Uncovering The Mystery of Keyona Griffin’s Murder: What Happened?

A lot of things happen every single day. Whether it’s achievement news or something about crime, some news became the headline overnight. While talking about mysterious cases, we have to mention Keyona Griffin’s case.

Who was Keyona Griffin? What happened to her? There are so many questions regarding her murder. Sure, the news became a headline after the incident. But, most people have no idea about the background of the case.

In short, there are so many things that most people don’t know. If you want to explore what exactly happened with Keyona on that day, we will share everything today. From Keyona’s background to who was the murderer of her, you will find out all the information. So, let’s get started. 

About Keyona Griffin

keyona griffin

Many people are quite confused about Keyona Griffin’s case. Since the news came out, there have been various circulating both online and offline. According to some sources, Keyona Griffin was born on 8th March 1994 in the US.

Her father was Johnny Griffin while her mother’s name was Onyah Griffin. However, there’s not much information about her family background and early life. Keyona caught everyone’s attention in an uncertain situation.

In short, Keyona became popular by calling 911 and informing the Police about her aunt’s murder. However, this incident cost her life as she was murdered too. When the Police officers arrived at the crime scene, her apartment at 553 Sheldon, they were unable to enter the home.

On the other hand, the case remains unsolved. The Police are searching for the suspected murderer at the moment. However, this incident has been inspiring many people because of Griffin’s bravery. 

What Happened to Keyona Griffin?

As we noted before, Keyona Griffin is the victim of a family tragedy. She caught the attention of the media by calling 911 while being in danger. Sadly, it was too late for her as the Police didn’t break into the house after arriving at the crime scene. 

The young woman was murdered right after the call ended. So, what exactly happened on that day? Since the news came out, a lot of people started wondering. You see, Keyona took a huge step to call 911 when her aunt was already shot dead.

However, it was her bad luck that the lady who received the 911 call wasn’t able to hear her report clearly. And it took the authorities long enough to send immediate help. However, three Police officers arrived at the crime scene within seven minutes.

They didn’t enter the house since they thought it was just a prank call. After Keyona was murdered, Sanford Cummings II, Keyona’s brother, made another call by using 911 and informed them of everything. Sanford called the Police two hours and eighteen minutes after Keyona’s call. 

Besides Keyona, another woman of 47, her aunt Cherletta was found dead. As per reports, Cherletta was wearing earphones and she was shot from the back of the head. The murderer covered her up by using a blanket. 

The authorities also claimed that Keyona’s aunt was probably in a relationship with Derrell Brown. Her family members weren’t aware of Derrell’s history. It was later revealed that he once went to jail for failing to give child support. 

Keyona Griffin Crime Scene Photos

Besides the Keyona and Cherletta murders, two people also died in the same building. As per the authorities, Jacqueline Baber-Bey, who was 65, and his grandson Emareyon Cummings died of smoke inhalation.

Keyona’s crime scene photos weren’t revealed by anyone. However, as per the autopsy report, both Griffin and her aunt died because of multiple gunshots. When Keyona’s brother found her, she was unconscious on the floor with several gunshot wounds.

It’s not clear if she died after the incident or after the Police arrived at the scene. Overall, it was a very tragic incident as four people of the Griffin family died on the same day. The reason behind this case is still unclear. 

However, the authorities suspect it was something about Derrell and Cherletta’s relationship. Keyona’s brave step will be remembered by many people. So, we hope she and her family members get justice soon.

keyona griffin crime scene photos
keyona griffin crime scene photos
keyona griffin crime scene photos

Discover Some Unknown Facts About Keyona Griffin’s Case

Now, you have a basic idea about what happened with Keyona Griffin and her aunt. However, there are some unknown facts that only some people know. If you want to explore more about this case, let’s discover the facts below:

  • After getting the news, three Grand Rapid Police officers arrived. However, they were unable to enter the house when the murder was still happening. According to reports, those Police officers arrived at the crime scene within seven minutes.
  • Another mysterious call came from that house after two hours and eighteen minutes. At that time, Keyona was unconscious after having multiple gunshot wounds.
  • When the Police officers found Keyona inside that house, they also found another woman named Cherletta Baber-Bey who was her aunt.
  • Before killing Keyona Griffin, the murderer killed her aunt. That’s why Keyona was able to report the murder of her aunt during that time.

Derrell Brown: The Murderer of Keyona Griffin

derrell brown

Since the murder happened, many people have become curious about this case. In fact, some people started wondering who the alleged murderer was. According to official reports, Derrell Demon Brown was the one who killed Keyona and her aunt.

Well, Derrell Brown is a 49-year-old. He stands 5.8 feet tall. On the other hand, as per Police’s official records, he killed his victims with a 9 mm Hi-Point pistol. The Police found the serial numbers at the crime scene.

The gun Derrell Brown used was stolen. The gun’s former owner was a lady who reported back in 2017 that she was receiving harassing texts. According to her, that guy’s name was Jay. On the other hand, the Police also revealed that when the gun was stolen, she was in a relationship with Jay aka Derrel Brown.

While calling the Police by using 911, Keyona asked them to hurry up. She also added that she would die if the officers didn’t arrive fast. This statement also proved that it was probably Derrell who killed Keyona and her aunt Cherletta Baber-Bey. However, the reason behind this home massacre is still unclear.

derrell brown

Where is Derrell Brown?

Now, the question is; where is Derrell Brown? After the incident happened, the Grand Rapids Police Department announced that they were seeking help from the community to locate Derrell Brown. 

On the other hand, they also revealed all the details including his age, height, skin color, and more. Unfortunately, Derrell Brown is yet to be found. That’s the reason no judgment has been placed. 

Even though the Police officers arrived within seven minutes of Keyona’s call, they didn’t break into the house as they didn’t find enough reason. According to the Police department, they didn’t do that as they receive prank calls every day. 

In short, they thought Keyona was pulling a prank on them. If you talk about Derrell Brown, he was a temporary tenant of Grand Rapids church. According to some local people, he never showed any sign of criminal activities. In fact, a man named Robert Dean also claimed that Derrell had always been an instrumental person. 

The authorities found an empty Hi-Point gun box inside Cherletta Baber-Bey, Keyona’s aunt’s bedroom. Finding the clues of Derrell Brown, the authorities also announced they would award $25,000 if anyone helps them find Derrell. 


By reading this article, you can understand that Keyona Griffin was a brave soul. However, she got a tragic end because of the uncertain situation. Even though her death case caught the attention of the media, the authorities are still searching for her murderer Derrell Brown. Griffin’s story will be remembered as she made a difference even in danger. This incident can be eye-opening for a better future. 


Q: Who was Keyona Griffin?

Keyona Griffin was a victim of a home massacre that took place at 553 Sheldon Avenue, Michigan. She showed her bravery by calling 911 when her aunt was murdered. However, she was also murdered after the call ended. 

Q: What happened to Keyona Griffin?

Keyona Griffin was murdered at her house after she called 911 and informed the Police about her aunt’s murder. After that, she was also killed on that night.

Q: What about Keyona’s 911 call during the incident?

Keyona Griffin called 911 and three Police officers arrived within seven minutes. However, they were unable to enter the house while the murder was occurring inside.

Q: Have the Police found the suspect?

As per reports, the murderer of Keyona and her aunt was Derrell Brown. However, the Police haven’t found him yet.

Q: Why did Derrell Brown kill Keyona Griffin?

Since Derrell Brown hasn’t been arrested yet, we have no idea about the reason behind these two murders. The truth will be only revealed when he is arrested by the Police.

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