Who is Jon Scheyer’s Wife?: Everything You Need to Know About Marcelle Provencial

Jon Scheyer is a popular name in the basketball world. Before making a name as a talented coach, he had an outstanding career as a player. Besides exploring Jon’s career, a lot of people want to learn about his personal life.

Who is Jon Scheyer’s wife? Is Jon Scheyer married? Does Jon Scheyer have kids? There are so many questions regarding the famous basketball coach. However, most people want to know about lady love aka Marcelle Provencial. 

Even though Jon has been in a loving relationship and is happily married, only a few people know their story. Besides this, there are so many things you can explore about Marcelle. After doing research, we found some interesting things about this lovely woman.

Keep reading the article as we provide accurate details about Marcelle Scheyer and his loving relationship with Jon. Plus, we will also share some basics about the former basketball player. So, let’s get started.

About Jon Scheyer

Jonathan James Scheyer ake Jon Scheyer is a reputed basketball coach in America. Before starting his coaching career, Scheyer had done an outstanding performance as a player. He started his playing career during his high school days and led his team to the state championship.

Jon was the captain of the 2009–10 Duke Blue Devils team that won the NCAA Basketball Championship in 2010. On the other hand, he was also a leader of the Atlantic Coast Conference for numerous categories.

Jon started his professional career with Rio Grande Valley Vipers. Plus, he also played for Maccabi Tel Aviv and Gran Canaria as a player. After retiring from his playing career, Scheyer started a new journey as a coach.

Jon joined Duke Blue Devils as a special assistant of Mike Krzyzewski in 2013. Besides playing overseas, he has always been a part of the team. The team officials announced Scheyer as the head coach in 2021 after Mike Krzyzewski’s retirement.

Scheyer won numerous awards in high school and college basketball career including Gatorade Illinois Player of the Year, Chicago Sun-Times Player of the Year, Illinois Hoops Player of the Year, ACC Player of the Week, NIT Season Tip-Off Tournament MVP, USBWA Oscar Robertson

National Player of the Week, etc.

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Jon Scheyer’s Early Life & Career

Jon Scheyer was born on 24th August 1987 in Northbrook, Illinois. He was born into a Jewish family and became a Bar Mitzvah. His parents are Laury and Jim Scheyer as he was the youngest one of three children. 

According to some sources, Jon started dribbling a basketball at the age of three. On the other hand, he played his first-ever AAU national tournament at the age of nine. He used to play in a league of Fellowship of Afro-American Men in Illinois.

Scheyer was in eighth grade when he received a scholarship from Marquette University’s Tom Crean. Since Jon started growing as a budding basketball player, his parents started encouraging him after joining high school.

Jon attended Glenbrook North High School and started leading his team to an Illinois High School Association championship. Because of his extraordinary talent, he was known as ‘Jewish Jordon’ among his teammates.

About Jon Scheyer’s Family

jon scheyer family

As we noted before, Jon was born into a Jewish family. His father’s name was Jim Scheyer while his mother was Laury Scheyer. According to various interviews, both of Jon’s parents helped him build his basketball career. 

In short, they encouraged him a lot during his high school days. Besides his parents, Jon has two older siblings. However, there’s not much information about them. Jon Scheyer got married to Marcelle Provencial back in 2017. The lovely couple has two kids. 

Jon Scheyer’s Wife

Whenever someone searches for Jon’s backstory, they want to know about his love life. Since Jon has been a successful basketball player and coach, many people keep wondering about his relationship. 

If you are one of them, let’s explore the exciting love story of this basketball coach. Marcelle Scheyer was born in July 1987 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. You see, she’s more than a basketball legend’s spouse. 

According to sources, Marcelle is a well-known registered nurse and has been serving her career for over 11 years. While Jon has been making headlines with his brilliant coaching tactics, Marcelle has been silently making waves in the medical field.

We have no idea when the couple first met. However, they got married on 6th May 2017. The couple has lovely kids and happily living with the family. 

