UP RTO Code List 2023 PDF | युपी आरटीओ कोड लिस्ट

The UP RTO abbreviated for the Uttar Pradesh Regional Transport Office was formed in the year 1988 under the conditions of the Motor Vehicles Act. The agenda of the RTO is to deal with numerous transportation-related issues. These agendas include vehicle registrations, issuing driving licenses, grants, and renewal of vehicle permits, collecting taxes and fees related to vehicles, and several other related matters. The UP RTO department is governed and looked after by the head of Transport for the area called by the position, of Transport Commissioner.

This department is responsible for the organized public transportation channel in the area that comes under its territory. It has been reported that there are over 32 million vehicles registered in Uttar Pradesh RTO in the year 2022. The UP RTO looks after the car registration issues and issues related to driver’s licenses. The department of UP RTO also promotes road safety at the same time monitors and controls vehicle pollution to the strongest extent.

What Is UP RTO & Its Functions

Just like any other state Regional Transport Office, the Uttar Pradesh RTO also performs its departmental duties in ensuring a seamless and controlled transportation system in the state. Amongst the most important roles of the control transport system, the department does the job of awarding permits and issuing certificates, Collecting and controlling transport taxes, issuing vehicle licenses, and last but not least adhering to passenger safety. The UP 16 RTO code of Gautam Buddha Nagar city also serves the people through the online services with which they collect the necessary information through the online form. Consumers can get their documents through this online channel as well. The RTO collects the information, validates it, and on successful validation, issues the soft document.

The Uttar Pradesh RTO department serves people with the primary goal of providing efficient, suitable, and affordable transport-related services. This is all being governed under the Road Transport Act of 1950. However, the services of RTO like issuing licenses, certificates, permits, etc. are all enforced under the 1988 Motor Vehicle Act, under which the formation of UP RTO was held. All the other Regional Transport Offices of the state are created under this Act to ensure duties and tasks are delegated to a well-managed road transport system.

यूपी UP RTO Code List With Name and Location | Uttar Pradesh RTO Code List 2023

Unlike the UP 23 RTO code, UP 70 RTO code, or UP 32 RTO code, which belongs to Jyotiba Phule Nagar, Allahabad, and Lucknow, respectively, the UP 01 RTO code is now assigned to The Regional Transport Office of Almora city, which operates under RTO Uttarakhand. So, don’t get confused between the two. Here is the list of all the places/locations of Uttar Pradesh along with their state RTO code. With the help of the below list, you will be able to track down the RTO codes of the road transport registered places in Uttar Pradesh. 

12JYOTIBAPHULE NAGARUP-23ज्योतिबाफुले नगर
18LAKHIMPUR KHIRIUP-31लखीमपुर खीरी
20TRANS GOMTI OFFICE LUCKNOWUP-32Aट्रांस गोमती कार्यालय लखनऊ
32AMBEDKAR NAGARUP-45अम्बेडकरनगर
42PADRAUNA (KRUSHI NAGAR)UP-57पडरौना (कृषिनगर)।
43SANT KABIR NAGARUP-58संतकबीरनगर
60KANPUR DEHATUP-77कानपुर देहात
61KANPUR NAGARUP-78कानपुर नगर
69HATHRASH (MAHAMAYA NAGAR)UP-86हाथरस (महामाया नगर)
70KANSHIRAM NAGARUP-87कांशीराम नगर
77CHITRAKOOT DHAMUP-96चित्रकूट धाम

Uttar Pradesh (UP) RTO Complaint Helpline Number & Contact Details

Whether you want help with the UP 14 RTO code, UP 20 RTO code, or UP 21 RTO code, you can always contact the RTO office of your city or the state-level transport manager. You can find the details of contact and address of the Uttar Pradesh Regional Transport Office here; 

  • Tehri Kothi M.G. Road, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India

Pin Code: 226001

  • Help Line Number for 24×7 Contact: 1800 1800 151
  • Fax Number: 0522-2629235

You can also contact Uttar Pradesh State Road Transport (UPSRTC) in the following address if you have questions related to UP district name RTO code list shared above;

  • Help Line Number for 24×7 Contact: 1800 180 2877, 1800 180 5145

How To Get Permanent Registration In UP यूपी  RTO?

It is mandatory for the vehicle owner under the Motor Vehicle Act of 1988 to register their vehicle at the nearest Regional Transport Office (RTO). So, if you are someone who is looking to legally drive or ride your vehicle without getting a challan in your name, you should better get your vehicle registered as soon as possible. In order to get to vehicle registered at RTO you need to get your documents verified.

You are required to pay the application fee and submit your documents. Once your registration process is done, an RC will be issued in your name and will be provided to you. This RC will act as a document of proof that you have got your vehicle registered. Here is the step-by-step process that will guide you through registering your vehicle at the UP RTO.

