Where Can You Enjoy Longboard In NYC?

Best Sites To Skate

Are you searching where you can enjoy the longboard in NYC? We’ll tell you some fantastic terrains and site to ride the skateboard. If you are new in New York City, then these places might be new to you. Also, the places we’ll discuss below are used for biking as well.

There is no need to worry, if you don’t have any friends in NYC, we’ll tell you the best site to skate, and you can perform the tricks over them without any restriction. Without any further ado, let’s check the fantastic site for longboarding in the city.

Best Sites To Skate Longboard At NYC

Have a look at the sites below to know where you can enjoy longboard in NYC.

The Central Park-A Of NYC

There are various right places to ride longboards. The place to skateboard in NYC is the central park. This park has hills and flat pathways that make your longboarding enjoyable. The riverside of the central park allows you to ride longboard on the pedestrians as well. But you cannot ride the longboard on every site of the central park.

Besides that, the central park is the best place in NYC to ride a longboard at any speed. Also, this park has a track for jogging and cycling. But we suggest riding longboards at this park when traffic is less.

Longboard Ride At The Brooklyn

Brooklyn is one of the most famous districts in New York City. And it has several places that will depict the cultural aspect of the united states of America. Besides, the Brooklyn state has several theaters, and other places to watch dramas and movies.

More than that, this state of New York City has unique preservation for the skateboarders, and you will enjoy these sites as well. Firstly, in Brooklyn, you will be able to find a park named as a prospect. Also, this park is usually consumed by the longboarding. Also, you can use the slope of this park that slides down towards the hills.

However, this street has mild hills, that will make your skateboarding more enjoyable. And in Brooklyn, you can skate on the center drive pathway. It is the most utilized part of the NYC that allows you to skate in freestyle here.

Also, you can adjust the speed of longboard while skating, and you will be able to reduce the speed. There are fewer chances of accidents from longboarding at this site due to the grass. And you can immediately control the skateboard if something is arriving ahead.

Besides, this skate path is located at the southwest park on 16th street. Other than that, we have a flat surface for longboarding as well. The location of this Bartel Pritchard park is near the train station on 15th street.

On top of that, the longboarding spots at Brooklyn have the longest riding paths. In the south of Brooklyn, you can ride for 18 miles. The sheep’s heads bay is another route that you can use for longboarding at a flat surface with smooth hills.

Longboard Skating At The Manhattan

Skateboarding has several types of skills, and one of them is the longboarding. Also, it is the best place where you can ride for a longer time and on longer routes. So we suggest longboard skating at Manhattan’s north to the south side. In such a long route, you will have a fantastic experience of skateboarding in Manhattan, and the view is pleasant as well.

Besides that, some people usually take the route of the bridge of broadway to the battery park of NYC. In this route, you will cover lots of sites and views. Plus, you can make your skating more enjoyable. So if you haven’t found where you can enjoy longboard in NYC, Manhattan is the best place.

Freestyle Skate Parks Of The NYC

The freestyle skate parks of NYC are amazing, and you can enjoy skating at parks. If the weather is pleasant, parks are the best place where you can enjoy longboard in NYC. Below we have stated some of the parks of NYC that allow skateboarding.


The LES is one of the best skateparks of NYC, and you can do freestyle skating here. Also, this park in NYC opened almost eight years ago. And you can socialize with other people in this park and make some friends while skateboarding.

Pier 62 Park

If you are looking to skate on the large area, then Pier 62 park is the best place for you to skate. Also, this skateboarding skatepark is located at the riverside of the Hudson. Plus, the Pier 62 park has a Tribeca park for skating as well.

Hamilton Skatepark

Next, we have the Hamilton skatepark that is located near the Washington park, and you can ride comfortably at this park in freestyle.

Astoria, Cooper, Mccarren Skate Park

These parks of NYC are made for longboarding as well. So you can choose any park that is near your home.

Riverside Skate Park Of NYC

Lastly, we have the riverside skatepark of NYC that has a ramp as well. On this ramp of the skatepark, you can enjoy the skateboarding. Also, it has a high ramp of 10 inches that will make your longboarding enjoyable.

To Conclude

New York City is full of versatility. And you can comfortably adjust their due to the diversity in cultures.  Other than that, we have added the best site for your skateboarding. Also, you will have the best view while skating with the longboard at the sites, as mentioned earlier. Plus, you can have the best skating experience. Also, you will enjoy skating at a freestyle at these sites. So try these sites for enhancing your skating skills in New York City.

We hope that our guide about where can you enjoy longboard in NYC is obliging. Thank you for reading!

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