Discovering Some Unknown Facts of Warren Jeff’s Youngest Wife: Merrianne Jessop

If you are from America, the name ‘Warren Jessop’ can be so familiar. Yes, the infamous religious leader got the spotlight for being involved in several crimes. Besides being a part of these crimes, he became popular because of having multiple wives. 

According to various resources, he has around 78 wives. In this case, Merrianne Jessop is the youngest wife of Warren Jeff. Since Warren got arrested and is serving in prison, many people are quite curious about his wives.

That’s why we have seen some questions regarding Warren Jeff’s youngest wife. Here, many people want to know what she is doing now or how she’s living her life. If you are as curious as them, this is the right place. 

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See, it’s not easy to get all the details about Merrianne Jessop as she wants to spend her life away from the spotlight. Still, we can unfold the basic information. In this article, we will share everything about Merrianne Jessop. So, let’s get started.

About Warren Jessop

Before we dig deeper about Merrianne Jessop, let’s uncover some info about her husband, Warren Jessop. As we noted before, Warren Steed Jeffs is an American religious leader who got the spotlight after attempting several sex crimes. 

He was born on 3rd December 1955 and is the prophet of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. His father was Rulon Jeffs, an American religious leader and his mother was Merilyn Steed. Warren spent his childhood in Salt Lake City, Utah. He became principal of Alta Academy at the age of 21 where he served for more than 20 years.

It was 2011 when he was convicted of two child sexual assaults and has been serving a life sentence. In fact, he was on the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted List in 2006 because of arranging marriages between adult male followers and underage girls. Besides these things, he was also convicted of rape cases, especially for raping minor girls. 

You see, he has 78 wives. In fact, some former church members claimed that he has around 87 wives. However, we are not clear about it as the official number is 78. In this case, most people want to know about his wives, especially the popular ones. 

About Merrianne Jessop

Merrianne Jessop is the youngest wife of Warren Jeffs. According to sources, the notorious religious leader had around 78 wives including 24 underage girls. This is one of the many reasons why he got a life sentence in 2011.

As per some former members and sources, Merrianne Jessop is the youngest one. However, it’s not clear at all. As per records, Merrianne’s current age is 28 as she was born in 1994. Well, she became the bride of Warren Jeffs at the age of 12. 

However, her life journey hasn’t been smooth at all. She became a part of controversy from a young age. In fact, there are many people who still want to know about her. In the following section, we will explore more about her early life and family. Let’s find out:

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Early Life

As per records, Merrianne Jessop was born on 3rd July 1994. You see, she was born into a polygamous family. She spent her childhood in Colorado City, Arizona, a place that was popular for the FLDS movement. 

Even though we got her family details, there’s no information available for her educational background. However, it’s true that she got married to Warren Jeff at the age of 12 which means she didn’t get much time to complete her education. And we have no idea if she continued her education after getting married.


Besides searching for her personal life details, many people are curious about her family. As per records, her father was Merril Jessop and her mother was Barbara Jessop. As per Merril Jessop’s lineage, he was the descendant of Ida Johnson and Richard Seth Jessop.

Her father was the presiding bishop of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Just like her husband, Merrianne’s father also married several women and had 54 children including her. 

Even though she’s an American citizen, she has a Caucasian ethnicity. You see, there are limited details about her family since she wasn’t a part of the spotlight until Warren Jeff got arrested.

Merrianne Jessop’s Personal Life

Yes, internet users are quite interested in Merrianne Jessop’s personal life. It was Merrianne’s father Merril Jessop who conducted her marriage with one of the biggest polygamous religious leaders, Warren Jeff. As a result, she became the bride of Warren Jeff in 2006. 

Their marriage ritual ceremony was performed by Merril. The wedding ceremony took place at YFZ Ranch, a Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints community in Schleicher County. However, that property was seized in 2014 by the State of Texas.

It was quite common for Warren as he married several underage girls and had sexual relations with them. However, we aren’t sure if Merrianne and Warren have kids together. As per resources, Merrianne doesn’t have any kids with her infamous husband.

As per reports, most of his wrongdoing took place at Yearning for Zion Ranch which was also owned by Merrianne’s father. By reading this article, you can understand that Merrianne’s marriage played a huge role in proving Warren guilty. However, she said that marrying Warren Jeff wasn’t a crime as he was following the word of the Heavenly Father.

Where is Merrianne Jessop Now?

Now, this is the main question. Since Warren Jeffs got a life sentence and is serving in prison, people are quite curious about his wives. As Merrianne was the youngest one, people were more curious about her. 

A report stated that she lived in foster care for one year. After that, Merrianne didn’t want to go back home. It was 2009 when some reports stated that she returned to Yearning for Zion Ranch in Texas. 

It happened when her case was resolved and one of her cousins took her guardianship. It is believed that she is currently living there. We are not sure if she’s in a relationship or remarried someone.

Merrianne Jessop Social Media

Social media is a common thing in today’s world. So, whenever someone is searching for Merrianne Jessop’s current update, the question of her being on social media arises. However, she’s not on any social media platform.

As we noted before, there’s no update about her since she returned to Yearning for Zion Ranch after one of her cousins took her guardianship. She had a troubled teenage life and got the public spotlight at a very young age. 

So, it’s natural to stay away from the public eye. However, we have to respect her decision as she’s staying away from everything. 

Merrianne Jessop’s Net Worth

Sure, Merrianne Jessop is a well-known name for Americans. So, some people are quite curious about her net worth. In reality, we have no idea what she’s doing right now as she cut the connection in 2009.

So, there’s no record about her net worth. In fact, we don’t have any idea about her income source as well. As per some resources, her husband Warren Jeffs’ estimated net worth is around $100 million in 2023. However, he’s currently serving in prison as he was proven guilty for several cases including raping and child sex assaults. 


Now, you have an idea about Merrianne Jessop and how she got married to the infamous leader. She got the public spotlight because of the sensitive case as her marriage played a significant role in Warren Jeff’s case. However, there’s no information about her after 2009. It’s clear that her family wanted her away from the public.

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Q: Where is Merrianne Jessop now?

Once her case with Warren Jeffs was resolved, one of her cousins took her guardianship as she was still underage back in 2009. She went back to Yearning for Zion Ranch in Texas and is probably living there right now.

Q: Is Merrianne Jessop available on social media?

No, Merrianne Jessop isn’t available on social media. She’s been living a private life since 2009. Even though she’s on social media, she’s probably keeping everything private.

Q: What is Warren Jeff’s youngest wife doing now?

As she returned to Yearning for Zion Ranch in 2009, we have no idea what she’s doing right now. There’s no public information about her personal life after Warren Jeffs got arrested and got a life sentence.

Q: When did Warren Jeffs and Merrianne Jessop get married?

Warren Jeffs and Merrianne Jessop got married in 2006 as the marriage was conducted by her father Merril Jessop. The marriage ceremony was performed at the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints community in Schleicher County.

Q: What is the net worth of Merrianne Jessop?

There’s no official record regarding Merrianne Jessop’s net worth as she’s living away from the public. However, her husband Warren Jeffs’ estimated net worth is around $100 million in 2023.

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