Purple Circle Snapchat | What Does It Mean On Stories & Status

Snapchat provides different color-coded interfaces to indicate multiple activities of users; one of them is a purple circle on Snapchat stories. Whenever you open Snapchat, you may find a purple circle Snapchat around the contact names in your list of connections. If you are wondering what does purple circle mean on Snapchat, you’ve landed on the correct page.

Here in this post, we are going to tell what does purple circle Snapchat suggested friends mean and how you can use it yourself. The color circles are available only on the latest version of Snapchat, so if you are using an older version or third-party Snapchat mods, then you won’t be able to find them. So, read till the end to learn everything about it.

what does the purple circle mean on snapchat

What Does The Purple Ring On Snapchat Mean

A purple circle on Snapchat indicates that your friend has uploaded a story. A story is a status upload that is available for a user’s contacts only for 24 hours. Another symbol is a purple circle with a lock around it, which means that the story uploaded by the user is private. This means that the user has selectively shared the story visibility with only a few people from his or her contact list.

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Not only purple circles, but you may also notice circles of different colors along with squares. The red square means the user has uploaded a snap, but it does not have any audio. At the same time, a purple square indicates that the snap has an audio attached to it. Similarly, a blue square means you’ve got a new chat message from a friend.

What Does The Purple Circle Around Snapchat Bitmoji Mean?

When a purple circle Snapchat bitmoji appears, it is nothing different. One can find them under the Add Friends section or the Quick Add heading on the Stories page. When you go to the Stories part of Snapchat, you’ll you’ll see at the very top a row of suggested friends. You can see the users’ Bitmojis, along with a purple circle and a purple button labeled “Add Friend,” This essentially implies that the individual’s story is yet to be viewed by the user.

snapchat purple circle

Once you view the story, the purple ring on Snapchat around the Bitmoji, as seen earlier, will disappear. It is also to be noted that you will only be able to view the story of the connections that have been mutually added to your list or are of public accounts. In case the accounts have not been previously connected, you will have to exchange connection requests to view the story.

What Is The Difference Between Blue vs. Purple Snapchat Story

One may also want to clarify the difference between a blue and a purple Snapchat ring. The only difference between a blue ring and a purple ring is the location of accessing the story uploaded by your contact. When you access the stories section of Snapchat, you will see contact names with purple rings around them, indicating that they have uploaded a story. 

However, when you access the Friends page, you will see the same names but with blue rings around them, again telling you that your friend has uploaded a story for you to see before it disappears in 24 hours. Therefore, a blue ring also means that your contact has uploaded a story, but this is visible on the Friends page instead of the Stories section.

NOTE: Both Blue and Purple color stories do not indicate the type of message sent, that is, a video, image, or text. There is no differentiation in the type of story sent via symbols on Snapchat.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does The Color Circle Mean On Snapchat?

Snapchat provides an interesting interface for the users. It uses multiple symbols in different colors to indicate different things. One of the symbols used is a colored circle around the contact’scontact’s profile picture. This may be purple or blue. When a colored circle appears, it means that a story has been uploaded by the person on your friend’s list.

purple circle snapchat
  • Purple Circle – All the names with a purple circle have uploaded a story, and once you tap on it, it will be visible to you.
  • Blue Circle – All the friends who have uploaded a story will have the blue ring. Again, on tapping, you may view the story.
  • Grey Circle – Once you have viewed the story, the colored circle turns grey, indicating that the story has been viewed.

What Does A Blue Circle With A Lock Mean On Snapchat?

A Snapchat blue ring with a lock means that your contact has uploaded a private story. Ordinarily, there is an additional symbol with a colored circle when a story is uploaded, but sometimes, you might see a lock symbol with a colored circle. This indicates that the user has only shared the visibility of the story with selective people on his friend’s list.

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What Is Yellow Circle On Snapchat Story?

The Snapchat profile icon of a person will sometimes have a yellow dot in the upper left corner. This might be due to a new friend request or a notice about a recently posted Story. This may alternatively mean that there is a new software update that the app wants the user to install.

Final Words

Snapchat uses multiple symbols to indicate different messages for the users. Some of them are colored squares, triangles, arrows, rings, among others. The user needs to recognize the meaning of all these symbols to utilize the app in the best possible manner, and we hope now you know what does purple circle on the Snapchat stories means.

There are a limited number of colored circles available on Snapchat as of now. In the future, if Snapchat updates the meaning of any colored circle to launch new ones, we will surely update them on this page. If you know something about Purple Circle on Snapchat, then do share your views on it with us via the comments below.

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