The Asher House Girlfriend: Here’s Some Interesting Things to Know

Leaving the corporate world sounds fantastic, especially when it’s for an entrepreneurial purpose. However, when it’s for something unique, everyone loves to know the story. In this case, we have to mention Lee Asher, the man behind The Asher House. Besides having fame, he has an amazing story as well.

Well, that’s not the only thing people want to know about him. We have seen many people are curious about his personal life, especially his love life. If you are someone who’s curious about the Asher House girlfriend, we are here to clear everything out. 

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There are so many websites providing details. But, most of them aren’t accurate. In this article, we will share everything related to Lee Asher and his personal life. In fact, we will also clear some doubts. Keep reading as we share the best information regarding this TV and YouTube personality. So, let’s dive in.

Who is Lee Asher?

If you are reading this article, you already know who Lee Asher is. Born in 1988, Lee became famous because of his dog rescue operations. Most people know him as the founder of The Asher House. As we noted before, Asher is a part of the corporate world and works as a trainer. 

Asher started his career as a trainer in 2008. At first, he founded a company called NoLimitFitness AZ which he ran for over 2 years. Later, in 2010, he joined Anthony Robbins Companies and worked for three years as a senior peak performance strategist.

In 2013, Lee became a leadership development manager for Community Loans of America. Finally, he founded in 2014 and created a YouTube channel called The Asher House. And his channel keeps growing with 528k followers. 

He has multiple sources of income as well including YouTube, business, and coaching. According to some sources, his annual income is between $1.08 million to $1.55 million. Another report says that his estimated net worth is $2 million. 

Interesting Facts About Lee Asher

Besides the amazing life story, there are some amazing facts about Lee Asher. If you are curious about his personal life, these facts will increase your excitement. Before we explore ‘Is Lee Asher married?’, let’s find out these interesting facts below:

  • Lee, the founder of The Asher House, was born on 25th August 1988 in the US.
  • Lee Asher traveled across the country and rescued around 30 dogs from various places.
  • Even though there are not many details regarding his life, some reports claim that he has a brother named D.J. Gugenheim. The name of his parents remains unknown.
  • According to a report, Asher spends around $8,000 every month on dog food, gas, and vet bills. Plus, he also bought a bus that cost $65,000. 
  • Another report states that his monthly salary is around $90,000 to $130,000. It includes all his sources of income.
  • Lee Asher has a YouTube channel called the Asher House, representing his organization. The channel has around 525 k followers at this moment.
  • Asher uses various social media platforms to help dogs and let people know about animal rescuing. He usually publishes different posts to raise funds. 

About The Asher House

As we noted before, the Asher House is the dream project of Lee Asher. Besides the YouTube channel, the Asher House is also a registered nonprofit sanctuary located in Oregon. The key goal of this organization is to rescue animals. 

There’s a beautiful story behind this organization. Many people don’t have an idea that the Asher House is connected with Lee’s personal experience. In short, he founded this incredible organization after the death of his beloved pitbull called Stella. 

Lee teamed up with Luke Barton to make this excellent animal shelter organization. At first, they started adopting and fostering dogs from different shelters. The age of dogs is between 2 to 14. In fact, this organization is hosting various adaptation events across the country. And it helped many dogs to find a new home.

Besides this amazing work, the Asher House launched a Kickstarter campaign with a goal of $57,000 for animals. Plus, they have a Patreon account which helps donors view photos and videos. All funds are directly donated to the organization. 

According to a report, the Asher House has rescued and helped over 500 pets since it was founded. They also arrange ‘meet and greet’ events for new adopters and share dog training tips. Moreover, the officials visited different places and made friends. In short, Lee is quite popular in the internet world. So, it’s normal if his followers are curious about his personal life. 

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Who is Lee Asher’s Wife?

As Lee Asher is getting popular day by day, many people are quite curious about Lee Asher’s wife. And you can find various answers on the internet. It’s quite common for fans to search for someone’s personal life as they start getting popular.

This thing also happened with Lee. Whether it’s under the YouTube comment section or Google search, there are different types of questions available regarding Lee Asher’s personal life. Even though there are so many sources, nobody knows the exact answer.

According to some reliable sources and audiences, Lee isn’t married and doesn’t have a wife. Sure, there are some rumors about him dating someone. However, we don’t have clear information regarding his marriage. 

In fact, he hasn’t revealed anything via social media either. Besides being curious, we have to maintain his privacy as he is quite a private person. So, before believing in a rumor on social media, double-check everything.

Is Lee Asher Gay?

While finding information regarding Lee Asher’s personal life, we found various questions. One of them was ‘Is Lee Asher Gay?’ Maybe it’s because social media is quite aware of LGBTQ+ topics. That’s why most people are quite curious about Lee Asher’s sexuality.

Even though Asher isn’t vocal about his personal life and relationship, there’s no news about his being gay. In fact, we never found any hint regarding his sexuality or coming up stories. As noted before, there are various questions available on the internet and most of them aren’t true.

And you can’t even find a website reporting about Lee’s sexuality. So, finding these answers is quite baseless. However, if he ever comes out as gay, the audience will give full support. We have to give them full privacy regarding his personal life.

About Lee Asher and Sydney Ferbrache

As there are so many rumors regarding Asher’s personal life, some reports say that he is dating at this moment. Sydney Ferbrache is well-known as Lee’s girlfriend and they probably started dating back in 2017.

The best part is they both are animal lovers and have given up a luxurious life to live in an RV. Yes, they are living in an RV and traveling around the country to rescue animals. The couple visited over 20 provinces and Canada to find hundreds of animals. 

However, there are some rumors about their break up. Even though they are separated, they are following the same way of living. Still, we are not sure if they are a thing right now or if Lee is dating someone. In this case, we have to respect both of their privacy. 


Now, you have a complete idea about Lee Asher’s personal life. According to various sources, he’s in a happy relationship with Sydney Ferbrache. And we have shared information regarding them in this article. If you still want to know about Lee, head over to his social media. In fact, you can watch his videos on YouTube.


Q: Is Lee Asher gay?

No, Lee Asher isn’t gay nor did he come out. There are some questions on various social media but we haven’t found any rumor regarding his being gay. So, it’s more like the audience’s curiosity.

Q: Who is Lee Asher’s wife?

According to various resources, Lee doesn’t have a wife at this moment. In fact, he hasn’t got married yet. Some sources say that he was in a relationship with Sydney Ferbrache. However, there are some rumors regarding their break up too. 

Q: What is the net worth of Lee Asher?

As Lee Asher is a popular personality, his current estimated net worth is around $2 million. Most of his income comes from various resources including YouTube, business, and coaching. Plus, his monthly income is around $90,000 to $130,000. 

Q: What is the income source of Lee Asher?

Lee Asher has various sources of income. Most of his income comes from the YouTube channel which has over 500,000 followers. Plus, he earns revenue from his businesses and coaching.

Q: Is Lee Asher famous on YouTube?

Yes, Lee Asher is quite famous on YouTube as he has a channel called The Asher House. The channel is dedicated to animal rescue and adaptation programs. Plus, you can watch some adaptation events which are organized by the Asher House.

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