The Shocking Truth: Who Killed Odee Perry?

The world has been witnessing shocking incidents for years. In this case, we must mention Odee Perry’s death. The rising rapper was killed in one of the intense neighborhoods in Chicago. But what exactly happened that day?

There are so many questions regarding Od Perry’s murder. Since the incident happened, it has become a hot topic on social media. In fact, there are still some people who want to know about the real facts.

If you are one of them, you are in the right place. After doing our online and offline research, we found out what happened that day. Plus, we also found the reason behind Perry’s murder. In this article, we will share all the details. So, let’s get started.

About Odee Perry

Odee Perry

You see, Odee Perry was an American rapper. Besides making music, he was also a gang member of Black Disciples. As per some sources, he was loved and respected by all fellow gang members. 

In fact, they gave him the nickname ‘Odee o Block’. Since he was a rising star, there is only limited information about him on the internet. However, it was reported that the neighborhood where he grew up was renamed after him. 

We have yet to learn about his music discovery. However, he was featured in a music video called ‘Chief Keef feat. Lil Reese: In This Bitch Remix’.

Odee Perry Age & Early Life

Odee Perry was born on 13th May 1991 in Chicago. There’s no information regarding his family background or education. However, he joined Black Disciples, one of the notorious gangs in Chicago during his formative years.

On the other hand, Perry had a good relationship with some well-known rappers including Keith Cozart. In fact, he was featured in Cozart’s two music videos. Even though there’s not much information about his life, he was loved by fellow gang members.

Who Killed Odee Perry: Truth Revealed

Now, this is the crucial part. It was 11th August 2011 when Perry was shot dead at Parkway Garden. He was shot multiple times in his neck and body around 11 pm. As per reports, Perry became a target of the rival gang. 

According to the Police’s report, Odee was killed by a 17-year-old gang assassin named Gakirah Barnes. In fact, Barnes also claimed that she killed 17 other people through an online post. 

Some people also stated that she killed Perry as revenge for her fellow gang member Shondale Tooko Gregory. Later, Barnes was also killed by a hooded gunner in her area. She was killed in a rap battle where 5 other people were killed as well.

Odee’s Neighbourhood Was Renamed 

There’s no information as to why Gakirah Barnes killed Perry. However, the people of Odee’s neighbors used to love him a lot. That’s the reason why they renamed the neighborhood after him. 

To honor Odee Perry, his apartment, the Parkway Gardens, was renamed O’Block. As we noted before, the place is infamous for its notorious activities. On the other hand, this block is related to some famous people including Michelle Obama, King Von, and Chief Keef. 

When O’Block was put up for sale, Keef showed interest in buying that place. However, Lil Durk showed more interest. But, nobody purchased the place after that. Even though that horrible incident happened with Perry, the notorious activities didn’t stop.

Moreover, the rivalry between Black Disciples and other gangs didn’t stop. As per many people, this is one of the deadliest neighborhoods in the US. There is no information about Perry’s family or where they are living.


The truth of Odee Perry’s murder remains a mystery for many people. However, his neighbors showed enough respect by renaming the neighborhood to honor him. On the other hand, there’s not much information about what happened with his family after his death. As per an announcement, the O-Block neighborhood was officially sold in 2013. So, the residents started relocating after that.


Q: Who killed Odee Perry?

Odee Perry was killed by Gakirah Barnes, a female gang assassin who reportedly killed 17 more people. However, she was also killed by an unknown gunner during a rap fight.

Q: Was Odee Perry a gang member?

Yes, Odee Perry was a gang member of one of the notorious gangs of Chicago named Black Disciples. He was loved and respected by all her fellow gang members.

Q: What are some notable works of Odee Perry?

Odee Perry was a rising rapper. However, he didn’t get time to build his music career. He worked in a couple of Chief Keef’s music videos including ‘Chief Keef feat. Lil Reese: In This Bitch Remix.

Q: Is Odee Perry’s killer still alive?

No, Odee Perry’s killer Gakirah Barnes isn’t alive anymore. The 17-year-old gang assassin was killed during a rap fight.

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