Razer Deathadder Elite vs Logitech G502

Razer Deathadder Elite vs Logitech G502: Razer DeathAdder elite and Logitech G502 are the gaming mouse out there according to their sensors and great built design and quality.

The first question that comes to our mind is what the difference is between a gaming mouse and normal desktop mouse, which we use as our daily driver.

The answer to this question is a gaming mouse is basically a desktop mouse with more functions than a normal mouse.

Which makes it suitable for pc gaming and high strength work without any discomfort. These mouse are designed especially for gamers.

Which can be very helpful for high-speed work due to its extra keys than a normal desktop mouse.

The second question that arises in mind is that can gaming mouse be used as a normal mouse.

The answer to which is yes! Off Corse, it can be used as a normal mouse for daily tasks by providing more speed and comfort.

Our main focus is to compare Razer DeathAdder elite and Logitech G502 and suggest which one can be the best value to money deal for you.

Now as both mouse are a gaming mouse, they both are designed for gaming and high-speed work. In features, both mouse is almost the same.

Both features high specs. Both Razer DeathAdder elite and Logitech G502 features optical sensors, gaming level scroll wheel and as always a gaming mechanical switches.

Razer Deathadder Elite vs Logitech G502

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Razer DeathAdder Elite

Razer DeathAdder Elite is a gaming mouse from razer launched in 2016.

It is considered as one of the best gaming mouse because of its comfortable hand grip and extra function keys on the left and right side.

Which can be used as shortcut keys to operate functions in the seconds. The Razer DeathAdder Elite comes with 7 programmable buttons.

Which are totally customizable. This mouse also has some great sensing technology used in it. It comes with optical pix art PMW3389 sensor.

Which is considered as one of the best sensors out there in the market for gamers? Its DPI range is 16,000 DPI, with Max acceleration of 450IPS/50G.

The Razer DeathAdder Elite comes with corded connectivity. Thanks to the Razer for using their Razer mechanical mouse switches in Razer DeathAdder elite which makes it more comfortable and good for gaming.

Its gaming-grade tactile scroll wheel makes it more comfortable and easy to use control.

The same scroll wheel makes it easy to use for aiming and professional gaming.

Its durable mechanical switches are known for their great quality. According to Razer, these switches support up to 50 million clicks.

Due to which this mouse is featured with 2 years of warranty. It also works with 1AAA batteries.

The Razer DeathAdder elite is 2.9×1.7×5 inches in dimension and weighs 4.6 inches.


  • It comes with Razer mechanical switches
  • It has a gaming-grade tactile scroll wheel
  • It comes with 1000HZ polling rate
  • It has max acceleration up to 50g
  • It has 7 programmable buttons
  • It has up to 16,000 DPI levels
  • It has optical senor
  • It has a max speed of 450 inches/sec
  • It comes with great palm and claws grip.
  • It has wired connectivity with 7ft braided fibre cable
  • It has an ergonomic design with textured rubber side grips.
  • It has a gold-plated USB connector.

As discussed before the Razer DeathAdder Elite is designed beautifully for gamers.

It is designed with a rubberized texture on the left and right side which keeps it away from slipping and give a comfortable feel.

The design of this mouse makes you fall in love with it. As other mouse generate slight comfort on high use but that isn’t the problem with the Razer DeathAdder elite.


As we mentioned before that this mouse comes up with 7 buttons. Which makes it different from the other gaming mouse, which comes up with 5 buttons.

The Razer DeathAdder elite comes up with 2 keys on the left, and 2 on the right side. 2 buttons are situated below the scrolling wheel and one is the double function 1 clickable scroll wheel.

The software of this gaming mouse is Razer Synapse 2.0 software. This software is clean, easily navigable and lets you create profiles/ each button is differently program optimized.

The same software lets you edit the function or role of each button for each game.


It is rated 4.3 out of 5

  • It has great performance
  • This mouse comes with the best grip
  • It has amazing software
  • This mouse is equipped with new mechanical switches
  • It has on-the-fly DPI switching
  • It has best in class ergonomics
  • It has no onboard memory
  • This mouse has no DPI light indicators
  • It is not suitable for people with small hands.

Logitech G502

Logitech G502 was launched in the last months of 2016 with a mind plain of being a competitor to the Razer DeathAdder series.

This mouse was launched with a lot of new features the other gaming mouse out in the market.

The main focus of the company was to launch a mouse with features of all the best mouse in a low price range.

The Logitech G502 comes with an optical sensor tuning. This mouse was the only mouse back then which had Dual-mode scroll wheel.

As it’s a mouse from Logitech so we can’t challenge its built quality. The main thing which attracts the gamers is that this mouse also has onboard memory.

Which is a pro feature for gamers? The look of this mouse forces you to get in love with it.

The Logitech G502 comes with 11 programmable buttons. Which is the highest amount in a mouse till date.

Its optical sensor is Optical pix art PMW 3366DM. Which is another pro step to compete with its competitors?

The Logitech G502 also comes with corded connectivity. Its DPI range is 200 to 12,000 DPI.

With the max acceleration of 300IPS/40G. As it is the gaming mouse so it has a great grip as other mouse in the market.

As for the customer’s reviews, this mouse can never let you feel discomfort from using it even straight for 12 hours.


  • This mouse comes with DPI range of 200-12,000 Dpi
  • It has a max acceleration of 300IPS/40G
  • This mouse comes with 11 programmable buttons
  • The Logitech G502 comes with on-board memory.
  • This mouse has Mechanical Microswitches
  • It has Dual-mode scroll wheel
  • The unique feature in this mouse is that it has adjustable weights

The company launched a mouse back in 2016 with the name Logitech G502 which is almost perfect gaming mouse.

Till date, this mouse can’t get a competitor which can prove it a bad mouse.

This mouse is designed with the best texture. It is more a luxurious mouse than a gaming mouse.

Its grip will not let you feel any kind of discomfort even after a12 hour’s usage. The 11 programmable buttons make it operate fast.

It let you access more functions by just using your one hand only. It has 2 DPI buttons which are located on the top.

1 button is located below the scrolling wheel. It has 3 thumb buttons.

One of the buttons is given below the scroll wheel which non-programmable, it can be used for wheel’ friction adjustment.


It is rated 4.5 out of 5

  • It has on-Board memory
  • It has a better scroll wheel
  • This mouse comes with adjustable weights
  • It has a great grip
  • It has a comfortable and intuitive design
  • It has decent size buttons with a smarter layout.
  • Its DPI shift key is really close to left-click
  • Its 12,000 DPI level is really unnecessary
  • It is somehow hard to use for palm grip users with large hands

Are these mouse recommended in 2024?

Yes! These mouse are still the best selling mouse in the market. They still are competing for the mouse because of its pro features.

The Logitech G502 has still no competitor till date because of its best technology used in it.


As from reviews from customers from all around the world and the best gamers out there, the Logitech G502 is recommended more than Razer DeathAdder elite.

The Logitech G502 is recommended because of its durability, easy to use and for gaming than Razer DeathAdder elite. So the result of the conclusion is that Logitech G502 is better than Razer DeathAdder Elite.

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