Susanne Gregard: Where is Dodi Al Fayed’s Ex-Wife Now?

Have you ever heard something about Dodi Al-Fayed’s ex-wife? Yes, there was a time when Fayad and Susanne Gregard’s marriage created some buzz. But what made people this much curious? We have seen some people who are still searching for Susanne Gregard.

Was she that famous? Why does she still get attention from the netizens? If you have these questions, you have to explore some exciting facts about her. See, a lot of people know about Dodi Al Fayed. However, when it comes to his ex-wife, most people have no idea.

If you are as curious as them, you are at the right place. We have done some research and found some exclusive facts about Susanne Gregard that can blow your mind. In this article, we will share everything related to Susanne and what she’s doing nowadays. Keep reading to learn more about her.

About Susanne Gregard

As you can see, Susanne Gregard got the public spotlight after getting married to Dodi Al Fayed. We all know about the tragic death of Dodi Al Fayed and his lover Diana, Princess of Wales. However, when it comes to his ex-wife, only a few people have knowledge about her.

Besides being the wife of a famous millionaire, Susanne got media attention because of her notable career. Yes, she is a popular media personality and worked in several movies including Star Search and Key Exchange. 

Moreover, she worked as a model in the initial days of her career. She got into the limelight after marrying Fayad. However, things didn’t work out and they got divorced within a few months. Once they got separated, Susanne started staying away from the media. So, it’s clear that she’s quite a private person despite being a famous spouse. 

Susanne Gregard Early Life & Education

You see, Gregard got sudden popularity because of her marriage. That’s the reason why many people wanted to know more about her, especially about her early life, family, and education. As Fayad was a famous personality, there are many people who still want to know about Susanne.

According to some reliable sources, Gregard was born somewhere between 1967 to 1972. That means she’s between 51-56 years old right now. Well, her birthdate isn’t revealed publicly. In fact, there’s no clear information about her education. As per some sources, she attended a local school in her hometown and attended a reputed university.

Some reports stated that she comes from a well-known family and has a white ethnicity. Her father was a businessman while her mother was a homemaker. Her family follows the Christian religion and has American nationality. However, there’s no update regarding her siblings as she never disclosed anything publicly. 

Dodi Al Fayed and Susanne Gregard’s Marriage

Now, here’s the most exciting part. Everyone came to know about Susanne because of her marriage with Dodi Al Fayed. As per some reports, Susanne met Fayed when she was around 26 years old in 1986. 

During that time, Fayed was heartbroken as he lost his mother a few months back. Since Gregard’s parents approved, they got married on 31st December 1986. Despite being popular, Fayed didn’t forget his traditional roots and asked her father for permission. 

However, the wedding ceremony was in a rush. As per some reports and the couple’s statement, they were so in love during that period. The sweet ceremony ended with a snowball fight as a celebration. 

Even though Susanne’s parents approved the marriage, her family members weren’t present at the wedding. However, nobody knows about the reason behind it.

Dodi Al Fayed and Susanne Gregard Divorce

As we noted before, Dodi was so in love with Susanne during the initial days. In fact, he used to kneel and kiss her feet often. However, the love didn’t last forever. As per his statement, he didn’t get the stability he wanted from his wife.

Eventually, Gregard filed for divorce after a couple of months. We don’t know what exactly happened back then. However, as per Dodi’s friend, the couple had a bitter fight which resulted in divorce.

Once the couple got divorced, Susanne won a huge settlement that was around $2 to $5 million. Moreover, she also got expensive properties, jewelry, and more. In fact, she also got a brand new Rolls-Royce that was worth $140,000 back then.

However, there were some controversies as well. Some of Dodi’s friends stated that she was a gold digger as she refused to give Dodi’s mother jewelry. Well, Fayed and his girlfriend Diana, Princess of Wales, died in a brutal car accident in Paris.

What is Susanne Gregard Doing Now?

Even though Susanne’s first marriage didn’t work out, she found her real love later. After getting separated from Dodi Al Fayed, Susanne Gregard got married to Philippe Quilici, one of the best heart surgeons. 

They got married on 2nd May 1992. Since then, they have been living a happy life for over thirty years. Susanne is working as a media artist and photographer. In 2022, she purchased an underwater housing.

As per some reports, Philippe is a French-born American citizen. He graduated from Universite De La Mediterranee. According to sources, he’s currently working at Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center. 

Another report stated that they are living in a French-style mansion in Los Angeles. The loving married couple have two sons named Maximillian and Henry.

Maximilian followed her mother’s steps and studied music at the University Of Southern California. Currently, he’s a musician and touring with his band. Her other son Henry studied Film and television production at the University Of Southern California. He produced movies like Gray Matter and Echos of You.

Susanne Gregard Net Worth

Susanne had an excellent career as a model and actress. Plus, she was married to one of the most popular men back then. Even though their marriage didn’t work, she got the benefits of being the ex-wife of a millionaire. 

And that’s the reason why many people want to know about her net worth. According to various resources, Gregard’s estimated net worth is around $2 to $5 million in 2023. After leaving her modeling career and getting divorced from Fayed, she started working as a media artist and photographer.

As per reports, her current income source is photography and media artist. However, we have no idea if there are more income sources available. She’s living in a luxurious house that costs around $743,362. Her ex-husband Dodi Al Fayed’s net worth was $1.9 billion. Well, Fayed met in a tragic car accident with Princess Diana that shocked the world.

Is Susanne Gregard Available on Social Media

This is the big question. As Susanne had a good modeling career and worked in various movies, many people expect her to be available on social media. In this case, she’s available on social media sites but not as a public figure.

After getting divorced from Fayed, she almost cut the connection from the entertainment industry. She chose a different path as a media artist and a photographer. In fact, she’s following this part nowadays.

If you want to follow her on Instagram, check out @susannequilici. She has around 500 followers and is sharing her photographs. However, she’s not available on other social media platforms. As we can guess, she’s quite a private person and wants to stay away from the media. That’s why you can find a lot of updates on her social media account. 


Now, you know everything about the famous spouse Susanne Gregard. Even though she became a part of the public spotlight for a period, she cut everything after getting divorced. As we noted before, she’s now working as a media artist and happily married for more than thirty years. For more details regarding her, do some research or check her social media accounts.


Q: Is Susanne Gregard still alive?

Yes, Susanne Gregard is very alive. She’s married to her loving husband for more than thirty years and has an amazing career as a media artist. However, she prefers living away from the spotlight.

Q: Is Susanne Gregard married now?

Yes, Susanne got married to a reputed heart surgeon named Philippe Quilici back in 1992. They have been married for over thirty years and have two loving songs.

Q: How old is Susanne Gregard?

There’s no clear information regarding Susanne’s birthdate and age. As per various resources, she’s around 51 to 56 years old. Gregard never revealed her birthdate as she loves to stay away from the media.

Q: Why did Susanne Gregard and Dodi Al Fayed get divorced?

There’s no clear reason why Susanne and Dodi got divorced. However, one of Dodi’s friends stated that the couple had a bitter fight and he didn’t find that stability in her.

Q: How did Dodi Al Fayed die?

Dodi Al Fayed and his lover Princess Diana met in a brutal car accident in Paris in 1997 leaving the world completely in shock. Dodi was only 42 years old back then.

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