Documents Required For Permanent Vehicle Registration at UP RTO

Here is the list of documents that will be required to get your registration done;

  • The Vehicle Registration Form 20
  • Form 21 is provided by the dealer of vehicle
  • Document proof of Permanent Address
  • Document Proof of Age
  • If your vehicle is imported, then Vehicle Invoice
  • A PUC Certificate
  • Insurance document of the Vehicle
  • The temporary registration number
  • Registration of Manufacturer Certificate
  • More than one passport-size photograph
  • Demand Draft of the paid road tax
  • In case the vehicle is hypothecation, then Form 34 is also required.

NOTE: Along with all of these, you need to submit the applicable application fee as well.

The process to be followed to get a permanent vehicle registration in UP RTO

  1. You need to visit the UP RTO with the above-given documents
  2. Submit the documents to the Regional Transport Officer
  3. Once your documents are verified, you will be issued a vehicle registration number for your vehicle.

Renewal of the Vehicle Registration in UP RTO

Every 15 years of the vehicle registration, there is a need for the renewal of the registration of the vehicle. If you are looking for a renewal of the vehicle registration then you should get the declaration of the vehicle registration renewal, 60 days prior to the expiry date of the vehicle registration.  You are required to take the following documents along with you for the same; 

  • RC or Vehicle Registration Certificate
  • The PUC Certificate
  • Insurance Certificate of the vehicle
  • Form 25
  • Fee Receipt

Process of Vehicle Ownership Transfer from Another State to UP RTO

If you are someone who has his/her vehicle initially registered in another state and now you have moved to UP and want to re-register your vehicle in Uttar Pradesh RTO. Then you can take the below-given documents with you to the UP RTO in order to do the needful;

  • No Objection Certificate from the Previous RTO i.e., Form 29
  • Notice of Transfer of Vehicle i.e., Form 29
  • Application for Transfer of Possession i.e., Form 30
  • Notice of Change in the address i.e., Form 33
  • Document of Proof for Age
  • Document of Proof for Address
  • Form 25 and Form 20
  • Road Tax Documents
  • If the vehicle is purchased on loan, then you additionally need the No Objection Certificate from the financer

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Check Vehicle Registration In Uttar Pradesh RTO?

Here is how you can check the vehicle registration in Uttar Pradesh RTO by following the below-given steps

  • Visit https://vahan.nic.in/nrservices/faces/user/login.xhtml which is the official website of VAHAN and check the vehicle details
  • Once you are on the website navigate by clicking “Know your vehicle details”
  • You are then required to create your new account with your Mobile Number
  • If you have already created an account, you can directly login using your details
  • Now enter your vehicle registration details in the required fields
  • Enter the Verification code and then click on the “Search Vehicle” button
  • Once you get the results, make sure to note and cross-verify the details properly.

What Is The Process For Vehicle Registration At UP RTO?

Here are the steps to be followed to register your vehicle up to RTO

  • Visit the nearby RTO along with your vehicle to be registered
  • Fill in the Form 20 and Submit it
  • Submit the other required documents mentioned
  • Post submission, your documents are verified at the office by the RTO officers.
  • You are then required to pay the fee along with the taxes at the fee counter
  • Then your vehicle will be inspected
  • Once verified, the details about the registration are then entered into the database
  • Your details are then verified by the RTO superintendents and then approved by the Assistant Regional Transport Officer.
  • The process of issuing the smart card will be then initiated and, in some time, it will be delivered by the POST to the mailing address of the applicant.

How Many RTOs Are There In Uttar Pradesh?

In total, there are around 77-79 Regional Transport Offices in the different parts of the state of Uttar Pradesh. In these 77 RTOs, there are around 32.8 million active registered motor vehicles and you can check UP all RTO codes on the official website of UP RTO. 

What Is The Validity of Vehicle Registration Certification?

The validity of the Registration certificate is 15 years counted from the date of the issue of the RC. Once the timeline of 15 years has passed the vehicle owner is required to get a renewal of the RC. In this process, the vehicle is again tested for fitness and wellness and once it is verified and found appropriate enough, a new RC is issued in the same vehicle name.

Do I Need To Re-Register A Second-Hand Vehicle?

Yes, you are required to get your second-hand vehicle re-registered at the regional transport office. You will be required to reach the nearest UP RTO with the required documents and forms along with the original registration certificate of the vehicle. Once your documents are verified, the ownership will be transferred to your name.

Final Words

The Uttar Pradesh Regional Transport Office ensures a seamless and controlled transport system in the state. You can find the list of all the UP RTO state codes along with the helpline numbers provided above. These UP RTO Codes are updated as of 2023, and if any RTO Code number has been modified or updated, we will surely update it here as well.

The official website of Uttar Pradesh RTO has information about all UP district name RTO code lists, and you can visit it to find more information on it. If you want to do the UP RTO Code list PDF download, then you can either print this page or let us know about it via the comments below. We can provide a direct download link for UP RTO codes.

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