Shelly Tresvant: Everything You Need to Know About Ralph Tresvant’s Children & Wife

Celebrity gossip isn’t a new thing. Most people love talking about famous people both online and offline. And when it’s about someone’s personal life or relationship, people become more curious. If you love music, you might know about Shelly Tresvant.

Besides his music career, the audience wants to know about his personal life. Who is Ralph Tresvant’s first wife Shelly? Why did Ralph and Shelly get separated? There are so many questions on social media.

In reality, there are so many things unknown about Shelly Tresvant. After doing research, we found some interesting facts about Shelly. Keep reading the article as we explore more about her. So, let’s get started.

About Ralph Tresvant 

Ralph Tresvant

Ralph Edward Tresvant is a well-known American singer, songwriter, and record producer. However, he is popular as the lead singer of New Edition, a R&B group. Besides being the lead singer of this band, he also makes solo music. 

Tresvant was born on 16th May 1968 in Roxbury, Massachusetts. Some of his remarkable albums are Ralph Tresvant, Rizz-Wa-Faire, Under the Blue Moon, Home Again, One Love, and more. 

On the other hand, he worked in various TV series and movies as well. Some of his notable works are Krush Groove, Barbershop Blues, Behind RizzWaFaire, Girls Trip, Get on Up, etc.

ralph tresvant first wife shelly

About Ralph Tresvant’s Wife

Ralph Tresvant had a beautiful love story with his first wife. According to various sources, Ralph and Shelly were childhood buddies. They got married after being in a relationship for years. However, things didn’t go well causing separation after three years of marriage.

After getting divorced from his first wife, Shelly, he moved on with Amber Serrano, who was a fan of New Edition initially. He dated Serrano for several years before getting married. In fact, there were rumors that she was the reason behind Ralph’s separation from his first wife.

However, his second marriage didn’t last forever. After spending 16 years together, the couple finally parted ways in 2020. Soon after that incident, Tresvant started dating Monique Debarge. However, it was Debarge who made it official by an Instagram post. Well, the couple isn’t married yet.

Ralph Tresvant & Shelly Tresvant

According to resources, Ralph and Shelly were childhood sweethearts. They met at the age of 11. In fact, the lovebirds started dating when they were only 11. After dating for 14 long years, the duo finally took the next step by getting married in 1993. 

The wedding ceremony was private and only their close ones were invited there. Shelly and Ralph welcomed two daughters Na’Quelle Tresvan and Mariah Tresvant. Later, the couple also welcomed a son named Ralph Tresvant Jr. 

However, things didn’t go well with the loving family. Just after three years of marriage, the couple parted ways in 1996. It was reported that the couple faced some internal conflicts which led them to get a divorce. 

On the other hand, there were some rumors that Ralph’s second wife Amber Serrano was the reason behind the divorce as he was having an affair with her. However, there wasn’t a solid statement regarding this topic.

Shelly & Ralph Tresvant Children

ralph tresvant children

Shelly and Ralph had an amazing relationship before getting married. They were quite happy during the initial years of the marriage. After having a private ceremony, the couple started living happily. 

Soon after getting married, the couple welcomed two daughters named Na’Quelle Tresvan and Mariah Tresvant. Later, they also welcomed a baby boy named Ralph Tresvant Jr. Despite being the parents of three kids, the couple ended up getting divorced after three years of marriage.

As per sources, both Ralph Tresvant Jr. and Na’Quelle Tresvan followed in their father’s footsteps and became singers. However, we have no idea what their other daughter Mariah Tresvant’s occupation is.

Are Ralph & Shelly Tresvant Still Married?

We found some people are still confused about this couple. By reading this article, you can understand that Ralph and Shelly got divorced back in 1996. The reason behind the separation is still unknown to many as the couple never revealed anything publicly. 

However, it was reported that they had conflicts because of an affair. We have no idea if they are still in touch after getting separated. Since then, Shelly kept her life and relationship private. Some reports stated that she struggled with substance after the divorce. 

However, her son Ralph Jr. confirmed in 2015 that she was clean and living a private life in Atlanta. As she prefers living out of the spotlight, we have to respect her privacy.

Interesting Facts About Shelly Tresvant

Now, you know the basics about Shelly Tresvant. However, there are more things you can explore about her. In the following section, let’s learn some interesting factors about Ralph Tresvant’s ex-wife:

  • Ralph and Shelly had a private wedding where their friends and family members were invited.
  • We have no information regarding Shelly’s birthday. But, she started dating her ex-husband at the age of 11.
  • After the divorce, she became homeless. However, she’s living in Atlanta at this moment.

Shelly Tresvant’s Net Worth

Even though Shelly was married to Ralph Tresvant, she was never linked to the music world. When they got divorced, she started living a private life. In this case, we aren’t sure if she’s employed or not. So, it’s quite challenging to know what is her net worth. However, her ex-husband Ralph Tresvant’s estimated net worth is around $8 million.

Is Shelly Tresvant Available on Social Media?

Since Shelly Tresvant prefers living a private life, she’s not available on any social media platform. Even though she uses some social networking sites, she might keep everything private. However, if you want to know about her ex-husband or children, you can follow them on various social sites. 

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Even though Shelly and Ralph Tresvant were childhood sweethearts, their marriage didn’t work. As you can see, Shelly started living in private after the divorce. So, there’s not much information available on the internet. However, you can get updates about her ex-husband and children by following them on social media.


Q: Where is Shelly Tresvant now?

Shelly Tresvant struggled after getting divorced from Ralph. However, she’s currently living a private life in Atlanta. There’s no update if she’s in a relationship or got married for the second time.

Q: Is Shelly still married to Ralph Tresvant?

No, Shelly isn’t married to Ralph Tresvant now. There’s no information if she’s in a relationship with someone. However, Ralph got married again to Amber Serrano and is currently in a relationship with Monique Debarge after getting divorced from his second wife.

Q: What is Shelly Tresvant’s net worth?

Since Shelly Tresvant is living a private life after getting divorced, we are not sure about her net worth or professional life.

Q: Is Shelly Tresvant in a relationship?

Since the divorce with Ralph Tresvant, there’s not much information about Shelly. However, it was reported that she was homeless after the divorce. But, we have no idea if she’s married to someone or in a relationship now.

Q: Is Shelly Tresvant available on social media?

No, Shelly Tresvant isn’t available on social media platforms. So, it’s quite impossible to get updates regarding her personal life.

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