What Channel is Fox Sports on Spectrum?

Fox Sports needs no introduction when it comes to experiencing next-level sports coverage. Besides covering top tournaments, Fox always keeps sports lovers updated about everything. Since Spectrum TV is getting popular daily, many people search for Fox Sports on Spectrum.

If you are a newbie Spectrum TV subscriber, finding FS1 and FS2 can be a bit challenging. Worry not. In this guide, we will share Spectrum Fox Sports 1 and Fox Sports 2 details. Keep reading to learn more.

About Fox Sports

Fox Sports is a reputed sports broadcasting channel network in the USA. This sports channel network was launched on 12th August 1994. Soon Fox started broadcasting major tournaments such as the National Hockey League, Major League Baseball, WWE, World Baseball Classic, Bowl Championship Series, CONMEBOL Copa América, and more.

This sports network channel has different sister networks; Fox, Fox Sports 1, Fox Sports 2, and Fox Sports Radio. Even though Fox started the journey in 1994, the Fox Sports Media Group launched FS1 in 2013.

How to Access Fox Sports on Spectrum

If you are a Spectrum subscriber, accessing Fox Sports on television or streaming devices is quite simple. To watch Fox Sports on Spectrum, make sure you have an active cable subscription that includes FS1 and FS2.

On the other hand, if you want to stream Fox Sports via the Spectrum app, browse the ‘Live TV’ section and open the FS1 channel.

What Channel is FS1 on Spectrum?

Spectrum is a popular cable operator as they are providing next-level services to customers. No matter what your location is, you can access FS1 on Spectrum by subscribing to the right package. Let’s find out what channel is FS1 on Spectrum in different locations:

LocationChannel Number
Albertville, AL38
Los Angeles, CA95
Grand Junction, CO67
Avon, IN62
Allendale, MI90
Saint Louis, MO43
Great Falls, MT67
Lincoln, NE75
Alexandria, KY76
Dayton, OH75
Knoxville, TN36
El Paso, TX97
Orlando, FL32
Carson City, NV30
Wapato, WA61
Athens, GA40
Jacksonville, NC67
Greenville, SC39
Bristol, VA36
Staten Island, NY400
Ridgefield Park, NJ400
Sheboygan, WI32
Belleville, IL43
Kalispell, MT67
Cincinnati, OH55
Fort Worth, TX65

FS2 Channel on Spectrum

Besides FS1, Fox Sports 2 also broadcasts some matches on television. Keep reading the following list to find out FS2’s channel number on Spectrum TV:

LocationChannel Number
Los Angeles401
San Diego401
Long Beach408, 873
Bakersfield121, 1127
Corpus Christi95, 401
San Antonio401
El Paso95, 401
Dallas286, 708
Birmingham428, 1428
Montgomery307, 827
Indianapolis428, 1428
Kansas City401
Columbus48, 552, 1552
Cleveland328, 1328
New York401

Fox Sports on Spectrum TV in New York/Los Angeles

Spectrum customers who live in New York can enjoy their favorite sports tournaments with Fox. Yes, Fox Sports 1 is available on channel 400 in New York while FS2 is available on channel 401.

Similarly, if you are from Los Angeles, Fox Sports 1 is available on channel 95. However, the channel number of Fox Sports 2 is 401 in Los Angeles.

Streaming Fox Sports on Spectrum TV App

Besides the Spectrum FS1 channel, Fox Sports is available on Spectrum’s streaming app. That means you can watch your favorite sports match from anywhere. All you need is the streaming app and Spectrum credentials to access your subscribed channel.

Plus, you can also use the FOX Sports Go app for streaming live matches by using Spectrum’s credentials. You don’t have to pay additional costs for using this app.


From Major League Soccer to the National Football League, Fox Sports has been broadcasting America’s favorite sports events for years. As Spectrum TV is a reputed cable provider, you can have a next-level experience watching sports matches. Make sure you are choosing a Spectrum TV subscription which includes FS1 and other sister networks.


Q: What channel is Fox Sports on Spectrum?

Fox Sports 1 and Fox Sports 2 are available on Spectrum. For instance, the channel number of FS1 for New York is 400 while FS2’s channel number is 401.

Q: Is FS2 available on Spectrum?

Yes, FS2 or Fox Sports 2 is available on Spectrum.

Q: Can I watch Fox Sports on the Spectrum app?

Yes, you can watch Fox Sports on the Spectrum app. In this case, you need a Spectrum TV subscription.

Q: How much does a Spectrum subscription cost?

Spectrum’s standard package comes at $64.99 per month with 150+ channels. Plus, there’s no annual contract, a 30-day money-back guarantee, and a free streaming app.

Q: Is the Spectrum TV app free?

Yes, the Spectrum TV app is free to use when you are a subscriber. You can access all 150+ channels via the streaming app.

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