Marcelle Scheyer’s Early Life & Career

Marcelle Marie Provencial also known as Marcelle Provencial, on July 1987 in in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. As per sources, her father was Russell Provencial while her mother’s name was Alberta Provencial. She has two sisters named Michele Provencial and Noelle Provencial.

Her family has medical and entrepreneural background while her grandfather was a restaurant owner. She attended Duke University School of Medicine where she specialized in family nursery. It was 2016 when she graduated and became a registered family nurse practitioner. 

Besides being wife of a popular basketball coach, she build a career in the medical field. As per sources, Marcelle has been working in Rush University Medical Centre for over a decade. Recently, she’s been practicing at Women Wellness Clinic. In short, Marcelle is a very dedicating nurse and is expanding her career.

Is Marcelle Scheyer Available on Social Media?

If you want to know more about Marcelle Provencial, following her on social media can be the best way to explore some unknown facts. On the other hand, you can also get a glimpse of her personal life by following her on social platforms.

The best part is that she’s quite active on all social networking platforms. If you have Twitter, you can follow Jon Scheyer’s wife there at @mprovencial5. She has around 80 followers which shows that she’s not that famous on that platform.

Besides Twitter, Marcelle can be available on other platforms including Facebook. However, she may prefer privacy and is keeping everything private. On the other hand, you can also get updates about Marcelle by following Jon Scheyer on various platforms.

For example, Jon’s official Twitter handle is @JonScheyer and he has over 69k followers. Plus, Jon is very active on Instagram and has over 88k followers. You can follow Jon by using @jscheyer.

Marcelle Scheyer’s Net Worth

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Whether it’s a popular celebrity or their spouse, everyone becomes curious about their net worth. That’s why we found many people want to know more about Marcelle Scheyer’s net worth. Since Marcelle prefers a private life, it’s quite hard to find her actual net worth.

According to sources, Marcelle has been working as a registered nurse for over a decade. So, it’s more challenging to guess her net worth and income. In this case, we have an idea about her husband.

Since Jon Scheyer is a well-known basketball coach and former player, a lot of internet sources have published his income. According to those sources, Jon’s estimated net worth is around $5 million in 2023. 

Jon used to be a talented player and had an amazing basketball career as a player. That’s the reason why he also won some sponsorships. Right now, his primary source of income is coaching basketball teams. Plus, he also has other sources of income including brand collaborations and events.


Now, you have a clear knowledge regarding Jon Scheyer’s wife. Even though Jon has been a favorite basketball player and coach for many people, only a few people have an idea about Marcelle. Since Marcelle prefers a private life, we have to respect her privacy. For more information regarding Marcelle and her kids, you can follow Jon on social media. 


Q: Who is Jon Scheyer’s wife?

Jon Scheyer’s wife is Marcelle Scheyer. She’s working in the medical field and prefers maintaining privacy from the media. The couple got married in 2017.

Q: When did Jon Scheyer and Marcelle Scheyer get married?

According to some reports, Jon Scheyer and Marcelle Provencial got married in May 2017. We have no idea when they started dating as they have always maintained a low-profile relationship.

Q: Is Marcelle Scheyer available on social media?

No, Marcelle Scheyer isn’t available on social media platforms. However, she has a Twitter account but she’s not that active on that account. 

Q: What is Jon Scheyer’s net worth?

As per some sources, Jon Scheyer’s estimated net worth is around $5 million. He has multiple sources of income including basketball team coaching, mentoring, brand collaboration, events, and more.

Q: Does Marcelle Scheyer have any kids?

Yes, Marcelle and Jon Scheyer have two lovely kids. They have a daughter named Noa and a son named Jett. Jon often shares updates about his kids and wife via social media.

Q: What is Marcelle’s occupation?

Marcelle Scheyer has been working as a registered nurse at Rush University Medical Centre for over 11 years. Plus, she’s practicing at Women Wellness Clinic.

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