Is Tony Hinchcliffe Married? Let’s Give Light to Comedian’s Love Life

It’s hard to find a comedy lover who hasn’t heard about Tony Hinchcliffe. The famous American comedian became everyone’s favorite because of dark comedy and roast series. Besides his excellent career, many people want to explore more about his personal life.

Is Tony Hinchcliffe married? Who’s the woman behind Tony Hinchcliffe’s success? There are too many questions on the internet. However, only a few people know about his love life. If you are as curious as them, you are at the right place.

Even though Tony doesn’t share a lot about his personal life on social networking platforms, there are some interesting facts about him. Let’s find out about Tony Hinchcliffe’s wife. Moreover, we are also covering an overview of the comedian’s early life and career achievements. So, let’s get started.

About Tony Hinchcliffe

Tony Hinchcliffe is popularly known for his amazing comedy series and podcasts. The unique style of Tony made him famous among fans. Besides skilled humor, he made a special spot with dark and insulting comedy. 

In short, he loves to take on controversial topics like gender, ethnicity, politics, and race. As per sources, he has been on the writing staff on the Comedy Central Roast series. On the other hand, he also appeared on Fusion TV’s All Def Digital Roast of Snoop Dogg in 2016. 

As we noted before, Tony is an insult comedian who also hosts a comedy podcast called Kill Tony. Hinchcliffe’s success touched its peak when his stand-up special One Shot premiered on Netflix in 2016. 

Besides having an excellent career, Tony also became a part of some controversies. However, there are some things about his personal life that most of his fans want to explore. Continue reading the article as we unfold more information.

Tony Hinchcliffe’s Early Life & Career

Hinchcliffe was born on 8th June 1984 in Youngstown, Ohio. He was raised by his single mother on the north side of Youngstown. There, he attended Ursuline High School and completed graduation in 2002. As per sources, he was on the school wrestling team.

According to Tony, he grew up in a tough neighborhood where roasting was a defense mechanism. In an interview by, he was punched in the face during the first day of school because of his roasting. 

Once he completed his studies, Tony moved to Los Angeles to start a career in comedy. At first, he started performing stand-up at open mics at The Comedy Store. His excellent performance helped him become a starter comedian on Joe Rogan and Jeff Ross’s tours.

Tony became quite popular because of bringing up controversial topics and insulting audience members during the shows. And this style was loved by Jeff Ross who follows the same techniques. In fact, Tony addressed Ross as his ‘mentor’ as the famous comedian helped him on his writing jobs.

In 2013, Hinchcliffe started a podcast called Kill Tony, a weekly live show. However, he started doing other projects as well. Tony appeared in Roast of Snoop Dogg in 2016. He also launched another podcast called The Pony Hour in the same year. 

Some of the guests on his show were Brendan Schaub, Bruce Buffer, Big Jay Oakerson, and more. Netflix also premiered his stand-up special called One Shot in 2016. 

Tony Hinchcliffe’s Net Worth & Income Source

Just like other interesting facts, many people want to a famous personality’s net worth. Before we move to the next section where you will be discovering is Tony Hinchcliffe married or not, let’s figure out his financial profile.

You see, there are no confirmed net worth details on the internet. However, as per some unofficial websites, Tony Hinchcliffe’s estimated net worth is around $10 to $12 million. His main source of income is insult comedy. 

Plus, he has a podcast YouTube channel with over 659k subscribers. Besides his stand-up shows and social media platforms, he has multiple sources of income. For example, he has done writing jobs for comedy series, brand collaborations, and more. 

In short, he has been working hard from a very early age to fulfill his dreams. As Hinchcliffe is just 39 years old, we can expect more and more success. And it will help him increase his overall net worth as well. 

Tony Hinchcliffe’s Girlfriend

Now, there’s the prime question. Does Hinchcliffe have a girlfriend? Before we answer this question, let’s figure out about the comedian’s past relationships. There was a time when some fans questioned about his sexuality

As Tony became a part of some controversies like other comedians, there was some talking regarding his sexuality as well. However, this information was unclear as he never came out. Well, Hinchcliffe has been linked with some women in the past. For example, there were rumors about him and Joanna Jedrzejczyk. 

