plus size

If you have a wide upper body and slim legs, it’s called the apple body type. This one is another attractive body type for plus size women. You can choose different outfits here. However, the best style matches when you choose a sweetheart neckline or off-the-shoulder outfit. An A-line silhouette can be suitable for you too.

Busty Body Shape

best formal dresses for plus size

The busty body shape is quite unique when you have a bigger chest and narrow thigh area. In this case, a fitted slim waistline can be ideal for you. On the other hand, you can also style it with a mermaid dress. Add minimal accessories to make your style more appealing.

Pear Body Shape

most flattering dresses for plus size

When someone has a narrow upper body and wider thigh, waist, and legs, it’s called a pear body shape. Here, you have to choose an outfit that draws attention to your upper body. In this case, you can go with halter neck formal wear to get the perfect look. 

How to Buy a Plus Size Dress: Best Fashion Tips

Now, you have a clear idea about the different body types. If you are ready to buy your first dress, there are some amazing tips you can follow. In the following section, let’s find out about the best fashion tips for buying a plus size dress:

Know Your Measurements: By reading this article, you can understand that it’s quite essential to measure your body when you are plus size. So, you need to know the measurements when you are buying a new dress. In this case, make sure you focus on bust, waist, and hip measurements.

Understand Your Body Type: Once you know your measurements, it will be easier to understand your body type. As we noted above, there are different body types including apple, busty, and pear. After understanding the body shape, you can choose the right outfit as per your preference.

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Choose the Ideal Color Palette: The color of a dress plays a crucial role in many ways. In simple words, when you choose an outfit based on your skin, hair, and eye color, it will complete your look. In this case, you have to do some research. In fact, you can also contact a professional designer regarding the color palette.

Try Out New Things: Many plus-size women choose limited outfits. However, if you want to rock the party, you should try out new things as well. As you know your body type, select new outfits accordingly. On the other hand, you can also go for trendy products.

Follow Trends: As we noted above, following the trend is essential, especially when you are attending a formal event. Some chubby women hesitate to wear trendy outfits. However, you can get an attractive outcome if styled perfectly. In this case, you have to research a bit.

Match Right Shoes and Accessories: Most people forget about accessories and shoes while choosing a dress. To get a sophisticated outcome, you have to choose accessories very carefully. It would be best if you go for minimal accessories. The same goes for shoes. Make sure you wear something comfortable, especially when it’s your first time trying out a dress.

Best Plus Size Dress Patterns

It’s true that not all outfits look good when you have a pear shaped body. In this case, you have to choose a dress carefully. After doing some research, we found some amazing dress patterns that can look perfect. Let’s dive in:

1. V Neck Dress

flattering formal dresses for plus size

You might know that v neck dresses can be an evergreen choice for everyone. And it looks absolutely amazing when you have a curvy body. It’s time to show off your assets with a breathtaking v-neck dress. When you are buying  the outfit, make sure you choose a comfortable and lightweight fabric.

2. Fitted Bodycon Formal Wear

So, are you looking for party wear? A fitted bodycon can be an excellent option if you are ready to show off your curves. A sexy bodycon can hug your body perfectly making you the center of attraction. Make sure you are styling with light accessories to get the best result.

3. Maxi Dress

most slimming dress for plus size

Besides v-neck dresses, maxi dresses are quite common for all body type women. And there are so many options as well. Wearing a maxi dress doesn’t feel like a mistake, especially when it’s a formal event. Do some research before buying the perfect one.

4. A-Line Plus Size Formal Dress

formal dresses for short curvy figures

Want something elegant yet classic? What’s better than an A-line plus size formal dress? Whether it’s your office event or first dress, an A-line dress can be your best friend. There are various patterns and colors available too. Wear minimal accessories and a pair of high heels to match the style.

5. Knit Peasant Dress

If you are looking for something comfortable and 100% formal, a knit peasant dress can be your favorite thing. You can rock the event with a simple chic look wearing this outfit. Choose a solid color according to your body type to get the perfect outcome. 

How to Dress Perfectly When You Have a Curvy Body

formal dress for short and chubby

Once you buy a curvy size dress, you can follow some excellent tips. Whether it’s a maxi dress or a knit peasant outfit, you can rock the event by following these tips. Let’s find out what you have to do:

  • Besides choosing the best dress, you have to invest in good quality underwear. Well, your underwear will play a crucial role in perfecting your style.
  • Don’t go for oversized outfits. We have seen many plus size women prefer an oversized dress. However, they are not worthy when you want to rock an event.
  • As we noted before, understanding your body outline is crucial, especially when you are choosing an outfit for the first time. For example, if you have a pear-shaped body type, empire-line dresses can look perfect.
  • Whether it’s a formal event or something fancy, comfort is a crucial consideration factor. Make sure you choose a comfortable fabric in this case.
  • Besides choosing the outfit, you have to choose the right accessories. Go for minimal accessories to get the best outcome.


Whether it’s a formal event or you want to become the center of attraction at a party, there are so many beautiful dresses you can try out. If you are insecure about your curvy body shape, follow our tips to rock the style. For more information, you can also get help from someone.


Q: What are the common body types for plus size?

There are various types of body shapes. However, the most common types are apple, hourglass, busty, and pear shape.

Q: Can I wear all types of dresses when I have plus size?

Yes, you can wear all types of dresses when you have a plus-size body. However, it can be better if you measure your body and understand the type beforehand when you are looking for a formal dress or party wear.

Q: Can I combine fitted and tighter clothes?

Yes, you can combine fitted and tighter clothes to maintain the balance. In fact, you can follow this style when you are attending a formal event.

Q: What are the perfect dresses for a pear shape body type?

When you have a pear body share, you can try out an outfit that draws attention to your upper body. In this case, you can go for sweetheart dresses or halterneck dresses.

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