Has Summer Wells Been Found Dead?: Discover The Mystery of The Tennessee Girl

Whether it’s online or offline, a mysterious case always catches the attention of people. If you are from the US, you might know about Summer Wells’ case. Yes, the little girl went missing in a very mysterious way. 

Since she went missing, the news went viral as well. And that’s the reason why various questions started circulating on the internet. Was Summer Wells ever found? When did Summer Wells go missing? People started asking various questions regarding this topic.

If you are one of them and want to unfold the mystery behind Summer’s disappearance, we are here to help you out. From how she went missing to what was her parents’ reaction regarding this case, we will share everything in this article. So, let’s get started.

About Summer Wells

has summer wells been found

According to some sources, Summer Wells is a 6-year-old girl from Tennessee who went missing about two years ago. There’s not much information regarding her life but her mysterious disappearance caught the attention of the media.

In fact, the case became a hot topic on the internet as everyone started discussing it. The girl was reportedly missing from her family’s rural house. The most shocking thing is that she was with her mother and grandmother at that time.

That incident shocked her family as she was pretty close to them. After that, her father Don Wells was arrested when the investigation started. Still, the officials haven’t given much attention to this case. 

The family guessed that her daughter was kidnapped. On the other hand, some people also guessed she was probably dead by now. Her family has been facing difficulties since she went missing. In fact, her mother is unable to find a job which ruins their financial stability.

Summer Wells Parents

Summer Wells Parents

Since Summer Wells’ case is pretty mysterious, many people want to know about her family background. Summer’s father is Don Wells while her mother’s name is Candus Bly. There isn’t much information about Summer’s parents’ background and occupation.

Both of her parents appeared in Dr. Phill’s episode and they were interviewed by body language experts Greg Hartley and Scott Rouse. As per reports, Don Wells, Summer’s dad was also arrested after the incident.

After the incident, Summer’s parents faced a lot of difficulties. According to some sources, Don had to leave his work. On the other hand, her mother Candus struggled to find a job. We are not sure about their financial condition at the moment. 

summer wells found dead

When Did Summer Wells Go Missing?

What exactly happened with Summer Wells? When did Summer Wells go missing? There are so many questions on the internet. Since it’s a mysterious case, there are so many theories. However, a lot of people have no idea what exactly happened on that day.

Summer Moon-Utah Wells, a 5-year-old girl from Tennessee went missing on 15th June 2021. The shocking thing is she disappeared that evening from her house at Ben Hill Road in Hawkins County. In fact, her mother and grandmother were beside her when Summer went missing.

It’s been almost 2.5 years and there’s no information regarding Summer’s missing case. As per the authorities, she was last seen outside of her house. She was barefoot and wearing a pink blouse with gray shorts. 

This incident became a headline overnight and became popular as the Tennessee girl Summer Wells case. Besides the officials, many agencies started an investigation regarding this case. Still, there’s no information regarding her case. 

Was Summer Wells Found Dead?

You see, Summer Wells went missing almost 2.5 years ago. Many people are confused if she’s still alive or not. As per official reports, she’s not dead. In fact, the authorities haven’t found any clue regarding her death. So, claiming her death is baseless right now. 

After Summer went missing, both of her parents were interviewed by behavior analysts. As the news caught the headlines, the case was promoted to further investigation by various agencies. The authorities also announced a prize amount of $70,000 to find the location of Summer Wells. 

Later, a letter was published on Summer’s website. After that, her parents started claiming that she was kidnapped. As of now, Summer’s death isn’t confirmed by the authorities. Neither the authorities agreed with the fact that she was stolen. So, we have to wait for further news regarding this little girl’s case.

Are They Still Looking For Summer Wells?

It was on 15th June 2021 when it was reported that Summer went missing. The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation took the step to issue an Endangered Child Alert. In short, the authorities took the responsibility to find the little girl.

As per the official reports, the last time someone saw Summer was when she was wearing a pink blouse and gray shorts. The authority got around 30 tips about her on the day when the report was submitted.

The number of tips increased with time. Hawkins County and the Texas Bureau of Investigation also got help from 19 other organizations for the initial investigation. However, it was no help as these organizations faced difficulties while searching for Summer.

As for now, Summer Wells isn’t found yet. The investigation procedure is still ongoing. However, we have no idea if they are getting any solution or not. On the other hand, there’s no news if Summer’s family is looking for her or not.

Summer’s disappearance isn’t the first incident of this family. According to reports, her aunt also vanished in 2009. Since then, nobody has seen her. Rose Marie Bly, Summer’s aunt disappeared from Wisconsin and her car was found in a parking lot which was around 30 miles away from her house. Some people claimed that there’s a connection between these two incidents.


Almost 2.5 years of Summer’s missing and there’s still no information about her. The authorities and other agencies are still working on this case. On the other hand, her family is still waiting for her. If you want to know more about Summer’s investigation, do your research on the internet. 


Q: What happened to Summer Wells?

Summer Wells went missing from her house when she was 5 years old. It’s been over two years and she’s still not found by the authorities. She was near her grandmother and mother before went missing.

Q: Was Summer Wells found dead?

No, there’s no information if Summer Wells is found dead. The investigation procedure is ongoing and various agencies are working on it. Even though the authorities got a lot of tips, they were of no use.

Q: When did Summer Wells go missing?

It was 15th June 2021 when Summer Wells went missing. She was last seen outside her house in the evening. As per her family, she was wearing a pink blouse with gray shorts.

Q: How did Summer Wells’ parents react to her missing?

After Summer Wells went missing her parents thought that she was kidnapped or stolen. However, the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation hadn’t found any solid proof regarding this topic. 

Q: Are they still looking for Summer Wells?

Yes, the investigation procedure is still ongoing. Hawkins County and the Texas Bureau of Investigation with other 19 agencies are working on this case. They got over 2000 tips since she went missing.

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