In fact, this was his most talked about relationship back then. He used to mention Joanna in several posts. Tony also mentioned he dated some other women before. But, there’s no solid information about them. On the other hand, Tony doesn’t share a lot of things about his personal life. So, we are not sure if he was joking while talking about previous relationships. 

Is Tony Hinchcliffe Married?

This is one of the most asked questions on the internet about Tony Hinchcliffe. As he made so many jokes, some people used to think he’s gay. Well, there were some rumors that he was romantically linked with a UFC fighter named Joanna Jedrzejczyk. However, it probably didn’t work out.

To question this answer, yes, Tony Hinchcliffe has been married to Charlotte Jane. He first mentioned about his wife in an ongoing comedy show in 2015. Well, many from the audience didn’t take it seriously.

Two years later, he reveled that he was going to marry Australian race car driver Bob Jane’s daughther Charlotte. Later, in November 2017, he posted a photo on Instagram with Charlotte by his side. Well, there were mixed responses from his fans. In fact, some people also mentioned that it’s a staged marriage.

As of 2023, it’s not clear if they are still married or called it quits. The last time Tony mentioned his wife was back in 2018. On the other hand, Charlotte posted some photos with another man earlier this year captioning ‘I am the luckiest girl’. So, it’s kinda obvious that Tony and Charlotte aren’t together anymore.

About Tony Hinchcliffe’s Wife

As we noted above, Charlotte Jane is the daughter of famous Australian racer Bob Jane. Her mother’s name is Laree Jane. Charlotte grew up with her two siblings Karen and Rodney Jane. On the other hand, she has two half siblings.

As per some reliable websites, Charlotte is a well-known model and often posts various photos and videos on social media accounts. She was one of the cover girl models of Maxim magazine. Besides being a model, she’s also selling clothing products via Depp.

Jane prefers to keep her personal life private. That’s why she got the media attention after marrying Hinchcliffe. After Tony posted a photo with her in 2017, he started mentioning about Charlotte in many shows. In fact, he also stated that it wasn’t a rumor.

On the other hand, Charlotte never discussed the marriage openly. However, they were spotted without the engagement ring later. So, don’t have any idea if it was real marriage or not.


Finally, you have an idea about Tony’s married life. Even though Tony and Charlotte were a thing back in 2015, there is no surety if they have joked around or were seriously married. However, things aren’t same anymore as Hinchcliffe never mentioned her after 2018 and Jane is probably dating someone right now. To get more details regarding your favorite comedian, follow him on social networking platforms.


Q: Is Tony Hinchcliffe still married?

Tony revealed that he was married to Charlotte Jane back in 2015. However, there’s no information regarding their current relationship status. Plus, Jane also published an Instagram post with another man. So, maybe she and Tony parted ways.

Q: Who is Tony Hinchcliffe’s wife?

Tony Hinchcliffe’s wife is Charlotte Jane, an Australian model. However, there is confusion regarding their marriage as both of them haven’t interacted with each other since 2018. Neither Tony mentioned her since then. 

Q: What is Tony Hinchcliffe’s net worth?

As per some sources, Tony Hinchcliffe’s estimated net worth is around $10 to $12 million. He has multiple sources of income such as stand-up, comedy writing, social media, brand collaboration, and more.

Q: Is Charolette Jane famous?

Charlotte Jane came into the limelight with Tony. She is a well-known Australian model who shares various posts on Instagram and other social networking sites. But, the couple stopped mentioning each other after that.

Q: When did Charolette Jane and Tony Hinchcliffe get married?

There’s no official confirmation about the marriage date of Tony Hinchcliffe and Charolette Jane. However, they confirmed it by posting a photo on Instagram back in 2015. Tony also mentioned about his marriage during that time.

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